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Progressive Science Series
Publisher: John Murray. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1898- .
Originally published in 1897 by Bliss, Sands & Co., London.

Series Note: "THE GLOBE says: 'So many books of popular science are published at the present day which are not scientific at all, that it is a relief to welcome another volume of the excellent Progressive Science Series by Mr. JOHN MURRAY. They have all the moderation of statement and fulness of detail which is essential."

-- Mechanism, Life and Personality - J. S. Haldane, London, John Murray, 1913 (The Progressive Science Series).

Title / Author

Problems of Life and Reproduction. By Marcus Hartog, M.A., D.Sc., Professor of Biology in the University of Cork. With Illustrations. 7s. 6d. net.

Earthquakes: In the Light of the New Seismology. By Clarence Edward Dutton, Major in the United States Army.

Heredity. By J. Arthur Thomson, Regius Professor of Natural History in the University of Aberdeen. With numerous Illustrations. New and revised edition. 9s. net.

The Interpretation of Radium. Being the substance of six free popular experimental Lectures delivered at the University of Glasgow, 1908. By Frederick Soddy, M.A., Independent Lecturer in Physical Chemistry and Radioactivity in the University of Glasgow. With Illustrations. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. 6s. net.

Hygiene of Nerves and Mind in Health and Disease. By August Forel, M.D. Translated from the German by Austin Aikins, Ph.D. 6s. net.

The Study of Man. An Introduction to Ethnology. By Professor A. C. Haddon, D.Sc., M.A. With numerous Illustrations. 6s. net.

The Problem of Age, Growth, and Death. A Study of Cytomorphosis. Based on Lectures at the Lowell Institute, March 1907. By Charles S. Minot, LL.D. (Yale, Toronto), D.Sc. (Oxford); James Stillman Professor of Comparative Anatomy in the Harvard Medical School; President of the Boston Society of Natural History. With numerous Illustrations. 6s. net.

Infection and Immunity. With Special Reference to the Prevention of Infectious Diseases. By George S. Sternberg, M.D., Surgeon-General (retired), U.S. Army. 6s. net.

Comparative Physiology of the Brain and Comparative Psychology. By Jacques Loeb, M.D., Professor of Physiology in the University of Chicago. With Illustrations. 6s. net.

The Stars. A Study of the Universe. By Professor Simon Newcomb. With Illustrations. 6s. net.

The Solar System. A Study of Recent Observations. By Charles Lane Poor, Professor of Astronomy in Columbia University. 6s. net.

Climate. Considered especially in Relation to Man. By Robert de Courcy Ward, Assistant Professor of Climatology in Harvard University. With Illustrations. 6s. net.

River Development. As illustrated by the Rivers of North America. By Professor I. C. Russell. With Illustrations. 6s. net.

A Book of Whales. By F. E. Beddard, M.A., F.R.S. With 40 Illustrations by Sidney Berridge. 6s. net.

The Groundwork of Science. A Study of Epistemology. By St. George Mivart, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.S. 6s. net.

Earth Sculpture: or, the Origin of Land-forms. By James Geikie, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., etc., Murchison Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Edinburgh. Second Edition. With numerous Illustrations. 6s. net.

Volcanoes: Their Structure and Significance. By T. G. Bonney, D.Sc., F.R.S., Emeritus Professor of Geology at University College, London. Third (new and enlarged) Edition. With numerous Illustrations. 6s. net.

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