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Social Science Series
Publisher: Swan Sonnenschein & Co. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1887-1912.
Repubished in United States by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York.

Eight Hours Question - Thompson (Social Science Series/Swan Sonnenschein) (image)

The Eight Hours Question
by John M. Robertson John Mackinnon Robertson (1856-1933)
London, Swan Sonnenschein and New York, Charles Scribner, 1899 (Social Science Series). 2nd Edition.

Hardback in scarlet cloth with gold titles and decorations to front panel and spine. No dust wrapper, as issued. xii, 150 pages. Size: Octavo (20 cm). This book discusses the Eight Hour Movement.

Series Note: Format: Hardcovers bound in scarlet cloth with black titles to front and gilt titles and colophon to spine.

Price: Main series - 2s 6d.; Double Volumes - 3s. 6d.


Arranged by serial number

1. Work and Wages - Prof. J. E. Thorold Rogers.
ALSO: Eight chapters on the history of work and wages; being a reprint of chapters VIII., XII., XIV., XV., XVI., XVIII., XIX., XX., of "Six centuries of work and wages". 7th edn. - James Edward Thorald Rogers. 1902.
2. Civilisation: its Cause and Cure - Edward Carpenter. 1903.
3. The Quintessence of Socialism - Dr. A. Schaffle. 3rd ed., 1891. "English edition translated from the eighth German edition under the supervision of Bernard Bosanquet." Preface says: "The following pages first apeared in 1874 in 'Deutsche Blatter'."
4. Darwinism and Politics - D. G. Ritchie, M.A. (Oxon.). New Edition, with two additional essays published as: Essays on Human Evolution. 2nd ed., 1891. vi, 142 pp.
5. The Religion of Socialism, Being Essays in Modern Socialist Criticism - E. Belfort Bax. 1908.
6. The Ethics of Socialism, Being Further Essays in Modern Socialist Criticism, &c. - E. Belfort Bax [Ernest Belfort Bax]. 1902.
7. The Drink Question: Its Social and Medical Aspects - Dr. Kate Mitchell. 1891.
8. The Promotion of General Happiness: A Utilitarian Essay - Prof. M. Macmillan {Michael Macmillan]. 1890. vi, 186 pp.
9. England's Ideal: and Other Papers on Social Subjects - Edward Carpenter. 1887. 148 pp.
10. Socialism in England - Sidney Webb, LL.B. 1893.

11. Prince Bismarck and State Socialism: An Eexposition of the Ssocial and Economic Legislation of Germany Since 1870 - W. H. Dawson [William Harbutt Dawson]. 2nd ed., 1891.
12. Godwin's "Political justice" : A Reprint of the Essay on "Property," from the Original Edition - H. S. Salt [Henry S. Salt], ed. 1890.
13. The Story of the French Revolution - E. Belfort Bax [Ernest Belfort Bax]. 1902.
14. The Co-Operative Commonwealth: An Exposition of Modern Socialism - Laurence Gronlund. 3rd ed., 1891.
15. Essays and Addresses - Bernard Bosquanet, M.A. (Oxon.). 2nd ed., 1891.
16. Charity Organisation - C. S. Loch, Secretary to Charity Organisation Society. 1890. "Reprint of a paper entitled De l'organisation de l'assistance, written for the Congrès international d'assistance held in Paris in July and August, 1889."--Preface.
17. Thoreau's Anti-Slavery and Reform Papers. Selected and edited by H.S. Salt. 1890.
18. Self-Help a Hundred Years Ago - G. J. Holyoake [George Jacob Holyoake}. 1891.
19. The New York State Reformatory at Elmira - Alexander Winter. With Preface by Havelock Ellis. 1891. x, 172 pp.
20. Common Sense about Women - T. W. Higginson [Thomas Wentworth Higginson].

21. The Unearned Increment: Or, Reaping Without Sowing - W. H. Dawson [William Harbutt Dawson]. 1st ed., 1890. 3rd ed., 1910.
22. Our Destiny: The Influence of Socialism on Morals and Religion: An Essay in Ethics - Laurence Gronlund. 1890. viii, 170 pp.
23. The Working-Class Movement in America - Dr. Edward and E. Marx Aveling. 1891.
24. Luxury - Prof. Emile de Laveleye. 1891. iv, 179, 9 pp.
25. The Land and the Labourers - Rev. C. W. Stubbs [Charles William Stubbs], M.A. 1891. 228 pp.
26. The Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilization - Paul Lafargue. 1905.
27. Crime and its Causes - W. Douglas Morrison, of HM Prison, Wandsworth. 1891; 1902.
28. Principles of State Interference: Four Essays on the Political Philosophy of Mr. Herbert Spencer, J. S. Mill, and T. H. Green - D. G. Ritchie, M.A. 2nd ed., 1891.
29. German Socialism and Ferdinand Lassalle: A Biographical History of German Socialistic Movements During This Century - W. H. Dawson [William Harbutt Dawson]. 1888; 1891; 1899.
30. The Purse and the Conscience: An Attempt to Show the Connection Between Economics and Ethics - H. M Thompson [Herbert Metford Thompson], B.A. (Cantab.). 1891.

31. The Origin of Property in Land - Fustel de Coulanges. Edited with an introductory Chapter on the English Manor, by Prof. W. J. Ashely, M.A. 1892.
32. The English Republic - W. J. Linton. Edited by Kineton Parkes. 1891.
33. The Co-Operative Movement in Great Britain - Beatrice Potter. 1895. xii; 260 pp.
34. Neighbourhood Guilds: An Instrument of Social Reform - Dr. Stanton Coit. 1892.
35. Modern Humanists: Sociological Studies of Carlyle, Mill, Emerson, Arnold, Ruskin, and Spenser - J. M. Robertson. 1908.
36. Outlooks from the New Standpoint - E. Belfort Bax [Ernest Belfort Bax]. 1903.
37. Distributing Co-Operative Societies: An Essay on Social Economy - Dr. Luigi Pizzamiglio. Edited by F. J. Snell. 1891. xiv, 185 pp. Translation of Societa cooperative di consumo.
38. Collectivism and Socialism of the Liberal School: A Criticism and an Exposition - A. Nacquet. Edited by W. Heaford [William Neaford]. 1895.
39. The London Programme - Sidney Webb, LL.B. 1891. vi, 218 pp.
40. The Modern State in relation to Society and the Individual - Paul Leroy Beaulieu. Translated by A. C. Morant. 1891.

41. The Condition of Labour: An Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII (Popular Edition) - Henry George. 1895; 1898.
42. The Revolutionary Spirit preceding the French Revolution - Felix Rocquain. Condensed and Translated by J. D. Hunting. With a Preface by Professor Huxley. 1891. 186 pp.
43. The Student's Marx: An Introduction to the Study of Karl Marx's Capital - Edward Aveling, M.A. 1891. Fourth printing, 1902. xvi, 180 pp.
44. A Short History of Parliament - B.C. Skottowe [Britliffe Constable Skottowe], M.A. (Oxon.). 1886.
45. Poverty: Its Genesis and Exodus: An Inquiry Into Causes and the Method of Their Removal - J. G. Goddard [John George Godard]. 1892. xii, 160 pp. Includes bibliographical footnotes and index.
46. The Trade Policy of Imperial Federation from an Economic Point of View - Maurice H. Hervey. 1892. x, 182 pp.
47. The Dawn of Radicalism - J. Bowles Daly, LL.D. 1892. xi, 252 p.
48. The Destitute in Great Britain - Arnold White, Montague Crackanthorpe, Q.C., W. A. McArthur, W. H. Wilkins, &c.
49. Illegitimacy and the Influence of Seasons on Conduct - Albert Leffingwell, M.D. 1892. vi, 160 pp.
50. Commercial Crises of the Nineteenth Century - H. M. Hyndman. 1892. 174 pp.

51. The State and Pensions in Old Age - J. A. Spender and Arthur Acland, M.P. 1900.
52. The Fallacy of Saving: A Study in Economics - John M. Robertson [John Mackinnon Robertson]. 1892. viii, 148 pp.
53. The Irish Peasant: A Sociological Study. Edited from Original Papers, by A Guardian of the Poor. 1892. xi, 164.
54. The Effects of Machinery on Wages - Prof. J. S. Nicholson [Joseph Shield Nicholson], D.Sc. 1892. x, 143 pp.
55. The Social Horizon, by the author of "Life in Our Villages" [i.e. George Francis Millin]. 1893. iv, 163 pp.
56. Socialism, Utopian and Scientific - Frederick Engels [i.e. Friedrich Engels]. 1892. xxxix, 117pp. Translated by Edward Aveling. With a special introduction by the author.
57. Land Nationalisation, its Necessity and its Aims: Being a Comparison of the System of Landord and Tenant with that of Occupying Ownership in their Influence on the Well-being of the People - A. R. Wallace [Alfred Russel Wallace]. 1896; 1909.
58. The Ethic of Usury and Interest: A Study in Inorganic Socialism - Rev. W. Blissard [William Blissard]. 1892. viii, 194 pp.
59. The Emancipation of Women and Its Probable Consequences - Adele Crepaz. With a Letter to the Authoress by the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. Translated by Ellis Wright [pseudonym of Mrs. Ellen Waugh]. 1893. vi; 130 pp.
60. The Eight Hours' Question - John M. Robertson. 1893.

61. Drunkeness - George R. Wilson, M.B., C.M., Assistant Physician, The Royal Asylum, Morningside, Edinburgh. 1893. xiv, 161 p.
62. The New Reformation and its Relation to Moral and Social Problems - Ramsden Balmforth. 1893.
63. The Agricultural Labourer: A Short Summary of his Position - T. E. Kebbel [Thomas Edward Kebbel]. 2nd ed., 1893. 271 pages.
64. Ferdinand Lassalle as a Social Reformer - E. Bernstein [Eduard Bernstein]. Translated by Eleanor Marx Aveling. 1893.
65. England's Foreign Trade in the XIXth Century - A. L. Bowley.
66. Theory and Policy of Labour Protection - Dr. A. Schaffle [Albert Eberhard Friedrich Schaffle]. 1893. vi, 186 pp. Appendix: Industrial code amendment bill (Germany).
67. Self-Help by the People: The History of Rochdale Pioneers - G. J. Holyoake [George Jacob Holyoake]. 1893.
68. The Rights of Women: A Comparative Study in History and Legislation - M. Ostrogorski [Moritz Ostrogorski]. 1908.
69. The Dwellings of the Poor and Weekly Wage-earners In and Around Towns - T. Locke Worthington. 1893.
70. Hours and Wages in Relation to Production - Dr. Lujo Brentano. Translated by Mrs. William Arnold. 1894.

71. The Rise of Modern Democracy in Old and New England - Charles Borgeaud. Translated by Mrs. Birkbeck Hill. With a Preface by C. H. Firth, M.A. 1894. xvi, 168 pp.
72. Land Systems of Australasia - William Epps. 1894.
73. The Tyranny of Socialism - Yves Guyot. Preface by J. H. Levy. 1894. xl, 264 pp.
74. Population and the Social System - Francesco S. Nitti [Francesco Saverio Nitti]. 1894.
75. The Labour Question: An Epitome of the Evidence and the Report of the Royal Commission on Labour - T. G. Spyers [Thomas George Spyer]. 1894.
76. British Freewomen: Their Historical Privilege - C. C. Stopes [Charlotte Carmichael Stopes]. 1894. 196 pp.
77. Suicide and Insanity: A Physiological and Sociological Study - S. A. K. Strahan [Samuel Alexander Kenny], M.D. 1894.
78. A History of Tithes - Rev. H. W. Clarke [Henry William Clarke]. 1894.
79. Three Months in a Workshop: A Practical Study - Paul Gohre, General Secretary of the Evangelical Social Congress. Translated from the German, by A. B. CARR, with a prefatory note by Prof. Richard T. Ely. 1895.
80. Darwinism and Race Progress - Prof. J. B. Haycraft [John Berry Haycraft]. 1900.

81. Local Taxation and Finance - G. H. Blunden. 1895.
82. Perils to British Trade: How to Avert Them - E. Burgis [Edwin Burgis]. 2nd ed., 1895. xvi, 251 pp.
83. The Social Contract - J.-J. Rousseau. Edited by H.J. Tozer.
84. Co-operative Labour upon the Land: The Report of a Conference on 'Land, Co-operation, and the Unemployed' held at Holborn Town Hall in October 1894 - J. A. Hobson, M.A., ed. 1895. xvi, 140 pp.
85. Moral Pathology - Arthur E. Giles, M.D., B.Sc. 1895. viii, 179 pp.
86. Parasitism, Organic and Social - Jean Massart and Emile Vandervelde. Translated by William Macdonald. Revised by J. Arthur Thomson. 1895. xi, 124 pp. Translation of Parasitisme organique et parasitisme social.
87. Allotments and Small Holdings - J. L. Green. 1896.
88. Money and its Relations to Prices - L. L. Price [Langford Lovell Frederick Rice]. 1896. vi, 200 pp.
89. Sober by Act of Parliament - F. A. Mackenzie [Fred A. McKenzie]. 1896.
90. Workers on their Industries. Edited, with an Introduction, by Frank W. Galton. 1895. xvi, 239 p. Contents: The need and value of technical education by C. T. Millis; Dressmakers and tailoresses by F. Hicks; Workers in precious metals by W. A. Steward; Ship-building by W. C. Steadman; Wood engraving; etc. "Essays . Originally delivered as a course of lectures on industries, at South Place institute, on Sunday afternoon during the winter of 1893-4."

91. Revolution and Counter-Revolution; or, Germany in 1848 - Karl Marx. 1904.
92. Over-Production and Crises - K. Rodbertus [Karl Rodbertus]. Translated by Julia Franklin. With an introduction by John B. Clarke. 1898.
93. Local Government and State Aid - S. J. Chapman.
94. Anglo-American Trade - S. J. Chapman.
94 [sic]. The Origin and Growth of Village Communities in India - B. H. Baden-Powell. 1899. vi, 155 pp.
95. A History of the Trade Between the United Kingdom and the United States: With Special Reference to the Effects of Tariffs - Sidney J. Chapman.
96. A Plain Examination of Socialism - Gustave Simonson, M.A, M.D. 1900. xii, 155 pp.
97. Commercial Federation and Colonial Trade Policy - John Davidson. 1900.
98. Selections from the Works of Fourier - Charles Fourier. With an introduction by Charles Gide. Translated by Julia Franklin. 1901.
99. Public-House Reform: An Explanation with an Appendix - Alexander Neilson Cumming. 1901.
100. The Village Problem - George F. Millin. 1903. ii, [1], 180 pp.

101. Toward the Light: Elementary Studies in Ethics and Economics - Lewis H. Berens. 1903. 244 pp.
102. Christian Socialism in England - Arthur V. Woodworth. 1903. viii, 208 pp.
103. The History of the English Corn Laws - J. Shield Nicholson.
103 [sic]. The Philosophers and the French Revolution - P. A. Wadia. 1904.
104. The History of the English Corn Laws - Prof. J. S. Nicholson, M.A. 1904.
105. The Biology of British Politics - Charles H. Harvey. 1904.
106. Rates and Taxes as Affecting Agriculture - Prof. J. S. Nicholson [J. Shield Nicholson], M.A. 1905. vi, 146 pp.
107. A Practical Programme for Working Men - Edmond Kelly. 1906.
108. John Thelwall: A Pioneer of Democracy and Social Reform in England During the French Revolution - Charles Cestre, Litt.D. 1906.
109. The Relations of Rents, Wages and Profits in Agriculture, and their Bearing on Rural Depopulation - J. Shield Nicholson. 1906.
110. Economic Prejudices - Yves Guyot. Translated by Fred Rothwell. 1910.

111. Contemporary Social Problems: A Course of Lectures Delivered at the University of Padua - Achille Loria. Translated from the Italian with the Permission of the Author by John Leslie Garner. 1911.
112. Who Pays? An Inquiry into the Real Incidence of Taxation - Robert Henry. 1912.


Arranged by serial number

1. Life of Robert Owen - Lloyd Jones. Possibly same book as: The Life, Times and Labours of Robert Owen - Lloyd Jones. 3rd ed. Swan Sonnenschein, 1900.
2. The Impossibility of Social Democracy: A Second Part of "The Quintessence of Socialism" - Dr. A. Schaffle. With a Preface by Bernard Bosanquet. 1892. 419 pp.
3. Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844 - Frederick Engels [Friedrich Engels].
4. The Principles of Social Economy - Yves Guyot. 1892.
5. Social Peace: A Study of the Trade Union Movement in England - Dr. G. Von Schulze-Gaevernitz. With a Preface to the English Edition. Translated by C. M. Wicksteed, B. A. Edited by Graham Wallas. 1893; 1900. xx, 300 pp. Translation from the German of Zum socialen Frieden.
6. A Handbook of Socialism - W. D. P. Bliss [William D P Bliss]. 1906.
7. Socialism: Its Growth and Outcome - William Morris and E. Belfort Bax. 1896. viii, 335 pp.
8. Economic Foundations of Society - A. Loria [Achille Loria]. 1904; 1907.

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