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Methuen Modern Plays
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Armstrong's Last Goodnight by John Arden (Methuen Modern Plays) (front cover) (image)

Armstrong's Last Goodnight by John Arden (Methuen Modern Plays) (back cover) (image)

Front and back covers of
Armstrong's Last Goodnight by John Arden

Methuen, 1970 (reprint) (Methuen Modern Plays)
Paperback. 122 pages. Size: 12 x 18cm.

Series Note:
This series was edited by John Arden.

Jean Anouih. Antigone.
Jean Anouih. Ardele and Colombe.
Jean Anouih. Becket.
Jean Anouih. Poor Bitos.
Jean Anouih. Ring Around the Moon.
Jean Anouih. The Rehearsal.
Jean Anouih. Traveller Without Luggage.
Jean Anouih. Dinner With the Family.
Jean Anouih. The Fighting Cock.

John Arden. Armstrong's Last Goodnight.
John Arden. Left-Handed Liberty.
John Arden. Sergeant Musgrave's Dance.
John Arden. The Workhouse Donkey.
John Arden. Soldier, Solder and other plays.

John Arden and Margaretta D'Arcy. The Royal Pardon.
John Arden and Margaretta D'Arcy. The Business of Good Government.

Brendan Behan. The Quare Fellow.
Brendan Behan. The Hostage.

Bertolt Brecht. Mother Courage.
Bertolt Brecht. The Caucasian Chalk Circle.
Bertolt Brecht. The Good Person of Szechwan.
Bertolt Brecht. The Life of Galileo.

Anton Chekhov. Platonov.

Shelagh Delaney. A Taste of Honey.
Shelagh Delaney. The Lion in Love.

Max Frisch. The Fire Raisers.
Max Frisch. Andorra.

Jean Giraudoux. Tiger at the Gates.

Rolf Hochhuth. The Representative.

Arthur Kopit. Oh Dad, Poor Dad.

Henry Livings. Kelly's Eye and other plays.
Henry Livings. Eh?

John Mortimer. Lunch Hour and other plays.
John Mortimer. Two Stars for Comfort.
John Mortimer. The Judge.

Joe Orton. Loot.

Harold Pinter. The Birthday Party.
Harold Pinter. The Room and The Dumb Waiter.
Harold Pinter. The Caretaker.
Harold Pinter. A Slight Ache and other plays.
Harold Pinter. The Collection and The Lover.
Harold Pinter. The Homecoming.
Harold Pinter. Tea Party and other plays.

Jean-Paul Sartre. Crime Passionnel.

Theatre Workshop and Charles Chilton. Oh What a Lovely War.

Source: List in The Caretaker by Harold Pinter. 2nd Edition. Methuen & Co., 1962. (Methuen Modern Plays.)

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