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Penguin Poets
Publisher: Penguin Books. Country: U.K. Date: 1941- .

Selected Poems 1923-1958 - e. e. cummings (Penguin Poets) (image)

Selected Poems: 1923-1958 - e. e. cummings

Penguin Books, 1963 (Penguin Poets, D72)

Series Note:

Serial No./Title

D1 Tennyson
D2 Wordworth: A Selection
D3 Poems of Robert Burns
D4 T. S. Eliot: Selected Poems
D5 A Book of English Poetry
D6 The Centuries' Poetry 1: Chaucer to Shakespeare
D7 The Centuries' Poetry 2: Donne to Dryden
D8 The Centuries' Poetry 3: Pope to Keats
D9 The Centuries' Poetry 4: Hood to Morris
D10 The Centuries' Poetry 5: Hopkins to Eliot

D11 D. H. Lawrence: Selected Poems
D12 The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse
D13 John Donne
D14 Alexander Pope
D15 Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Selection of His Poems and Prose
D16 Edith Sitwell: Selected Poems
D17 C. Day Lewis: Selected Poems
D18 Poems 1951: The Prize-Winning Entries for the Festival of Britain Competition
D19 The Penguin of Comic and Curious Verse
D20 Border Ballads

D21 Milton
D22 The Penguin Book of Modern American Verse
D23 John Keats
D24 Browning: A Selection
D25 Matthew Arnold
D26 Byron
D27 Robert Frost: Selected Poems
D28 John Dryden
D29 Shelley: A Selection
D30 The Penguin Book of Spanish Verse

D31 More Curious and Comic Verse
D32 Penguin Book of English Verse
D33 The Penguin Book of French Verse: 3, The 19th Century
D34 A. E. Houseman: Selected Poems
D35 Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Selection of His Poems and Prose
D36 The Book of German Verse
D37 The Penguin Book of Italian Verse
D38 The Metaphysical Poets
D39 Robert Graves
D40 The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse

D41 W. H. Auden
D42 William Blake: Selected Poems and Letters
D43 The Penguin Book of French Verse: 2, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries
D44 Hilaire Belloc: Collected Verse
D45 The Penguin Book of New Zealand Verse
D46 The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse
D47 The Penguin Book of French Verse: 4, The Twentieth Century
D48 Yet More Comic and Curious Verse
D49 The Penguin Book of Narrative Verse
D50 The Penguin Book of French Verse: 1, To the Fifteenth Century

D51 Lorca
D52 Other Men's Flowers
D53 Thomas Hardy
D54 Hölderlin
D55 Swinburne
D56 Baudelaire
D57 The Penguin Book of Russian Verse
D58 Herrick
D59 Georgian Poetry
D60 The Penguin Book of Latin Verse

D61 Penguin Modern Poets, 1
D62 Penguin Modern Poets, 2
D63 The New Poetry
D64 Rimbaud
D65 The Penguin Book of Chinese Verse
D66 The Penguin Book of Religious Verse
D67 Contemporary American Poetry
D68 Twentieth-Century German Verse
D69 Yevtushenko: Selected Poems
D70 Penguin Modern Poets, 3

D71 Pushkin: Selected Verse
D72 Selected Poems: 1953-1958 - e. e. cummings
D73 Poetry of the Thirties
D74 Goethe: Selected Verse
D75 The Penguin Book of Sick Verse
D76 Penguin Modern Poets, 4
D77 The Penguin Book of Japanese Verse
D78 Penguin Modern Poets, 5
D79 Rilke: Selected Poems
D80 Penguin Modern Poets, 6

D81 The Mid-Century: English Poetry, 1940-1960
D82 Apollinaire: Selected Verse
D83 The Penguin Book of Elizabethan Verse
D84 Paroles - Jacques Prévert
D85 Mallarmé
D86 Quasimodo: Selected Poems
D87 Longer Contemporary Poems
D88 The Penguin Book of Animal Verse
D89 The Common Muse: An Anthology of Popular British Ballad Poetry, 15th-20th Century
D90 Penguin Modern Poets, 7

D91 Four Greek Poets: C. P. Cavafy, George Seferis, Odysseus Elytis, Nikos Gatsos
D92 Penguin Modern Poets, 8
D93 The Penguin Book of Greek Verse
D94 The Penguin Book of Modern Verse Translation
D95 Miroslav Holub: Selected Poems
D96 The Penguin Book of Welsh Verse
D97 Penguin Modern Poets, 9
D98 Heine
D99 Selected Poems of Montale
D100 Poetry of the Forties

T. S. Eliot: Selected Poems
Penguin Books, ____ (Penguin Poets, D4)

D101 The Penguin Book of Satirical Verse
D102 The Penguin Book of English Romantic Verse
D103 Penguin Modern Poets, 10: The Mersey Sound
D104 Zbigniew Herbert: Selected Poems
D105 Penguin Modern Poets, 11
D106 Günter Grass: Poems
D107 Penguin Modern Poets, 12
D108 The Penguin Book of Restoration Verse
D109 The Penguin Book of South African Verse
D110 The Penguin Book of Victorian Verse

D111 Penguin Modern Poets, 13
D112 Poems of Hans Magnus Enzensberger
D113 Penguin Modern Poets, 14
D114 Selected Poems of Vasko Popa
D115 Anna Akhmatova: Poems
D116 Poetry of the 'Underground' in Britain (Children of Albion)
D117 Aimé Césaire: Return To My Native Land
D118 Penguin Modern Poets, 15
D119 Post-War Polish Poetry
D120 The Penguin Book of Scottish Verse

D121 The Penguin Book of Irish Verse
D122 British Poetry Since the War
D123 Hugh MacDiarmid: Selected Verse
D124 Penguin Modern Poets, 16
D125 The Penguin Book of Socialist Verse
D126 Penguin Modern Poets, 17
D127 Sando Weöres and Ferenc Juhász: Selected Poems
D128 Poetry of the Nineties
D129 Penguin Modern Poets, 18
D130 Vitezslau Nezval, Antonín Bartusek, and Josef Haszlik

D131 Poem into Poem: World Poetry in Modern Verse Translation (formerly D94)
D132 Penguin Modern Poets, 19
D133 Johannes Bohrowski/Horst Bienek
D134 Vladimir Holan: Selected Poems
D135 Cesare Pavese: Selected Poems
D136 The Penguin Book of Latin American Verse

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