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Publisher: Black, Inc. Country: Australia. Date: 2013- .

Crossing the Line - McGrath (Redback/Black, Inc.) (image)

Crossing the Line: Australia’s Secret History in the Timor Sea
by Kim McGrath
Melbourne, Black, Inc., 2017 (Redback).

Series Note:
This series of books on current affairs topics is being published at the rate of one new volume every three months. Each new volume is sold on the magazine display shelves of Australian newsagents.

Arranged by serial number

1. Battlers and Billionaires: The Story of Inequality in Australia - Andrew Leigh. 2013.
2. Why We Argue About Climate Change - Eric Knight. 2013.
3. Dog Days: Australia After the Boom - Ross Garnaut. 2013.
4. Anzac's Long Shadow: The Cost of Our National Obsession - James Brown. 2014.
5. Crime and Punishment: Offenders and Victims in a Broken Justice System - Russell Marks. 2015.
6. Supermarket Monsters: The Price of Coles' and Woolworths' Dominance - Malcolm Knox. 2015.
7. An Economy is Not a Society: Winners and Losers in the New Australia - Dennis Glover. 2015.
8. Econobabble: How to Decode Political Spin and Economic Nonsense - Richard Denniss. 2016.
9. Generation Less: How Australia is Cheating the Young - Jennifer Rayner. 2016.
10. The Mind of the Islamic State - Robert Manne. 2016.
11. Losing Streak: How Tasmania was Gamed by the Gambling Industry - James Boyce. 2017.
12. Crossing the Line: Australia’s Secret History in the Timor Sea - Kim McGrath. 2017.
13. Changing Jobs : The Fair Go in the New Machine Age - Jim Chalmers, Mike Quigley. 2017.
14. This Time: Australia's Republican Past and Future - Benjamin T. Jones. 2018.
15. Blue Collar Frayed: Working Men in Tomorrow’s Economy - Jennifer Rayner. 2018.

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