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Radical Thinkers
Publisher: Verso Books. Country: U.K. Date: ___

Series Note:
What people say about this series:

“A golden treasury of theory.”—Eric Banks, Bookforum

“Verso's beautifully designed Radical Thinkers series, which brings together seminal works by leading left-wing intellectuals, is a sophisticated blend of theory and thought.”—Ziauddin Sardar, New Statesman

Radical Thinkers Set 12

Democracy Against Capitalism
by Ellen Meiksins Wood

Frames of War
by Judith Butler

Marx and Human Nature
by Norman Geras

Public Sphere and Experience
by Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt

Radical Thinkers Set 11

The Formation of the Economic Thought of Karl Marx
by Ernest Mandel

Marx on Money
by Suzanne de Brunhoff

A Theory of Capitalist Regulation
by Michel Aglietta

Edited by Diane Elson

Radical Thinkers Set 10

The Dialectics of Liberation
Edited by David Cooper

by Octave Mannoni

Read My Desire
by Joan Copjec

The Weary Sons of Freud
by Catherine Clément

Radical Thinkers Set 9

The Anti-Social Family
by Michèle Barrett and Mary McIntosh

Feminist Radical Thinkers
by Michèle Barrett, Mary McIntosh, et al.

Straight Sex
by Lynne Segal

Woman’s Consciousness, Man’s World
by Sheila Rowbotham

Woman’s Estate
by Juliet Mitchell

Radical Thinkers Set 8

The Concept of Nature in Marx
by Alfred Schmidt

The Ego and His Own
by Max Stirner

Freud and the Non-European
by Edward W. Said

Hatred of Democracy
by Jacques Rancière

Hegemony and Socialist Strategy
by Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe

The Melancholy Science
by Gillian Rose

The Philosophy of Marx
by Etienne Balibar

Screened Out
by Jean Baudrillard

The Spectre of Hegel: Early Writings
by Louis Althusser

State, Power, Socialism
by Nicos Poulantzas

Tactics and Ethics
by Georg Lukács

Women, Resistance and Revolution
by Sheila Rowbotham

Radical Thinkers Set 7

Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology
by André Gorz

Critique of Instrumental Reason
by Max Horkheimer

by Alain Badiou

The Fiery Brook
by Ludwig Feuerbach

by Valentin Voloshinov

Infinitely Demanding
by Simon Critchley

Marxism and Philosophy
by Karl Korsch

Rationality and Irrationality in Economics
by Maurice Godelier

by Wilhelm Reich

A Singular Modernity
by Fredric Jameson

The Spirit of Terrorism
by Jean Baudrillard

Welcome to the Desert of the Real
by Slavoj Z&Mac255;iz&Mac255;ek

Radical Thinkers Set 6

Anti-Systemic Movements
by Giovanni Arrighi, Terence K. Hopkins, et al.

Ethics of the Real
by Alenka Zupanc&Mac255;ic&Mac255;

Immanuel Kant
by Lucien Goldmann

Impossible Exchange
by Jean Baudrillard

Introduction to Modernity
by Henri Lefebvre

The Mental and the Material
by Maurice Godelier

by Alain Badiou

Philosophy and the Spontaneous Philosophy of the Scientists
by Louis Althusser

Politics and Ideology in Marxist Theory
by Ernesto Laclau

Politics and the Other Scene
by Etienne Balibar

Quasi Una Fantasia
by Theodor Adorno

War Diaries
by Jean-Paul Sartre

Radical Thinkers Set 5

Brecht and Method
by Fredric Jameson

Comments on the Society of the Spectacle
by Guy Debord

Contingency, Hegemony, Universality
by Judith Butler, Ernesto Laclau, et al.

Critique of Economic Reason
by André Gorz

Design and Crime (And Other Diatribes)
by Hal Foster

Freudian Slip
by Sebastiano Timpanaro

Machiavelli and Us
by Louis Althusser

The Panopticon Writings
by Jeremy Bentham

by Jean Baudrillard

The Politics of Time
by Peter Osborne

Postmodern Geographies
by Edward W. Soja

Race, Nation, Class
by Etienne Balibar and Immanuel Wallerstein

Radical Thinkers Set 4

The Cultural Turn
by Fredric Jameson

The Democratic Paradox
by Chantal Mouffe

by Simon Critchley

Hegel Contra Sociology
by Gillian Rose

In Search of Wagner
by Theodor Adorno

by Georg Lukács

The Origin of German Tragic Drama
by Walter Benjamin

by Guy Debord

Reading Capital
by Louis Althusser and Etienne Balibar

The Transparency of Evil
by Jean Baudrillard

Walter Benjamin
by Terry Eagleton

War and Cinema
by Paul Virilio

Radical Thinkers Set 3

Between Existentialism and Marxism
by Jean-Paul Sartre

The Emergence of Social Space
by Kristin Ross

For They Know Not What They Do
by Slavoj Z&Mac255;iz&Mac255;ek

Ghostly Demarcations
Edited by Michael Sprinker

In Theory
by Aijaz Ahmad

On Ideology
by Louis Althusser

Open Sky
by Paul Virilio

The Perfect Crime
by Jean Baudrillard

A Realist Theory of Science
by Roy Bhaskar

Spinoza and Politics
by Etienne Balibar and Warren Montag

A Study on Authority
by Herbert Marcuse

What Does the Ruling Class Do When It Rules?
by Göran Therborn

Radical Thinkers Set 2

Aesthetics and Politics
by Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, et al.

by Ernesto Laclau

by Jean Baudrillard

The Indivisible Remainder
by Slavoj Z&Mac255;iz&Mac255;ek

Infancy and History
by Giorgio Agamben

Late Marxism
by Fredric Jameson

Logics of Disintegration
by Peter Dews

On the Shores of Politics
by Jacques Rancière

Political Descartes
by Antonio Negri

Politics and History
by Louis Althusser

Politics of Modernism
by Raymond Williams

Strategy of Deception
by Paul Virilio

Radical Thinkers Set 1

For Marx
by Louis Althusser

The Function of Criticism
by Terry Eagleton

The Information Bomb
by Paul Virilio

Liberalism and Democracy
by Norberto Bobbio

The Metastases of Enjoyment
by Slavoj Z&Mac255;iz&Mac255;ek

Minima Moralia
by Theodor Adorno

The Politics of Friendship
by Jacques Derrida

The Return of the Political
by Chantal Mouffe

Sexuality in the Field of Vision
by Jacqueline Rose

Signs Taken for Wonders
by Franco Moretti

The System of Objects
by Jean Baudrillard

Radical Thinkers Classics

Culture and Materialism
by Raymond Williams

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