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The Cresset Library
Publisher: The Cresset Library; Century Hutchinson; Ebury Press.
Country: U.K. Date: 1965-89.

The General Strike (Julian Symons) (The Cresset Library) (image)

The General Strike: A Historical Portrait by Julian Symons

The Cresset Library, 1987.
259 pp., extensive index, appendicies and bibliography.

Series Note:

Arranged alphabetically by author and title

Britain: By Mass-Observation
Tom Harrison and Charles Madge. New introduction by Angus Calder.
David & Charles, 1987
Also: Century Hutchinson, 1986.

Britannia's Daughters: Women of the British Empire
Joanna Trollope
The Cresset Library, 1988 (also part of: Cresett Women's Voices)

Byron: A Portrait
Leslie A. Marchand
The Cresset Library, 1987

Captain Bligh and Mr Christian: The Men and Mutiny
Richard Alexander Hough
Hutchinson, 1988

China: A Short Cultural History
C. P. Fitzgerald
Ebury Press, 1986

Constance Markievicz
Sean O'Faolain
David & Charles, 1988

The Eighteen Nineties: A Review of Art and Ideas at the Close of the Nineteenth Century
Holbrook Jackson
The Cresset Library, 1988

A Farmer's Year: Being his Commonplace Book for 1898
H. Rider Haggard. Introduction by Ronald Blythe.
Century Hutchinson, 1987

Four Portraits: Boswell, Gibbon, Sterne and Wilkes
Peter Quenell
The Cresset Library, 1965

The Four Voyages of Christopher Columbus
J. M. Cohen
The Cresset Library, 1988

From Ploughtail to Parliament. An Autobiography
Joseph Arch. Preface by Norman Willis. New introduction by Alun Howkins.
The Cresset Library, 1986

The General Strike: A Historical Portrait
Julian Symons
The Cresset Library, London, 1987

Irish Affairs
Edmund Burke. Edited by Matthew Arnold. New introduction by Conor Cruise O'Brien.
Century Hutchinson: 1988

Ishi in Two Worlds: A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America
Theodora Kroeber
The Cresset Library, 1978

It Takes a Thief: The Life and Times of Jonathan Wild
Gerald Howson. Preface by Anthony Powell.
The Cresset Library, UK, 1987

Japan: A Short Cultural History
Sir George Sansom
Ebury Press, 1987

The Lords of Human Kind: Black Man, Yellow Man, and White Man in an Age of Empire
V. G. Kiernan
The Cresset Library, 1988

The Making of the Middle Ages
Mark Pattison, William Black and Goldwin Smith
The Cresset Library, 1987

Memoirs of a Revolutionist
Peter Alekseevich Kropotkin. Edited By James Allen Rodgers
The Cresset Library, 1988

Mutiny: The Floating Republic
G. E. Manwaring
Century Hutchinson, 1988

Out of Africa
Karen Blixen
Ebury Press, 1989

Pub and the People
Mass-Observation. New introduction by Godfrey Smith.
Ebury Press, 1987

Russia Perceived: A Trans-Siberian Journey
Elizabeth Pond
Century Hutchinson, 1987

A Short History of Ireland
James Camlin Beckett
David & Charles, 1987

The Social History Of the Machine Gun
John Ellis
The Cresset Library, 1987

The Spanish Conquistadors
F. A. Kirkpatrick
The Cresset Library. 1988

War Factory
Mass-Observation. New introduction by Dorothy Sheridan.
The Cresset Library, 1987

William Warren Bartley
The Cresset Library, 1986

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