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Marlborough's Self-Taught
Publisher: E. Marlborough & Co. Ltd.
Country: U.K. Date: First published prior to World War I.

Hindustani Self-Taught (E. Marlborough, c. 1930) (image)

Hindustani self taught by the natural method with phonetic pronunciation
Author: Captain C. A. Thimm. Hindustani text revised by J. F. Blumhardt.
Published by E. Marlborough & Co. Ltd., London, ca. 1930. 5th Edition; 8th Printing.
Paperback (soft pale blue covers).
Front Cover: "This system teaches you the essentials of a language (for travel and enjoyment) without the drudgery of prolonged study." Backcover: "Contains classified Vocabularies and useful Conversations and Phrases with the ENGLISH PHONETIC PRONUNCIATION of every word so arranged that they may be learned AT A GLANCE."

Series Note:
This popular self-instructional foreign language learning series first appeared before World War I, long before today's series such Teach Yourself, Linguaphone, etc.. It was based on the "Natural" or "Direct" Method (pioneered by Trübner, Hartleben, and Gaspey-Otto-Sauer) and employed Marlborough's own system of phonetics.


Afrikaans Self-Taught
Arabic (Syrian) Self-Taught
Bengali Self-Taught
Burmese Self-Taught
Chinese Self-Taught
Czech Self-Taught
Danish Self-Taught
Dutch Self-Taught
Egyptian (Arabic) Self-Taught
Esperanto Self-Taught
Estonian Self-Taught
Finnish Self-Taught
French Self-Taught
German Self-Taught
Greek (Modern) Self-Taught
Gujerati Self-Taught
Hindustani Self-Taught
Hungarian Self-Taught
Irish Self-Taught
Italian Self-Taught
Japanese Self-Taught
Latin Self-Taught
Lithuanian Self-Taught
Malay Self-Taught
Malayam Self-Taught
Norwegian Self-Taught
Persian Self-Taught
Polish Self-Taught
Portuguese Self-Taught
Roumanian Self-Taught
Russian Self-Taught
Serbo-Croatian Self-Taught
Sinhalese Self-Taught
Spanish Self-Taught
Swedish Self-Taught
Tamil Self-Taught
Turkish Self-Taught

Chinese Grammar Self-Taught
French Grammar Self-Taught
German Grammar Self-Taught
Hindustani Grammar Self-Taught
Italian Gramar Self-Taught
Japanese Grammar Self-Taught
Russian Grammar Self-Taught
Spanish Grammar Self-Taught
Tamil Grammar Self-Taught

Chinese Self-Taught and Grammar
French Self-Taught and Grammar with Key
German Self-Taught and Grammar with Key
Hindustani Self-Taught and Grammar
Italian Self-Taught and Grammar with Key
Japanese Self-Taught and Grammar
Spanish Self-Taught and Grammar with Key
Tamil Self-Taught and Grammar

For the French: L'Anglais sans Maître
For the French: L'Anglais sans Maître avec Grammaire
For the French: L'Anglais sans Maître avec Grammaire et Corrigé de Thèmes
For the Germans: Der Englische Dolmetscher
For the Italians: L'Inglese Imparato Da Se
For the Spanish: El Ingles Para Cada Cual
For the Russians: ____
For the Jews: _____

L'Italien Sans Maître – Italian Self-Taught for the French

Hindustani Self-Taught (Marlborough, 1910) (image)

Hindustani Self-Taught - With English Phonetic Pronunciation
Written by Captain C. A. Thimm. Revised by J. F. Blumhardt.
Published by E Marlborough & Co, London, 1910.
Hardback with red boards. 112 pages; 28 page catalogue to rear.
Includes pronunciation; vocabularies; conversations; travel talk; military, legal, religious & commercial terms; shooting & fishing; money, weights and measures.

The above list originally appeared on the back cover of Hindustani Self-Taught... (ca. 1930).

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