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Panther Books
Publisher: Hamilton; Granada; Collins. Country: U.K. Date: 1952- .

Tropic of Capricorn (Henry Miller) (Panther Books, 1966) (image)

Tropic Of Capricorn by Henry Miller
London: Panther, 1966
Paperback. 317 pages.

Series Note:
Panther Books Ltd. was very active in the 1950s-60s and specialized in publishing paperback fiction and non-fiction, including titles from internationally known authors. From 1954 it concentrated on publishing reprints of best-selling works from other publishers.

Some of the authors published as Panther Books included Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Hermann Hesse, Ursula Le Guin, Doris Lessing, Henry Miller, Paul Scott, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

In 1952 Hamilton's Ltd. began published books emblazoned with the line "A Panther Book" or "Panther Science Fiction". Around 1968 Panther Books was acquired by Granada Group and became part of the Granada Publishing Ltd. In 1983 sold Panther Books to William Collins. In 1989 William Collins merged with Harper & Row , New York, with the British part of the publishing business (including Panther) being run by HarperCollins.

Title / Author / Year First Published

Behold, Here's Poison - Georgette Heyer. 1963.

Death in the Stocks - Georgette Heyer. 1963.

The Satyricon - Petronius. 1963.

Demian - Hermann Hesse. 1965.

Landlocked - Doris Lessing. 1965.

Sometimes a Great Nation - Ken Kesey. 1967.

The Purple Cloud - M. P Shiel. 1969.

Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. 1970.

The Journey to the East - Hermann Hesse. 1972.

The Illustrated Man - Ray Bradbury. 1977.

Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury. 1977.

Empire of the Sun - J. G. Ballard. 1984.


A Frewin. 100 years of science fiction illustration. (Panther) Granada, 75

Han Suyin. The crippled tree. L., Panther

Han Suyin. Birdless summer. Panther

H Miller. The tropic of capricorn. Panther

L Rinehart. The dice man. Panther

J Joyce. A portrait of an artist as a young man. Panther

Han Suyin. A mortal flower. Panther

E Hemingway. Green hills of Africa. Panther

E Hemingway. To have and have not. Panther

D Lessing. Winter in July. Panther

D Lessing. The black madonna. Panther

D Lessing. Going home. Panther

I Fleming. Diamonds are forever. Panther

E Jong. Fear of flying. Panther, 75

T Southern. Blue movie. Panther, 73

K Vonnegut, Jr. Breakfast of champions. Panther, 75

JH Griffin. Black like me. Panther, 64

J Giono. Angelo. Panther, 69

J Tanizaki. Dairy of a mad old man. Panther, 68

R Carson. Under the sea wind. Panther, 64

L Deighton. Yesterday’s spy. Panther, 76

A Huxley. Chrome yellow. Panther, 77

J Tanizaki. The key. (Panther) Secker & Warburg, 62

R Burton, tr. The perfumed garden of the Shaykh Nefzawi. Panther, 63 68 69

N Mailer. Why are we in Vietnam? Panther, 70

C Fuentes. The death of Artemio Cruz. Panther, 69

AE van Vogt. The voyage of the Space Beagle. Panther, 59 73

W Reich. The function of the organism. Panther, 68

F Hardy. The outcasts of Foolgarah. L., Panther, 75

A Tack. Sell your way to success. Panther, 67

J Cohen, ed. The essential Lenny Bruce. Panther, 73

P Dickinson. Sleep and his brother. Panther, 72

WH Miller, Jr. Conditionally human. Panther, 66

B Aldiss. Hothouse. Panther, 79 84

U Le Guin. The dispossessed. Panther, 75

U Le Guin. The lathe of heaven. Panther, 74

UK LeGuin. The left hand of darkness. Panther, 73

I Asimov. The gods themselves. Panther, 73

R Bradbury. The martian chronicles (The silver locusts). Panther, 73 79

J-P Sartre. Intimacy. Panther, 60 66

R Ludlum. Tne Osterman weekend. Panther, 73

M Richler. Cocksure. Panther, 60 70

A Trollope. The Palliser novels: Can you forgive her?/The Eustace diamonds/The duke’s children/The prime minister/Phineas Redux/Phineas Finn) L., Panther, 68 74 [6 vols, boxed]

R Hughes. A high wind in Jamaica. Panther, 76 77

P Scott. The jewel in the crown (The raj quartet. Vol 1) Panther, 73 84

P Scott. The day of the scorpion. (The raj quartet. Vol 2) Panther, 73 83

P Scott. The towers of silence. (The raj quartet. Vol 3) Panther, 73 84

P Scott. A divison of the spoils (The raj quartet. Vol 4) Panther, 77 83

M Duffy. The erotic world of faery. Panther, 72

Saki. The unbearable Bassington and other stories. L., Panther, 65

AJ Marshall, ed. The great extermination: a guide to Anglo-Saxon cupidity, wickedness and waste. L., Panther, 68

WS Baring-Gould. The lure of the limerick. L, Panther, 67

A Einstein. Mozart: his character - his art. Panther, 71

P Maas. The Valachi papers. Panther, 70 77

F Henriques. The immoral tradition. (Prostitution and Society. Vol II Europe and the New World) Panther, 66

F Henriques. The immoral tradition. (Prostitution and Society. Vol I: The pretense of love) Panther, 66

PJ Farmer. To your scattered bodies go. Panther, 74 [re: Sir R Burton ?]

J Jones. Some came running. L., Panther, 60

D Lessing. Going home. Rev.ed. (Panther modern society) Panther, 68

R Burns. The merry muses of Caledonia. L., Panther, 65 70

P Scott. Staying on. (Panther) Granada, 78

C Clarens. Horror movies: an illustrated survey. Panther, 68

D Solomon, ed. The marijuana papers: an examination of marijuana in society, history and literature. (Panther Modern Society) Panther, 66 69

J Agee/W Evans. Let us now praise famous men. Illust. (Panther Modern Society) Panther, 69

D Bogarde. Snakes and ladders. (Triad Panther) Granada, 79 84

I Asimov. The Martian way and other science fiction stories. (Panther science fiction) Panther, 65 67

D Solomon, ed. The marijuana papers: an examination of marijuana in society, history and literature. (Panther Modern Society) Panther, 66 69

S Rustaveli. The lord of the panther-skin. Albany, NY, State University of New York, 77

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