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Murray's Reading for the Rail
Publisher: John Murray. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1851- .

A Popular Account of Discoveries at Nineveh (Murray's Reading for the Rail/John Murray) (image))

A Popular Account of Discoveries at Nineveh. Arranged by the Author from his Larger Work. With Numerous Woodcuts. New Edition.
by Austen Henry Layard, D. C. L..
London (Albemarle Street), John Murray, 1851, 1852, 1858 (Murray's Reading for the Rail). Abridged edition.
Hardback bound in orange cloth wih black titles and decorations.

Commonly known as Layard's Nineveh, this book is an abridged account of the excavations and discoveries of the author's first archaeological expedition to Assyria.

Series Note: An interesting comment on one of the books in this series (Essays from the Times, Being a Selection from the Literary Papers which have Appeared in that Journal, John Murray, 1852):

"An atmospheric volume reminiscent of Victorian Rail Travel - one must have something sensational to read on the train! Includes articles (reprinted from The Times newspaper) entitled: Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton; Railway Novels; Louis Philippe and his Family; Drama of the French Revolution; Howard the Philanthropist; Lord Holland's Reminiscences; Robert Southey; Dean Swift - Stella and Vanessa; Coleridge and Southey; John Keats; Grote's History of Greece; Literature of the Rail etc."

Source: Book description by BookAddiction, Canterbury, United Kingdom.

Further Reading
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Arranged alphabetically by title

Aesop's Fables for Old and Young: A New Version, chiefly from Original Sources.
by Rev. Thomas James, M.A., Vicar of Sibbertoft and Theddingworth, and Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Illustrated with 100 original designs by Tenniel.

The Chace
by Nimrod, pseud. [Charles James Apperley]
Subject: Fox hunting.

Deeds of Naval Daring; or anecdotes of the British Navy
by Edward Giffard, Esq.

Essays from the Times : being a Selection from the Literary Papers which have Appeared in That Journal. Reprinted by Permission.
Samuel Phillips, ed.
1851, 1852, 1854.

The Flower-Gardening. With an Essay on the Poetry of Gardening. Reprinted from the "Quarterly Review".

"The "Forty-five"; or a Narrative of the Rebellion in Scotland, 1745.
By Lord Mahon.

The Honey-Bee. Reprinted from the "Quarterly Review".

A Popular Account of Discoveries at Nineveh.
by Sir Henry Layard.

The Road. With Numerous Illustrations. New Edition.
by Nimrod, pseud. [Charles James Apperley]

A Second Series of Essays from "the Times".
Samuel Phillips, ed.

Theodor Hook: A Sketch. Edition Third.
Theodore Edward Hook

The Turf.
by Nimrod, pseud. [Charles James Apperley]
Subject: Horse racing.


Music and Dress: Two Essays.
by a Lady

Bees and Flowers: Two Essays from the "Quarterly Review".

Political Experience from the Wisdom of the Ancients. With Notes.
by Seymour Tremenheere.

Sources of above list:;;;; The Spectator archive.

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