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Standard Library of Modern Literature
Publisher: Richard Bentley. Country: United Kingdom. Date: ---.

Series Note: Format: 12vo. Price when published: 6s. 0d.

Volume Number / Title

1. Maxwell's Sports of the West.

2. Irving's Astoria.

3. Gleig's Traditions of Chelsea College.

4. Trollope's Manners of the Americans.

5. Chamier's Life of a Sailor.

6. Beckford's Italy, &c.

Source of the above list:
The London Catalogue of Books, with their Sizes, Prices, and Publishers. Containing the Books Published in London, and Those Altered in Size or Price, Since the Year MDCCCXIV To MDCCCXXXIX. London, Robert Bent, 1839.

followed by:
Supplement to the London Catalogue of Books, Edition Dated 1839. Containing the New Works and New Editions Published in London from January 1839 to January 1844, with their Sizes, Prices and Publishers' Names. London, Thomas Hodgson, 1844.

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