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Methuen's Outlines
Publisher: Methuen & Co. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1952-74.

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Books: From Papyrus to Paperback
by E. S. Harley and J. Hampden.
London, Methuen, 1964 (Methuen's Outlines Series).
Hardback in cloth with dust wrapper. 96 pages. 43 illustrations. Index.

Series Note: This series is described on the books' dust wrappers as follows:
• "A reference library for boys and girls edited by Patrick Thornhill."
• "Each volume has a select book list and an index."

The series was published by Methuen and Co. Ltd., of 36 Essex Street, Strand, London WC2, United Kingdom.

Broad Theme / Title / Author

The Solar System - Patrick Moore.
Atoms and Energy
- F. R. Elwell.
Radioastronomy and Radar - J. G. Crowther.
Astronautics - Patrick Moore.

Technology and Transport
Rockets - S. E. Ellacott.
Growth of Mechanical Power - M. Tomalin.
Forge and Foundry - S. E. Ellacott.
Guns - S. E. Ellacott.
Spinning and Weaving - S. E. Ellacott.
The Story of Ships - S. E. Ellacott.
The Story of Aircraft - S. E. Ellacott.
Wheels on the Road - S. E. Ellacott.
The Story of British Locomotives - Bernard Way.
Coal Mines and Miners - Miles Tomalin.

British History
Prehistoric Britain - R. R. Sellman.
Roman Britain - R. R. Sellman.
The Anglo-Saxons - R. R. Sellman.
Norman England - R. R. Sellman.
The Elizabethan Seamen - R. R. Sellman.
Civil War and Commonwealth - R. R. Sellman.
Railways for Britain - Patrick Thornhill.
English Churches - R. R. Sellman.
Victoria's Reign - A. Cammiade.
Parliament - K. Mackenzie.
Medieval English Warfare - R. R. Sellman.

Discovery and Exploration
Early Explorers - L. F. Hobley.
Exploring the Americas - L. F. Hobley.
Exploring the Pacific - L. F. Hobley.
Opening Africa - L. F. Hobley.
Exploring Australia - Eve Pownall.

General History
Bible Background - J. W. D. Smith.
Ancient Greece - Duncan Taylor.
The Vikings - R. R. Sellman.
The Crusades - R. R. Sellman.
Napoleon - A. Cammiade.
The Story of Money - A. H. Quiggin.
The Story of Nursing - J. M. Calder.
The Story of the Kitchen - S. W. Ellacott.
The Horse Through the Ages - C. G. Trew.
Football Through the Ages - Percy M. Young.
Castles and Fortresses - R. R. Sellman.
Stamps and Stamp Collecting - H. M. Burton.

Literature and the Arts
Shakespeare and his Plays - H. M. Burton.
The Theatre - Helen and Richard Leacroft.
Instrumental Music - Percy M. Young.
The Story of Song - Percy M. Young.
Pottery Through the Ages - R. G. Haggar.
Sculpture Through the Ages - R. G. Haggar.

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