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Skira Mini Art Books
Publisher: Skira Editore. Country: Italy. Date: 2008-12.

Michelangelo - Claudio Gamba (Skira Mini Art Books) (image)

Michelangelo - Claudio Gamba
Milan, Skira Editore, 2009 (Skira Mini Art Books).
Paperback. ISBN 10: 8861307396. ISBN 13: 9788861307391.

Series Note:
La collection « Skira Mini Art Books » est une collection de livres d'art au format poche, à un prix attractif. Elle se décline en différents thèmes : monographies d'artistes internationaux, mouvements artistiques, genres picturaux, et arts décoratifs. Chaque volume contient au moins 50 illustrations en couleurs, broché, en 96 pages, format 13,5 x 17 cm, à 5,90 ¤.

English translation: The "Skira Mini Art Books" collection is a collection of art books in pocket format offered at attactive prices. It is divided into different themes: monographs on international artists, artistic genres, and decorative arts. Each paperback volume contains at least 50 colour illustrations and 96 pages. Format 13.5 x 17 cm. Price: EUR 5.90.

The series was published by Skira Editore, of Milan, Italy.

Skira was founded in Switzerland by Albert Skira in 1928 where it operated for almost 60 years. In 1996 the company was purchased by the Italian group Mondadori Electa and it moved its operations to the Palazzo Cassati Stampa in Milan, Italy.

Arranged alphabetically by author and title


Raphael - Nicoletta Baldini
Mantegna - Francesca Marini
Dali - Costantino Porcu
Post-Impressionism - Flaminio Gualdoni
Bauhaus - Flaminio Gualdoni
Modigliani - Francesca Marini
Impressionism - Flaminio Gualdoni
Michelangelo - Claudio Gamba
Futurism - Flaminio Gualdoni
Still Life - Flaminio Gualdoni
Giotto in Padua - Roberta D'Adda
Titian - Cecilia Gibellini
Female Nude - Flaminio Gualdoni
Surrealism - Flaminio Gualdoni
Male Nude - Flaminio Gualdoni
Venice [Travel Guide]
Klimt - Federica Armiraglio
Caravaggio - Francesca Marini
Leonardo da Vinci - Lucia Aquino


Francis Bacon - Francesca Marini; Evelyne Giumelli; Maria Kechler Mercedes
Futurisme - Flaminio Gualdoni; Laura Cruz-Valer Meijer
Impressionnisme - Flaminio Gualdoni; Ce_cile Gallon
Trompe-l'oeil - Flaminio Gualdoni; Evelyne Giumelli; Maria Kechler Mercedes
Le dadai_sme - Flaminio Gualdoni; Claude Sophie Mazéas; Jérôme Nicolas; Pierre de Sarazin
Surre_alisme - Flaminio Gualdoni; Evelyne Giumelli; Maria Kechler Mercedes
La Nature morte - Flaminio Gualdoni; Laura Meijer
Le nu feminin - Flaminio Gualdoni
Klimt - Federica Armiraglio; Laura Meijer
Dali - Costantino Porcu; Laura Meijer
Le nu masculin - Flaminio Gualdoni
Modigliani - Francesca Marini; Amedeo Modigliani
Le Bauhaus - Flaminio Gualdoni; Laura Meijer


Palladio - Fernando Rigon
Pop art - Flaminio Gualdoni
Leonardo - Lucia Aquino
Futurismo - Flaminio Gualdoni
Surrealismo - Flaminio Gualdoni
Giulio Romano - Lorenzo Bonoldi
Trampantojo - Flaminio Gualdoni
Michelangelo - Claudio Gamba
Trompe l'oeil - Flaminio Gualdoni


Pop art - Flaminio Gualdoni; Claude Sophie Mazéas; Jérôme Nicolas, translator); Pierre de Sarazin
Miguel Angel - Claudio Gamba
Francis Bacon - Francesca Marini
Impresionismo - Flaminio Gualdoni
Leonardo - Luci_a Aquino
Futurismo - Flaminio Gualdoni
Surrealismo - Flaminio Gualdoni
El desnudo femenino - Flaminio Gualdoni
Postimpresionismo - Flaminio Gualdoni

Mailand - Chiara Gualdoni
Venedig - Simone Milano Ferrari

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