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St. Paul's Bibliographies
Publisher: St. Paul's Bibliographies. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1979- .
Co-Publisher: Oak Knoll Press. Country: United States Date: 1991- .

Series Note: ____

Anthony Powell Biblio.
Antiquaries, Book Collectors
Benjamin Tabart's Juvenile
Bibliography of Brish Gardens
Biblio. Jane Austen
Biblio. Nehemiah Grew
Bloomsbury Iconography
Book Catalogues and their Varieties
The Book Encompassed
Book Trade/Customers
British Library History
Censorship and Control
Childen's Books Mary Elliot
Contributors' Index to D.N.B. (Dictionary of British Biography)
Country House Described
Elspeth Huxley Biblio.
Eric Gill, A Bibio.
Fakes and Frauds
Genius for Letters
George Orwell
Images & Texts
Intro. Biblio. for Lit.
J.R.R. Tolkien Biblio.
Julian Symons Biblio.
Leonard Wolf Biblio.
Medicine, Mortality
Millenium of the Book
New Intro. to Biblio.
Orchids of Kenya
Picturesque Scenery
Pioneers in Biblio.
Principles of Biblio.
Property of a Gentleman
Reach of Print
Serials and their Readers
Spreading the Word
Stationer's Company/Trade
Stationer's Com. Archives
W. H. Davies Biblio.

Source of the above list:
Oak Knoll Press - Books about Books [catalogue], Spring 1999.

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