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Publisher: Penguin Books. Country: UK. Date: 1942- .

Herbs for All Seasons (by Rosemary Hemphill) (Penguin Handbooks) (image)

Herbs for All Seasons
by Rosemary Hemphill. Illustrated by Claire Simpson.

Penguin Books Ltd, 1975 (Penguin Handbooks, PH217)

Series Note:

Arranged by Serial Number

PH1 Soft Fruit Growing - Raymond Bush. 1942.
PH2 Tree Fruit Growing (1): Apples - Raymond Bush. 1943.
PH3 Tree Fruit Growing (2): Pears, Qunices and Stone Fruits - Raymond Bush. 1943.
PH4 Rabbit Farming - Claude H. Goodchild, ed. 1944.
PH5 Poultry Farming - Alan Thompson, ed. 1945.
PH6 Trees and Shrubs and How to Grow Them - W. H. Rowe. 1945.
PH7 The Vegetable Grower's Handbook - A. J. Simons. 1945.
[First issued as two volumes: PH7 and PH8.]
PH9 The Penguin Handyman - Foster Wiseman. 1945.
PH10 The Breeding of Farm Animals - Chapman Pincher. 1947.

PH11 Common Sense in the Nursery - Mrs Sydney Frankenberg. 1946.
PH12 Preserves for All Occasions - Alice Crang. 1946.
PH13 Your Smallholding - Alan Thompson, ed. 1947.
PH14 Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on Scraps - Alan Thompson and Claude H. Goodchild. 1949.
PH15 Beekeeping - K. K. Clark (N. B. I.). 1951.
PH16 Successful Living - Eustace Chesser. 1952.
PH17 The Penguin Cookery Book - Bee Nilson. 1952.
PH18 Grow Up and Live - Eustace Chesser. 1949
[First issued in the Pelican Series as A149]
PH19 The Flower Garden - E. R. Janes. 1952.
PH20 The Intelligent Parents' Manual - F. Powdermaker and L. Grimes. 1953.

PH21 Dogs - A. Croxton Smith. 1953.
PH22 Paint Your Own Pictures - Norman Colquhoun. 1953.
PH23 The Vegetable Garden - E. R. Janes. 1954.
PH24 The Game of Chess - H. Golombek. 1954.
PH25 The Penguin Book of Health and Beauty Recipes - Olga Golbeck. 1957.
PH26 Growing Vegetables for Show - E. R. Janes. 1956.
PH27 A Book of Mediterranean Food - Elizabeth David (N. B. I.). 1953.
PH28 Camping - Rex Hazlewood and John Thurman. 1960.
PH29 Flower Arrangement - Betty Massingham. 1957.
PH30 Cats - Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald. 1957.

PH31 Photography - Eric de Maré. 1957.
PH32 Plats du Jour - Patience Gray and Primrose Boyd. 1957.
PH33 The Penguin Knitting Book - James Norbury. 1957.
PH34 The Culture of the Abdomen - F. A. Hornibrook. 1957.
PH35 The Art of Marriage - Mary Macaulay. 1957.
PH36 The Penguin Hoyle - Hubert Phillips. 1958.
PH37 Roses (R. H. S.) - F. Fairbrother. 1958.
PH38 The Art of Living. André Maurois. 1960.
PH39 The Penguin Handbook of First Aid and Home Nursing - A. C. White Knox and J. E. F. Gueritz. 1961.
PH40 Annual and Biennial Flowers (R. H. S.) - A. P. Balfour. 1959.

PH41 Health Culture for Women - F. A. Hornibrook and Ettie Rout. 1959.
PH42 Flower-Growing for Shows - E. R. Janes. 1959.
PH43 French Country Cooking - Elizabeth David. 1959.
PH44 Rock Gardens (R. H. S.) - E. B. Anderson. 1959.
PH45 The Child's World - Phyllis Hostler. 1959.
PH46 The Child's World - Gerald Abrahams. 1959.
PH47. Adolescence to Maturity - V. C. Chamberlain. 1959.
PH48 Cruising (formerly issued in the Pelican Series as A235) - Peter Heston. 1959.
PH49 Sailing (formerly issued in the Pelican Series as A214) - Peter Heston. 1962.
PH50 The New Vegetable Grower's Handbook - Arthur J. Simons. 1961.

PH51 Hardy Herbaceous Plants (R. H. S.) - Lanning Roper. 1961.
PH52 Cooking (later The Grammar of Cookery) - Philip Harben. 1961.
PH53 The Physical Health of Children - Andrey Kelly. 1960.
PH54 The Cool Greenhouse (R. H. S.) - G. W. Robinson. 1960.
PH55 The Penguin Car Handbook - Robert Ireson. 1960.
PH56 Lawns (R. H. S.) - R. B. Dawson. 1960.
PH57 Chrysanthemums (R. H. S.) - Edward T. Thistletwaite. 1960.
PH58 Preparation for Painting - Lynton Lamb. 1960.
PH59 Dahlias (R. H. S.) - Stuart Ogg. 1961.
PH60 Journey through Adolescence - Doris Odlum. 1961.

PH61 The Spare-Time Book - Tony Gibson and Jack Singleton. 1961.
PH62 Interior Design - Diana Rowntree. 1965.
PH63 Your Child's Room - Lena Larsson. 1965.
PH64 Childbirth - W. C. W. Dixon. 1961.
PH65 Bridge - Terence Reese. 1961.
PH66 Your Money's Worth - Elizabeth Gundrey. 1962.
PH67 Gardening the Modern Way (R. H. S.) - Roy Hay. 1962.
PH68 This Slimming Business - John Yudkin. 1962.
PH69 Change of Life - John Malleson. 1963.
PH70 Farming for Profits - Keith Dexter and Derek Barber. 1961.

PH71 Delphiniums (R. H. S.) - Ronald C. Parrott. 1961.
PH72 Retire and Enjoy It - Cecil Chisholm. 1961.
PH73 House Plants (R. H. S.) - Margaret E. Jones. 1962.

PH74 Ski Holidays in the Alps - James and Jeanette Riddell. 1961.
PH75 The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book. 1965.
PH76 House Maintenance and Repairs - Jim Tanner. 1965.
PH77 Introducing Psychology - R. F. Dossetor and J. Henderson. 1962.
PH78 He and She - Kenneth C. Barnes. 1962.
PH79 Scootering - Jon Stevens. 1962.
PH80 How to Cook and Eat in Chilnese - Buwai Yang Chao. 1962.

PH81 The Penguin Book of Dogs - Margaret Flannery. 1962.
PH82 Water Gardens (R.H. S.) - Frances Perry. 1962.
PH83 Tree Fruit Growing - Raymond Bush. 1962.
PH84 A Book of French Wines - P. Morton Shand. 1964.
PH85 Any Wife or Any Husband - Joan Malleson. 1962.
PH86 Cooking in a Bedsitter - Katherine Whitehorn. 1963.
PH87 Wines and Spirits - L. W. Marrison (1957)
[formerly issued in the Pelican Series as A383]
PH88 Round the World in Eighty Dishes - Lesley Blanch. 1962.
PH89 Madame Prunier's Fish Cook Book - Ambrose Heath. 1963.
PH90 The Complete Guide to Investment - Gordon Cummings. 1963.

PH91 The Slimmer's Cook Book - John Yudkin and Gweneth M. Chappell. 1963.
PH92 Thinking about Marriage - J. H. Wallis. 1963.
PH93 Improve Your Cricket - Trevor Bailey. 1963.
PH94 Improve Your Golf - Bill Cox. 1963.
PH95 Cooking for Special Diets - Bee Nilson. 1964.
PH96 Cacti and Other Succulents (R. H. S.) - R. Ginns. 1964.
PH97 Penguin Cordon Bleu Cookery - Rosemary Hume and Muriel Downes. 1963.
PH98 Italian Food - Elizabeth David. 1963.
PH99 French Provincial Cooking - Elizabeth David. 1964.
PH100 Summer Cooking - Elizabeth David. 1965.

PH101 The Penguin Salad Book - Elizabeth Craig, ed. 1965.
PH102 The Art of the Middle Game - Paul Keres and Alexander Kotov. 1964.
PH103 Mountaineering - Alan Blackshaw. 1966.
PH104 Moder Vegetarian Cookery - Walter and Jenny Fliess. 1964.
PH105 At Your Service - Elizabeth Gundrey. 1964.
PH106 The Penguin Book of Pets - Phil Drabble. 1965.
PH107 Bidding at Bridge - Norman Squire. 1965.
PH108 Hardy Bulbs 1 (R. H. S.) - E. B. Anderson. 1964.
PH109 Hardy Bulbs 2 (R. H. S.) - Cyril F. Coleman. 1964.
PH110 Improve Your Athletics 1: Track Events - Peter Hildreth.1964.

PH111 Improve Your Athletics 2: Field Events - John Le Masurier. 1964,
PH112 The Penguin Guide to Fishing - Colin Willock, ed. 1966.
PH113 Robin McDouall's Cookery Book for the Greedy - Robin McDouall. 1965.
PH114 Design to Fit the Family - Phoebe De Syllas and Dorothy Meade. 1965.
PH115 Play with a Purpose for the Under-Sevens - E. M. Matterson. 1965.
PH116 The Penguin Guide to Travel in Europe - Nigel Buxton. 1965.
PH117 Où est le Garlic? - Len Deighton. 1965.
PH118 Improve Your Tennis - Tony Mottram. 1966.
PH119 Mastering the Art of French Cooking - Simon Beck, Louisette Berthelle, and Julia Child. 1966.
PH120 A Wine Primer - André L. Simon. ___.

PH121 The Penguin Book of Wines - Allan Sichel. 1965.
PH122 Improve Your Soccer - Jimmy Hill. 1966.
PH123 The Penguin Book of Chess Openings - H. Golombok, ed. _____.
PH124 Chess Treasury of the Air - Terence Tiller, ed. 1966.
PH125 The Penguin Dictionary of Cookery - Rosemary Hume and Muriel Downes, ed. 1966.
PH126 The Penguin Book of Herbs and Spices - Rosemary Hemphill. 1966.
PH127 Garden Design (R. H. S.) - Kenneth Midgley. 1966.
PH128 Danish Cooking - Nika Standen Hazelton. 1967>
PH129 Action Cook Book - Len Deighton. 1967.
PH130 Improve Your Rugby - J. T. Greenwood. 1967.

PH131 Posh Food - André Launay. 1967.
PH132 The Peacock Book of Careers for Girls - Ruth Miller. 1966.
PH133 Jewish Cookery - Florence Greenberg. 1967.
PH134 How to Drive Safely - John Eldred Howard. 1967.
PH135 The Play of the Cards - Terence Reece and Albert Dormer. 1967.
PH136 Colour Photography - Eric de Maré. 1968.
PH137 Leave it to Cook: The Slow Cooking Method - Stella Atterbury. 1968.
PH138 The American Heritage Cookbook - Helen McCully, Eleanor Noderer and Helen Duprey Bullock. 1967.
PH139 Soups and Hors D'Oeuvres - Marika Hanbury Tenison. 1969.
PH140 Russian Cookery - Marika Hanbury Tenison. 1969.

PH141 Indian Cookery - Dharamjit Singh. ____.
PH142 The Penguin Book of Cookery [American edition only] - Gertrude Wilkinson. ____.
PH143 Entertaining Single-Handed - Desmond Briggs. 1968.
PH144 Soft Fruit Growing - E. G. Gilbert. _____.
PH145 Making Pottery - Judith and Roy Christy. 1969.
PH146 The Continental Flavour - Nika Standen Hazelton. 1969.
PH147 Good Food on a Budget - Georgina Horley. 1969.
PH148 Fresh from the Freezer - Marye Cameron-Smith. 1969.
PH149 The Penguin Book of Sauces - Ambrose Heath. 1970.
PH150 Cooking with Wine - Robin McDouall. 1969.

PH151 South East Asian Food - Rosemary Brissenden. ____.
PH152 The Complete Guide to Retail Management - Alan Fiber. ____.
PH153 The Playgroup Book [American edition only] - Marie Winn and Mary Ann Porcher. 1969.
PH154 Penguin Guide to British Zoos - Geoffrey Schombert. ____.
PH155 Cruising: Sail or Power - Peter Heston. ____.
PH156 Bridge: Standard Bidding - G. C. H. Fox. ____.
PH157 The Philosopher in the Kitchen - Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. 1970.
PH158 Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery - Jane Grigson. 1970.
PH159 A Book of Middle Eastern Food - Claudia Roden. 1970.
PH160 Buying a House - L. F. Vickers. 1970.

PH161 A Stroke in the Family - Valerie Eaton Griffith. 1970.
PH162 He and She: Approaching Love and Sex [American edition only] - Kenneth C. Barnes. ____.
PH163 English Cooking, Ancient and Modern. Vol. I: Spices, Salt and Aromatics in the English Kitchen - Elizabeth David. ____.
PH164 The Pauper's Cookbook - Jacasta Innes. ____.
PH165 Left Over for Tomorrow - Marika Hanbury Denison. ____.
PH166 The Wines of Italy - Cyril Ray. ____.
PH167 Slimnastics - ___ Nottidge and Diana ___. ____.
PH168 Using London - Pamela ___, Nancy Tuft and Deborah Mandey. ____.
PH169 Working at Home - Joanna Johnson. ____.
PH170 The Attic Cookbook [American edition only] - Gertrude Wilkinson. ____

Further items
PH171 Chinese Food - K. Lo
PH172 A Kitchen Primer - C. C...
PH175 Japanese Cooking - P. J. Martin
PH 178 Easy Cooking for One or Two - .... Davies
PH185 Portuguese Cookery - - ... B...
PH187 Talking About Cakes - M. Bates
PH191 Good Things - J. Grigson
PH192 The Whole Earth Cookbook - .../...

PH213 Cordon Bleu Desserts and Puddings - R. Hume/M. Downes
PH216 Fish Cookery - J. Grigson
PH217 Herbs for All Seasons - Rosemary Hemphill
PH224 The Pauper's Homemaking Book - J. Innes
PH230 Spanish Regional Cookery - ...
PH238 The Penguin Book of Jams, Pickles and Chutneys - ...
PH264 Barbecues - J. F. Martin
PH272 The Best of Bee Nilson - ...

PH302 Friends of the Earth Cookbook - ...
PH309 Pasta and Nodles - M. White
PH322 Fruit in Season - M. Denny
PH360 Two in the Kitchen - ...

PH502 A Taste of American Cooking - ...

PH519 The Original Australian and New Zealand Fish Cookbook - J Cooke/...
PH528 J...Dimblebey's Book of Puddings, Desserts and Savories - ...
PH549 Cooking in a Bedsitter. New ed. - K. Whitehorn

PH626 Good Food for Your Freezer - ...
PH648 Malaysian Cookery - K. Fernandez

PH712 Miss Reade's Country Cooking - ...
PH726 Ices Galore - ...

PH839 A Harvest of Apples - R. Ward

Serial No to be found
PH... The Cookery of England - E. Ayrton

Further Penguin Handbooks in print in July 1988
Alternative Printing Handbook - C. Treweek et al.
The Astrologer's Handbook - F. Sakoian & L. Acker.
Awareness Through Movement - Moshe Feldenkrais
Baby & Child- Penelope Leach
Barbecues - James F. Marks
Beginning Chess - Harry Golombek
Better Gardening - Robin Lane Fox
The Book of Latin American Cooking - Elisabeth Ortiz
Bridge - Terence Reece
Cakes - Barbara Maher

Classic Knitting for Country Living - J. Jago & J. Evans
The Competitive Runner's Handbook - Bob Glover
The Complete Handbook of Video - Owen & Dunton
The Complete Herbal Book of Dogs and Cats - Julie Levy
Coping With Young Children - Douglas & Richman
The Cottage Garden - Anne Scott-James
The Cuisine of Hungary - George Lane
Easy Cooking for One or Two - Louise Davies
English Cottage Gardens - E. Hyams & E. Smith [large format]
Fast Food for Vegetarians - Janette Marshall

The Fertility Handbook - J. Bellina & J. Wilson
Festive Baking in Austria, Germany and Switzerland - Sarah Kelly
The First-Time Cookbook - Evelyn & Judy Rose
Foliage Plants - Christopher Lloyd
Food Facts - Briggs & Wahlquist
The Foods and Wines of Spain - Penelope Casas
French Country Kitchen - Geraldine Holt
The Golden Book on Writing - David Lambuth et al.
Good Food, Good Friends - Carol Cooper
Grandmother's Secrets - Jean Palaseul

A Guide to Central Europe - Richard Bassett
A Guide to Tuscany - James Bentley
Healthy Food in Half an Hour - Jenny Rogers
Helping Your Handicapped Child - Janet Carr
The Injured Runner's Training Handbook - Glover & Weisenfeld
Italian Wine - Victor Hazan
Kitty Little's Book of Herbal Beauty - Kitty Little
Knitting Nostalgia - J. Jago & J. Evans
Labour-Saving Gardening - Tom Wright
Leaves from Our Tuscan Kitchen - Ross & Waterfield

Life After Shakespeare - M. Flores-Esteves
Listen to Your Child - David Crystal
Make It Happy - Jane Cousins
The Massage Book - George Downing
Microwave Cooking for Health - Beverley Piper
Miss Read's Country Cooking - Miss Read
A Modern Herbal - Mrs. M. Grieve
My Child Won't Sleep - Douglas & Richman
The Noble Spud - J. Wells & R. Johnson
Organic Gardening - Lawrence D. Hills

The Parents' A-Z - Penelope Leach
The Pastry Book - Rosemary Wadey
The Penguin Adoption Handbook - Edmund Blair Bolles
The Penguin Bicycle Handbook - Rob Van Der Plas
The Penguin Book of the Car - Anthony Curtis
The Penguin Book of Chess Openings - W. R. Hartson
The Penguin Book of Card Games - David Parlett
The Penguin Guide to Ancient Egypt - William J. Murnane
The Penguin Guide to Medieval Europe - Richard Barber
The Penguin Wine Book - Pamela Vandyke Price

The Pip Book - Keith Mossman
Potpourris & Other Fragrant Delights - Jacqueline Heriteau
Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know - Scher & Dix
The Quickest Way to Draw Well - Frederic Taubes
The Read Aloud Book [Australian edition] - Jim Trelease
Rock Aerobics - Rolling Stone, ed.
Rock Gardens & Alpines - John Warwick
Roses for English Gardens - Jekyll & Mawley
The Runner's Handbook - Glover & Shepherd
The Sanctions Handbook - J. Hanlon

The Small Greenhouse - R. H. Menage
Traditional Jamaican Cookery - Norma Benghiat
Training an Actor - Sonia Moore
The Traveller's Guide to El Dorado - Lyness Meisch
Treat Yourself to Sex - Brown & Fulder
Type It Yourself - Brenda Rowe
Unqualified Success - Juri Gabriel
The Vegetarian Epicure - Anna Thomas
Water Gardening - Philip Swindells
The Well-Tempered Garden - Christopher Lloyd

Window Boxes & Pots - Martyn Rix
The Wines of Bordeaux - - E. Penning-Rowsell
The Wines of Germany - Cyril Ray
Women's Rights: A Practical Guide - Coote & Gill
Your Wedding - Yetta Fisher Gruen

[Subseries] Penguin Footpath Guides
The Cotswold Way - Mark Richards
The Penine Playground - Walt Unsworth

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