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New Horizons
Publisher: Thames and Hudson. Country: U.K. Date: 1992- .

Lost Cities of the Maya (image)

Series Note:
The New Horizons series was originally published in the French language in the Découvertes series by Gallimard, France.

Broad Subject Area/

Art Reference, Theory and Criticism

Colour: Making and Using Dyes and Pigments
François Delamare and Bernard Guineau

Western Art
The Revolt of Art
Marc Dachy

Modern and Contemporary Art
Dada: The Revolt of Art
Marc Dachy

Artist Monographs
Francis Bacon: Taking Reality by Surprise
Christophe Domino
Translated by Ruth Sharman

Bonnard: The Colour of Daily Life
Antoine Terrasse

Cézanne: The First Modern Painter
Michel Hoog
Translated by Rosemary Stonehewer

Dalí: The Impresario of Surrealism
Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Degas: Passion and Intellect
Henri Loyrette
Translated by I. Mark Paris

Gauguin: The Quest for Paradise
Françoise Cachin

Goya: Painter of Terror and Splendour
Jeannine Baticle
Translated by Alexandra Campbell

Frida Kahlo: 'I Paint my Reality'
Christina Burrus

Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Man
Alessandro Vezzosi
Translated by Alexandra Bonfante-Warren

Manet: Painter of Modern Life
Françoise Cachin
Translated by Rachel Kaplan

Matisse: The Sensuality of Colour
Xavier Girard
Translated by I. Mark Paris

Monet: The Ultimate Impressionist
Sylvie Patin
Translated by Anthony Roberts

Picasso: Master of the New
Marie-Laure Bernadac
Paule Du Bouchet

Rembrandt: Substance and Shadow
Pascal Bonafoux
Translated by Alexandra Campbell

Rodin: The Hands of Genius
Hélène Pinet
Translated by Caroline Palmer

Egon Schiele: The Egoist
Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Toulouse-Lautrec: Painter of the Night
Claire Frèches
José Frèches

J. M. W. Turner: The Man Who Set Painting on Fire
Olivier Meslay

Van Gogh: The Passionate Eye
Pascal Bonafoux
Translated by Anthony Zielonka

Architecture: History and Reference
Architecture of the Renaissance: From Brunelleschi to Palladio
Bertrand Jestaz
Translated by Caroline Beamish

The Cathedral Builders of the Middle Ages
Alain Erlande-Brandenburg
Translated by Rosemary Stonehewer

Architecture: Monographs
Gaudí: Builder of Visions
Philippe Thiébaut

Le Corbusier: Architect of a New Age
Jean Jenger
Translated by Caroline Beamish

Advertising, Graphic Design and Digital Design
Graphics: A Century of Poster and Advertising Design
Alain Weill

Interiors, Homes and Gardens
The Garden: Visions of Paradise
Gabrielle van Zuylen
Translated by I. Mark Paris

Photography: History and Collections
The Invention of Photography
Quentin Bajac

Photography: Monographs
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Clément Chéroux

Mozart: The Real Amadeus
Michel Parouty

The Story of Jazz: Bop and Beyond
Frank Bergerot
Arnaud Merlin

The Story of Rock: Smash Hits and Superstars
Alain Dister
Translated by Toula Ballas

Lewis Carroll and Alice
Stephanie Lovett Stoffel

Shakespeare: Court, Crowd and Playhouse
François Laroque
Translated by Alexandra Campbell

Natural History
The Human Body: Image and Emotion
Philippe Comar
Translated by Dorie B. Baker

The Life and Lore of the Elephant
Robert Delort

The Reign of the Dinosaurs
Jean-Guy Michard
Translated by I. Mark Paris

The Story of Fossils: In Search of Vanished Worlds
Yvette Gayrard-Valy
Translated by I. Mark Paris

Science and the Environment
Diamonds and Precious Stones
Patrick Voillot
Translated by Jack Hawkes

Einstein: Decoding the Universe
Françoise Balibar

How Weather Works: Understanding the Elements
René Chaboud
Translated by I. Mark Paris

Newton: Understanding the Cosmos
Jean-Pierre Maury
Translated by I. Mark Paris

The Sky: Order and Chaos
Jean-Pierre Verdet
Translated by Anthony Zielonka

Volcanoes: Fire from the Earth
Maurice Krafft
Translated by Paul G. Bahn

Mythology, Philosophy and Religion
Signs, Symbols and Ciphers: Decoding the Message
Georges Jean
Translated by Sophie Hawkes

The Wisdom of the Buddha
Jean Boisselier

Ancient History and Archaeology
Aboriginal Australians: First Nations of an Ancient Continent
Stephen Muecke
Adam Shoemaker

Angkor: Heart of an Asian Empire
Bruno Dagens
Translated by Ruth Sharman

The Aztecs: Rise and Fall of an Empire
Serge Gruzinski
Translated by Paul G. Bahn

The Bronze Age in Europe: Gods, Heroes and Treasures
Jean-Pierre Mohen
Christiane Eluère

The Celts: First Masters of Europe
Christiane Éluère
Translated by Daphne Briggs

The First Humans: The Search for our Origins
Herbert Thomas
Translated by Paul G. Bahn

The Incas: Empire of Blood and Gold
Carmen Bernand
Translated by Paul G. Bahn

Khmer: Lost Empire of Cambodia
Thierry Zéphir
Translated by Francisca Garvie

The Search for Ancient China
Corinne Debaine-Francfort
Translated by Paul G. Bahn

Standing Stones: Stonehenge, Carnac and the World of Megaliths
Jean-Pierre Mohen
Translated by Dorie B. Baker

Underwater Archaeology: Exploring the World Beneath the Sea
Jean-Yves Blot
Translated by Alexandra Campbell

Egypt and Egyptology
Cleopatra: From History to Legend
Edith Flamarion
Translated by Alexandra Bonfante-Warren

Coptic Egypt: The Christians of the Nile
Christian Cannuyer

Mummies: A Journey Through Eternity
Françoise Dunand
Roger Lichtenberg

The Pyramids of Giza: Facts, Legends and Mysteries
Jean-Pierre Corteggiani

Ramesses the Great: Warrior and Builder
Bernadette Menu
Translated by Laurel Hirsch

The Search for Ancient Egypt
Jean Vercoutter
Translated by Ruth Sharman

Greek and Roman History
Alexander the Great: The Heroic Ideal
Pierre Briant
Translated by Jeremy Leggatt

Ancient Greece: Utopia and Reality
Pierre Lévêque
Translated by Anthony Zielonka

The Golden Treasures of Troy: The Dream of Heinrich Schliemann
Hervé Duchêne
Translated by Jeremy Leggatt

Petra: The Rose-Red City
Christian Augé
Jean-Marie Dentzer

Pompeii: The Day a City Died
Robert Etienne
Translated by Caroline Palmer

The Search for Ancient Greece
Roland Etienne
Françoise Etienne

General History
The Calendar: Measuring Time
Jacqueline de Bourgoing

The Crusades and the Holy Land
Georges Tate
Translated by Lory Frankel

The Forbidden City: Heart of Imperial China
Gilles Béguin
Dominique Morel

Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire
Jean-Paul Roux

Heraldry: Its Origins and Meaning
Michel Pastoureau
Translated by Francisca Garvie

The Irish Famine
Peter Gray

King Arthur: Chivalry and Legend
Anne Berthelot
Translated by Ruth Sharman

Mughal India: Splendours of the Peacock Throne
Valérie Berinstain
Translated by Paul G. Bahn

Numbers: The Universal Language
Denis Guedj
Translated by Lory Frankel

Tibet: Turning the Wheel of Life
Françoise Pommaret

The Vikings: Lords of the Seas
Yves Cohat
Translated by Ruth Daniel

Writing: The Story of Alphabets and Scripts
Georges Jean
Translated by Jenny Oates

Lost Cities of the Maya...

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