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Publisher: Macmillan. Country: U.K. Date: 1978- .

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Selected Shorter Poems of Thomas Hardy
(Chosen and introduced by John Wain).
Macmillan, 1972 (Papermac, PM 157).
Paperback, pictorial card covers, 136 pages.

Series Note: The titles listed below, targeted at the secondary and tertiary student and educated reader markets, were widely available in the period 1960-80.

Serial No./Title/Author

P1 The Structure of Politics at the Accession of George III – Sir Lewis Namier
P3 Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution – Albert Venn Dicey
P7 An Introduction to Greek Theatre – Peter Arnott (foreword by H. D. F. Kitto)
P9 Greek Philosophy: Thales to Plato – John Burnet
P14 Lectures on the Republic of Plato – Richard Lewis Nettleship
P15 Oxford Lectures on Poetry – A. C. Bradley
P22 Jurisprudence and Legal Essays – Sir Frederick Pollock/A. L. Goodhart
P23 International Monetary Policy – W. M. Scammell
P29 A Short History of English Literature – George Saintsbury
P34 R. G. D. Allen's Mathematical Analysis for Economists – R. G. D. Allen
P35 The Capetian Kings of France – Robert Fawter/Lionel Butler/R. J. Adam
P36 Shelley: His Thought and Work – Desmond King- Hele
P39 Price Theory – William James Louden Ryan
P40 A History of France – Lucien Romier (A. L. Rowse, tr.)
P42 Social Life at Rome in the Age of Cicero – W. Warde Fowler
P43 Technology and the Academics: An Essay on Universities and the Scientific Revolution – Eric Ashby
P51 Robbery Under Arms – Rolf Boldrewood
P52 Shakespearean Tragedy: Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth – A. C. Bradley
P53 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass – Lewis Carroll (with all the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel)
P54 The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion – Sir James George Frazer
P58 The Return of the Native – Thomas Hardy
P61 The Trumpet-Major – Thomas Hardy
P63 The Woodlanders – Thomas Hardy
P70 The Second Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling
P71 Just So Stories for Little Children – Rudyard Kipling
P72 Kim – Rudyard Kipling
P76 Puck of Pook's Hill – Rudyard Kipling
P84 Five One-Act Plays – Sean O'Casey
P85 Three Plays – Sean O'Casey
P91 Readings in St. John's Gospel (First and Second Series) – William Temple
P97 Selected Poetry – W. B. Yeats
P100 Creative Evolution – Henri Bergson (Arthur Mitchell, tr.)
P101 Heroic Poetry – C. M. Bowra
P102 Oxford Lectures on Poetry, with an Introduction by M. R. Ridley – Andrew Cecil Bradley
P108 A Victorian Boyhood – L. E. Jones
P118 Pathans, 550 B.C.-A.D. 1957 – Olaf Caroe
P120 The Dynasts: An Epic-Drama of the War with Napoleon – Thomas Hardy
P124 The Growth of British Industrial Relations 1906-1914 – E. H. Phelps Brown
P128 Archbishop Laud – H. R. Trevor-Roper
P130 The Life of Thomas Hardy 1840-1928 – Florence Emily Hardy
P136 Elizabethan Taste – John Buxton
P138 Spain in Decline 1621-1700 – R. Trevor Davies
P143 The Philosophical Theory of the State – Bernard Bosanquet
P144 Essays on Literature and Ideas – John Wain
P145 The Prince Consort – Roger Fulford
P154 Dickens and Education – Philip Collins
P157 Selected Shorter Poems of Thomas Hardy (John Wain, ed.)
P 158 Selected Stories of Thomas Hardy
P161 The Theory of Wages – J. R. Hicks
P171 The Nature of Metaphysical Thinking – D. M. Emmet
P174 Selected Letters of Beethoven – Emily Anderson, tr.; Alan Tyson, ed.
P179 Prelude to the Partition of West Africa – John D. Hargreaves
P183 Thomas Hardy – Edmund Blunden
P196 The Battle of London and Other Old English Poems – Kevin Crossley-Holland and Bruce Mitchell
P197 Hawthorne – Henry James (Tony Tanner, ed.)
P201 Economics and Industrial Efficiency: An Introduction to Managerial Economics – H. Speight
P223 Essays in Modern History: Selected from the Transactions of the Royal Historical Society on the Occasion of its Centenary – Royal Historical Society (Ian R. Christie, ed.)
P234 The Arabs: A Short History – Philip Khuri Hitti
P239 An Introduction to Econometrics – A. A. Walters

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