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Monster Rupert
Publisher: Sampson Low, Marston & Co.. Country: U.K. Date: 1931-59.

The Monster Rupert (1948) (Mary Tourtel, illust.) (image)

The Monster Rupert
Illustrated by Mary Tourtel

London, Sampson Low, Marston & Co., 1948.

A famous image of Rupert the Bear sitting on a log and talking with a lizard with a bicycle
(as one does).

Series Note:

Monster Rupert 1931
by Mary Tourtel
Stories: Rupert and the Robber Wolf; Rupert and the Enchanted Princess; Rupert and the Black Dwarf

Monster Rupert 1932
by Mary Tourtel
Stories: Rupert and the Magic Toy Man; Rupert and Bill Keep Shop; Rupert's Christmas Thrills; Rupert and Algernon; Rupert and the White Dove

Monster Rupert 1933
by Mary Tourtel
Stories: Rupert and the Old Miser; Rupert and the Fairy Child; Rupert and the Ogres

Monster Rupert 1934
by Mary Tourtel
Stories: Rupert at the Seaside; Rupert and Bingo; Margot, Algy and the Princess; Rupert's Christmastide; Rupert Gets Captured; Rupert and the Snow Babe's Christmas Adventure

Monster Rupert 1948
by Mary Tourtel
Stories: Rupert and the Three Robbers; Rupert and the Little Prince; Rupert, Bill and the Pirates; Rupert and the Magic Hat

Monster Rupert 1949
by Mary Tourtel
Stories: Rupert's Latest Adventure; Rupert and King Pippin; Further Adventures of Rupert and His Pet Monkey; Rupert in the Wood of Mystery

Monster Rupert 1950: A Picture and Story Book with 200 Cut-Outs in Colour
by Mary Tourtel
Stories: Rupert in Trouble Again; Rupert and the Old Man of the Sea; Rupert, the Witch and Tabitha; Rupert and the Wilful Princess; Rupert Goes Hiking
This book was reprinted in 1953, 1957 and 1959 but with only 120 cut-outs (instead of the original 200 cut-outs) and without the story Rupert, the Witch and Tabitha.

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