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Rigby's Pageant of Australia series
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Australia's Early Whalers (image)

Auustralia's Early Whalemen (Rigby, 1980). one of the books in the Rigby's Pageant of Australia series. The painting on the jacket of this book (shown here) is a detail from "Sperm Whaling in the South Pacific Ocean" (this painting is located in the W. S. Crowther Library, State Library of Tasmania).

RIGBY'S PAGEANT OF AUSTRALIA (Adelaide, Rigby Limited, 1975-80) - CHECKLIST
Series Note:

Alphabetical Arrangement

Australian Bushrangers
Australian Colonial Cookery
Australian Explorers
Australian Horse-drawn Vehicles
Australia's Early Whalemen
The Brisbane River
Covered Waggons in Australia
Early Australian Crafts and Tools
Early Swan River Colony
The Gippsland Lakes
Gold Escorts in Australia
The Gold-Seekers
The Overlanders
A Pioneer Family on the Murray River
Pioneering New England
Pioneer Schools of Australia
Port Jackson
Port Phillip Bay
The River Men
Sea Explorers of Australia
Seashores of Australia
Twelve Makers of Australia

Sperm whale flinging whaleboat and men into the air (image)

Sperm whale flinging whaleboat and men into the air. An illustration from Thomas Beale's 1839 History of the Sperm Whale (State Library of South Australia). This illustration was reproduced in Australia's Early Whalemen (Rigby's Pageant of Australia series).

The above series list originally appeared opposite the title page in "Australia's Early Whalemen" by Margaret and Colin Kerr that was published in 1980 as part of "Rigby's Pageant of Australia" series.

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