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Tandem Books
Publisher: Univeral-Tandem Publishing Co. Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1964-1971.

The Story of Venus and Tannhauser - Aubrey Beardsley (Tandem Books) (Front cover) (image)

The Story of Venus and Tannhauser - Aubrey Beardsley (Tandem Books) (Back cover) (image)

The Story of Venus and Tannhauser by Aubrey Beardsley
London, Tandem Books, 1967 (T.125). 160 pages.
Front cover (top image) and back cover (lower image).

Series Note: This Tandem Book series was published from 1964 by the Universal-Tandem Books Publishing Co. Ltd., located at 33 Beauchamp Place, London SW3, England.

In 1968 the Tandem Books series was purchased by by the Universal Publishing and Distributing Corporation (New York, United States), part of Conde Nast Publications. Some books of the Tandem Books series were also published in the U.S. in the Award-Tandem Books series by the Universal Publishing and Distributing Corporation.

This list is reproduced from The Homosexual Kings of England by James Graham. London, Tandem Books, 1968 (T.177).

T.4 - What Do You Know? David A. Thomas.
T.5 - Jungle West 11 (fourth edition). Majbritt Morrison.
T.8 - How to Pass Your Driving Test. Felix Johnson, R.A.C., I.A.M.
T.13 - Generation X (fourth edition). Hamblett and Deversen.
T.14 - The New Childbirth (fourth edition). Erns Wright, S.R.N., S.C.M.
T.17 - The Jewel in the Lotus (fourth edition). Allen Edwardes.
T.18 - The Breton Wench. A. C. Ellison.
T.24 - Satanism and Witchcraft. Jules Michelet.
T.25 - The Vampire. Ornella Volta.
T.26 - Puzzles to Puzzle You. Jonathan Always.
T.32 - A History of Torture. John Swain.
T.35 - Witches & Sorcerers. Arkon Daraul.
T.36 - To Be or Not To Be a Virgin. Claudia de Lys.
T.37 - Secret Societies. Arkon Daraud.
T.39 - Girl About Town. Jane Reed.
T.46 - A History of the Guillotine. Alister Kershaw.
T.53 - The Nature of the Beast. T. Murray Smith.
T.58 - Stimulants for Love. Alan Hull Walton.
T.60 - Recipes for Love. Sally Evans.
T.61 - Death and the Jungle. Arthur Veysey.
T.62 - Periods without Pain. Erna Wright.
T.63 - New Faces. James Hewitt
T.64 - You May Smoke. C. Harcourt Kitchen.
T.65 - The New Tandem Book of Crossword Puzzles.
T.66 - The Sentence is Death. George Bishop.
T.68 - Tell Us Now! Edmund Davies.
T.72 - The Koka Shasta. Translated by Alex Comfort.
T.73 - Bring Out the Magic in your Mind. Al Koran.
T.74 - A History of Morals. James Graham-Murray.
T.81 - Mainly for Women. Robert Chartham.
T.82 - Turn Me On Man. ALan Bestie.
T.83 - The Queen of Tarts. James Graham.
T.85 - Never Say Nigger! Robert Kendall.
T.90 - Your Right to Sex Happiness. F. Caprio.

T.10 - Counterpol. John Boland.
T20 - Blind Corner. Dornford Yates.
T.34 - The Wasp. Ursula Curtiss.
T.48 - The Catch. John Boland.
T.59 - The League of Gentlemen. John Boland.
T.91 - The Gentleman Reform. John Boland.

T.23 - Revenge at Sea. Barrie Pitt.
T.31 - The Edge of Battle. Barrie Pitt.
T.41 - The Winding Road Unfolds. T. S. Hope.
T.44 - No Citation. James Allen.
T.61 - Death and the Jungle. Arthur Veysey.
T.70 - The REAL Eddie Chapman Story. By himself.
T.84 - Spotlight on Singapore. Dennis Russell Roberts.

T.1 - Pray Love, Remember. Stephen Wendt.
T.6 - Arm Me Audacity. Richard Pape.
T.15 - The Breton Wench. A. C. Ellison.
T.16 - The Innocent Gunman. Jean Paul Lacroix.
T.18 - The Drums of April. Charles Mergendahl.
T.27 - Black Bartlemy's Treasure. Jeffery Farnol.
T.29 - The Aloneness of Mrs. Chatham. Edgar Mittelholzer.
T.33 - The Moth. James C. Cain.
T.42 - I Will Repay. Baroness Orczy.
T.43 - The Mustard Seed. Vicki Baum.
T.45 - Strike Heaven on the Face. Charles Calitri.
T.55 - Dead Fingers Talk. William Burroughs.
T.56 - Tales From the Beyond. John Lloyd.
T.57 - The Image and the Search. Walter Baxter.
T.67 - Bed for Beginners. Jack Hanley.
T.69 - More Lives of Amorous Ladies. Abbé de Brantôme.
T.78 - The Flesh Merchants. Royston Ellis.
T.79 - A Taste of Apples. John Rowlands.
T.86 - The Twin Serpents. Ronald Scott Thorn.
T.87 - Hannah Massey. Catherine Cookson.
T.89 - The Diary of a Chambermaid. Octave Mirbeau.
T.94 - Slinky Jane. Catherine Cookson.

T.2 - The Kiss of Death. Chris Birkin. Introduction by Dennis Wheatley.
T.3 - The Memoirs of Kiki: The Education of a French Model. Translated by Samuel Putnam.

T.7 - Love Locked Out, etc. James Cleugh.

T.9 - La Ronde. Merry-Go-Round. Illustrated by Philip Gough. Translated by Frank and Jacqueline Marcus.

T.125 - The Story of Venus and Tannhauser. Aubrey Beardsley.

T.177 -
The Homosexual Kings of England. James Graham.

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