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Pickering's Christian Classics
Publisher: William Pickering. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1847-53.

Series Note: This series of 18 volumes was published in London by William Pickering. Each volume was 14 cm in height and was published with printed, stiff paper covers. The price was 1s. 6d. a volume.

According to the 20th century book collector Sir Geoffrey Keynes [1], each volume had "a different title-page, with delicate ornamental borders; the majority printed by J. Whittington, Tooks Court; a few by C. Whittington, Chiswick."

Arranged alphabetically by title

Doddridge, Philip: The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. n.d.
Goodman, John: The Old Religion. 1848.
Hall, Joseph: The Great Mystery of Godliness. 1847.
_____ Meditations and Vows. n.d.
_____ No Peace with Rome. 1853.
_____ Occasional Meditations. 1851.
Hill, Robert: The Pathway to Piety. 2 vols. 1848.
Mason, John: Self Knowledge. n.d.
Patrick, Symon: Advice to a Friend. 1853.
_____ A Discourse Concerning Prayer. 1848.
_____ The Heart's Ease. 1847.
Penitent Pilgrim, The. 1847.
Saltmarsh, John: Sparkles of Glory. 1848.
Sutton, Christopher: Godly Meditations. 1849.
_____ Learn to Live. Learn to Die. 2 vols. 1847.
Taylor, Jeremy. Contemplations on the State of Man. 1847.

Source of above list and quotation:

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London, At the Office of The Fleuron, 1924. p. 46.

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