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R. P. A. Cheap Reprints
Publisher: Watts & Co. for Rationalist Press Association.
Country: U.K. Date: ___

Human Origins (by Samuel Laing) (R. P. A. Reprints) (image)

Series Note:

Serial No./Title and Author

1. Huxley's Lectures and Essays: A Selection. With Autobiographical Sketch.
2. The Pioneers of Evolution (by Edward Clodd)
3. Modern Science and Modern Thought (by Samuel Laing)
4. Literature and Dogma: An Essay Towards a Better Apprehension of the Bible (by Matthew Arnold)
5. The Riddle of the Universe (by Professor Ernest Haeckel)
6. Education: Intellectual, Moral and Physical (by Herbert Spencer)
7. The Evolution of the Idea of God (by Grant Allen)
8. Human Origins (by Samuel Laing) (Revised by Edward Clodd) (With Illustrations)
9. The Service of Man (by J. Cotter Morison) (With "In Memoriam" Introduction by Frederic Harrison.
10. Tyndall's Lectures and Essays: A Selection. With Autobiographical Sketch of the Author.
11. The Origin of Species (by Charles Darwin)
12. Emerson's Addresses and Essays: A Selection. (With Introduction by Dr. Stanton Coit)
13. On Liberty (by J. S. Mill) (With Biographical Sketch of the Author)

The above list appeared in Human Origins (by Samuel Laing). (R. P. A. Cheap Reprints series.) London, Watts and Co., 1903.

The Riddle of the Universe (by Prof. Ernest Haeckel) (R. P. A. Reprints) (image)

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