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Papua Pocket Poets
Publisher: Papua Pocket Poets; then: University of Papua Pocket Press.
Country: Papua New Guinea. Date: 1967-75.

Aia (Papua Pocket Poets/University of Papua New Guinea) (image)

Aia: Mekeo Songs
Edited by Allan Natachee
Port Moresby, University of Papua New Guinea Press, 2011 (Papua Pocket Poets, 7).
ISBN 10: 9980945176; ISBN 13: 9789980945174.

Series Note:
Series editors: (1) Ulli Beier (vols. 1-25); (2) Prithvindra Chakravarti (vols. 26-45).

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1. Ta Aroa: Poems from the Pacific. Collected by Eckehart von Sydow. Translated by Ulli Beier.
2. Pantun: Malay Folk Poetry. Collected by Hans Nevermann. Translated by Ulli Beier.
3. Ijala: Animal Songs by Yoruba Hunters. Collected and translated by Ulli Beier and Bakare Gbadamosi.
4. Luozaho: Indonesian Poetry.
5. Python: Ibo Poetry. Translations by Chinua Achebe, Clement Agunwa, Ulli Beier, Romanus Egudu, E.C.C. Uzodinma..


6. Birds Pierce the Sun: Poetry by Children. Edited by Ulli Beier.
7. Aia: Mekeo Songs. Collected and translated by Allan Natachee.
8. Love Poems of Papua and New Guinea.


9. Jhumur: Bengali Folk Songs. Collected by Prithvindra Chakravarti.
10. Only Dust: Three Modern Indonesian Poets. By Basuki Gunawan, Chairil Anwar, Joke Muljono. Translated by Ulli Beier.
11. Limlibur: Tolai Poems. Collected and translated by Murray Russell.
12. Akaru: Traditional Buin Songs. Collected and edited by Don Laycock.
13. Kakaile Kakaile: Tolai Songs. Collected and translated by Murray Russell.
14. Biafra: Requiem for the Dead in War. By Onwuchekwa Jemie.
15. A Handful of Sun: Modern Poetry from West Bengal and East Pakistan. Edited by Prithvindra Chakravarti.


16. Baul: Bengali Mystic Songs from Oral Traditions. Edited and introduced by Prithvindra Chakravarti.
17. Wiliwil: Pidgin Songs. Edited by Leo Hannet.
18. Sands Sun Water: Poems. By Prithvindra Chakravarti.
19. Signs in the Sky: Poems. By Kumalau Tawali.
20. Andagarinja: Children’s Bullock Corroboree. By C.J. and A.H. Ellis.


21. Fragment of the God: Poems. By Donald Maynard.
22. Nansei: An Anthology of Original Pidgin Poems. Edited by Kumalau Tawali.
23. Warbat: Magic Love Songs of the Tolais. Collected and translated by Apisai Enos.
24. High Water: Poems. By Apisai Enos.
25. Dragon Tree: Arosi Incantation and Songs. Translated by John S. Saunana.


26. To Each My Blood and Other Hymns for the Martyrs of the February Struggle 1952 and the Freedom Fighters of the March Revolution 1971 of Bangla Desh. Edited by Prithvindra Chakravarti.
27. Chharaa: Children’s and Women’s Verse from the Bengali Oral Tradition. Edited by Prithvindra Chakravarti.
28. Playing a Thousand Years: Poems. By Jibanananda Dash.
29. Reluctant Flame: A Poem. By John Kasaipwalova.
30. Modern Poetry from Papua New Guinea. Vol. 1. Edited by Nigel Krauth and Elton Brash.
31. Hanuabada: Poems. By John Kasaipwalova.


32. Cruising Through the Reverie: A Poem. By John Selwyn Saunana.
33. A Leopard Lives in a Muu Tree: New Poetry from East Africa.
34. Bastard: Poems. By Jacob Simet and Siuras Kavani.
35. She: Poems. By John S. Saunana.
36. Wicked Eye: Poems. By Arthur Jawodimbari and Dus Mapun.
37. Call of Midnight Bird: Poems. By Kama Kerpi.
38. Traditional Poems, Chants, and Songs of Papua New Guinea. Vol. 1. Edited by Elton Brash and Nigel Krauth.
39. Asumilau: Tiang Magic Songs. Collected and edited by Judith Ainsworth. Translated by Winifred P.Y. Taufi and Judith Ainsworth.
40. Enga Eda Nemago: Meri Singsing Poetry of the Yandapo Engas. Collected and translated by Kundapen Talyaga.


41. Return to My Land: Poems. By Arthur Jawodimabari.
42. Kas Bilong Yu: Poems. By Jerry N. Kavop.
43. Nema Namba: Poems. By Henginike Riyong.


44. Gamblers Niugini Style: Poems. By Jack Lahui.
45. Siboda Henari: Poems on Independence. By Gapi Iamo, Kundapen Talyaga, Polonhou Pokawin, Mekeu Opa, Segg Putahu, Henginike Riyong, J. Simet. Edited by Prithvindra Chakravarti.

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