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The Temple Classics
Publisher: J. M. Dent & Sons. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1896-1955.

Series Note: "Each volume has Photogravure Frontispiece, Decorative Title-page and Endpaper, Ribbon Book-mark, and (where advisable) Editorial Appendices and Marginalia. Pott 8 vol. Cloth 2/- net each."
Source: Back panel of dust wrapper of Dante's Paradiso. London, J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1936 (The Temple Classics)

(1) Selected Titles (as at 1936)

Abelard and Héloise - The Love Letters of Abelard and Héloise.
Apollonius - Tales of the Argonauts.
Apuleius - Cupid and Psyche.
Arnold (Matthew) - Poems, Narrative, Elegaic and Lyric (1 vol.); Dramatic and Early Poems (1 vol.)
Bacon - Essays.
Bhagavad-Gita - The Lord's Song.
Boethius - Consolation of Philosophy.
Bonaventura - Life of St. Francis.
Boswell - The Life of Dr. Johnson (6 vols.)
Browning - Dramatic Monologues, etc. (1 vol.); Men and Women (1 vol.); Paraceleus (1 vol.); Sordello (1 vol.)
Burke's American Speeches.
Burney (Frances) - Evelina (2 vols.).
Burns - Poems, Songs (2 vols.)
Cavendish - The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey.
Cowper - The Task.
Dante - The Divine Comedy - Inferno (1 vol.); Purgatorio (1 vol.); Paradiso (1 vol.), Italian and English; Convivio (1 vol.); The Latin Works (translated); Vita Nuova (1 vol.)
Dekker - The Guls Hornbook, etc.
Eliot (George) - Adam Bede (2 vols.); Silas Marner (1 vol.)
Emerson - Essays, First Series (1 vol.); Second Series and Nature (1 vol.); Representative Men (1 vol.)
Francis (St.) - The Little Flowers of St. Francis (1 vol.); The Legend of St. Francis, by the Three Companions (1 vol.); The Mirror of Perfection (1 vol.); Sacrum Commercium (1 vol.)
Gaskell (Mrs.) - Cranford.
Golden Legend, or Lives of the Saints, The (7 vols.)
Goldsmith - The Citizen of the World (2 vols.); Poems (1 vol.); Essays (1 vol.)
Hazlitt - The English Comic Writers.
Herrick - Poems (2 vols.)
Holmes - Autocrat, Poet, Professor (3 vols.)
Howell - Familar Letters (3 vols.)
Keats - Longer Poems.
Kingsley (Charles) - Westward Ho (2 vols.)
Lamb - Last Essays of Elia (1 vol.); Essays and Sketches (1 vol.)
Landor - Hellenics.
Laxdaela Saga, The.
Macaulay - Lays of Ancient Rome.
Marcus Aurelius - Meditations.
Milton - Areopagitica and other Tracts.
Mitford (Miss) - Our Village (Selections).
Montagu - Thoughts.
Reade (Ch.) - Peg Woffington.
Romance of the Rose, The (3 vols.)
Selden - Table Talk.
Shelley - Shorter Poems.
Southey - Life of Nelson.
Tennyson - Maud, etc. (1 vol.); The Princess, etc. (1 vol.)
Thackeray - Esmond (2 vols.); Vanity Fair (2 vols.)
Thucydides - History of the Peloponnesian War (2 vols.)
Vaughan - Silex Scintellans.
Verba Christi - The Sayings of Jesus the Christ. English and Greek.
Virgil - Aeneid.
Walton - Compleat Angler.
Wordsworth - Sonnets (1 vol); Prelude (1 vol.)

Source of the above list: Back panel of dust wrapper of Dante's Paradiso. London, J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1936 (The Temple Classics)

(2) Further Titles

Browne, Thomas
Sir Thomas Browne's Religio Medici and Urn-Burial

Walton, Izaak (1593-1683). Dobson, Austin (1840-1921)
Lives of John Donne, Henry Wotton, Richd. [i.e. Richard] Hooker, George Herbert &c

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