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Animal Farm (by George Orwell) (Penguin Modern Classics) (image)

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Penguin, 1963 (Penguin Modern Classics)

Series Note:

Alain Fournier. Le Grand Meaulnes

A. Bennett. Anna of the five towns
K. Blixen. Out of Africa
B. Brecht. Threepenny novel

A. Camus. The outsider
A. Camus. The rebel
A. Carpentier. The lost steps
J. Cary. The horse's mouth
L.-F. Céline. Journey to the end of night
B. Cendrars. Moravagine
G. K. Chesterton. The man who was Thursday
C. Connolly. Enemies of promise
J. Conrad. Almeyer's folly
J. Conrad. Lord Jim
J. Conrad. The nigger of the Narcissus
J. Conrad. Nostromo
J. Conrad. An outcast of the islands
J. Conrad. The secret agent
J. Conrad. Under Western eyes
J. Conrad. Youth and The end of the tether
J. Conrad. Victory
J. Conrad. Within the tides
J. Cocteau. Les enfants terribles

A. Döblin. Berlin Alexanderplatz
J. Dos Passos. USA
N. Douglas. South wind


W. Faulkner. Light in August
F. M. Ford. The good soldier
F. M. Ford. Parade's end
E. M. Forster. The longest journey
E. M. Forster. A passage to India
E. M. Forster. A room with a view
E. M. Forster. Where angels fear to tread

J. Genet. Miracle of the rose
J. Genet. The thief's journal
A. Gide. The counterfeiters
A. Gide. Fruits of the earth
A. Gide. If it die...
A. Gide. The immoralist
A. Gide. Journals 1889-1949
A. Gide. Strait is the gate
A. Gide. The Vatican cellars
G. & W. Grossmith. Diary of a nobody

J. Hersey. Hiroshima
H. Hesse. The glass bead game
A. Huxley. Antic hay
A. Huxley. Eyeless in Gaza

C. Isherwood. Mr Norris changes trains
C. Isherwood. Goodbye to Berlin

H. James. The Europeans
H. James. A turn of the screw and other stories
H. James. What Maisie knew

F. Kafka. The castle
F. Kafka. Metamorphosis and other stories
R. Kipling. The light that failed
A. Koestler. Darkness at noon

T. E. Lawrence. The mint
T. E. Lawrence. Seven pillars of wisdom
O. Lewis. A death in the Sanchez family
O. Lewis. Pedro Martinez
M. Lowry. Dark as the grave wherein my friend is laid
M. Lowry. Hear Us o Lord from.......... (CHK)
M. Lowry. Ultramarine

T. Mann. Buddenbrooks
T. Mann. Confessions of Felix Krull, confidence man
T. Mann. Death in Venice/Tonio Kröger
T. Mann. Dr. Faustus
T. Mann. Little Herr Friedemann and other stories
T. Mann. Lotte in Weimar
T. Mann. The magic mountain
K. Mansfield. Bliss and other stories
K. Mansfield. The garden party
K. Mansfield. In a German pension
F. Mauriac. Thérèse
H. de Montherlandt. Chaos and night


F. O'Brien. At Swim-Two-Birds
G. Orwell. Animal farm
G. Orwell. Down and out in Paris and London

A. Paton. Cry the beloved country
M. Peake. Titus alone
M. Peake. Titus groan
M. Peake. Gorgenghast
J. C. Powys. Wolf solent


H. Read. The green child
Fr. Rolfe. Hadrian the Seventh

A. de Saint-Exupéry. Flight to Arras
A. de Saint-Exupéry. Southern mail/Night flight
F. Scott Fitzgerald. The great Gatsby
V. Serge. The case of Comrade Tulayev
M. Sholokov. And quiet flows the Don
M. Sholokov. The Don flows to the sea
U. Sinclair. The jungle
C. Stead. The man who loved children
G. Stein. Three lives
L. Strachey. Elizabeth and Essex
L. Strachey. Eminent Victorians
L. Strachey. Queen Victoria
I. Svevo. As a man grows older

L. Trilling. The mddle of the journey


G. Verga. Maestro Don Gesualdo

E. Waugh. Decline and fall
H. G. Wells. The island of Dr Moreau
P. White. Riders in the chariot
O. Wilde. The picture of Dorian Gray
T. Wolfe. You can't go home again
V. Woolf. Orlando: a biography



Y. Zamyatin. We

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