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Macmillan's Colonial Library
Publisher: Macmillan & Co., Limited Country: U.K. Date: 1886-1960.

The Well-Beloved (T. Hardy) (Macmillan's Colonial Library) (1898) (image)

The Well-Beloved. A Sketch of A Temperament
by Thomas Hardy

London, Macmillan & Co., Limited, 1898 (Macmillan’s Colonial Library) . 1st in this edition.

Hardback bound in blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine and front. Size: 8 x 5 inches (approx.). Map. 338 pages, followed by 8 pages of publisher's advertisements.

Series Note: Volumes in the Macmillan's Colonial Library are typically marked “Intended for Circulation only in India and the British Colonies.”


1. Mary Anne Barker. Station Life in New Zealand.
2. Mary Anne Barker. A Year's House-Keeping in South Africa.
3. William Black. A Princess of Thule.
4. Hugh Conway. A Current Affair.
5. F. Marion Crawford. Mr. Isaacs: A Story of Modern India.
6. F. Marion Crawford. Dr. Claudius: A True Story.
7. E. Marion Crawford. A Roman Singer.
8. E. Marion Crawford. A Tale of a Lonely Parish.
9. Ralph Waldo Emerson. The Conduct of Life.
10. Frederick William Farrar. Seekers after God.

11. Archibald Forbes. Souvenirs of Some Continents.
12. P. G. Hamerton. Human Intercourse.
13. Annie Keary. Oldbury.
14. Henry James. Tales of Three Cities.
15. A. B. Mitford. Tales of Old Japan.
16. Margaret Oliphant. A Country Gentleman.
17, 18, 19. Margaret Oliphant. The Literary History of England in the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century. 3 vols.
20. Alfred St. Johnston. Camping Among Cannibals.

21. D. Christie Murray. Aunt Rachel.
22. Charlotte M. Yonge. Chantry House.
23. Frederick Harrison. The Choice of Books, etc.
24. "The Author of John Halifax, Gentleman" [i.e. Dinah Maria Mulock, later Craik]. Miss Tommy: A Medieval Romance.
25. Lucas Mallet. Mrs. Lorrimer: A Sketch in Black and White.
26. Hugh Conway. Living or Dead.
27. Margaret Oliphant. Effie Olgivie.
28. Joana Harrison. A Northern Lily.
29. W. E. Norris. My Friend Jim.
30. Emily Lawless. Hurrish: A Study.

31. "The Author of John Halifax, Gentleman" [i.e. Dinah Maria Mulock, later Craik]. King Arthur: Not a Love Story.
32. Thomas Hardy. The Mayor of Casterbridge.
33. John W. Graham. Neaera: A Tale of Ancient Rome.
34. Fayr Madoc. Margaret Jermine.
35. Charlotte Yonge. A Modern Telemachus.
36. J. Henry Shorthouse. Sir Percival.
37. Margaret Oliphant. A House Divided Against Itself.
38. "The Author of John Halifax, Gentleman" [i.e. Dinah Maria Mulock, later Craik]. About Money, and Other Things.
39. William Black. The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton.
40. Matthew Arnold. Essays in Criticism.

41. Thomas Hughes. Tom Brown's Schooldays.
42. Charlotte Yonge. The Dove in the Eagle's Nest.
43. Margaret Oliphant. A Beleaguered City.
44. John Morley. Critical Miscellany.
45. Bret Harte. A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready, etc.
46. E. Marion Crawford. Saracinesca.
47. Margaret Veley. A Garden of Memories; and Other Stories.
48. William Black. Sabina Zembra.
49. Thomas Hardy. The Woodlanders.
50. Amy Elizabeth Dillwyn. Jill.

* * *


4. A Family Affair. By HUGH CONWAY, Author of "Called Back (...)"
5. Mr. Isaacs: A Tale of Modern India. By F. MARION CRAWFORD
6. Dr. Claudius: A True Story. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
7. A Roman Singer. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
8. A Tale of a Lonely Parish. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
26. Living or Dead. By HUGH CONWAY, Author of "Called Back," et
32. The Mayor of Casterbridge. By THOMAS HARDY.
35. A Modern Telemachus. By CHARLOTTE M. YONGE.
36. Sir Percival. By J. H. SHORTHOUSE.
40. Essays in Criticism By MATTHEW ARNOLD.
41. Tom Brown's School Days. By an Old Boy.
44. Critical Miscellanies. By JOHN MORLEY.
46. Saracinesca. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
49. The Woodlanders. By THOMAS HARDY.
55. The Crusade of " The Excelsior." By BRET HARTE.
59. Zoroaster. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
63. The Second Son. By Mrs. OLIPHANT.
64. Marzio's Crucifix. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
65. Paul Patoff. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
69. A Teacher of the Violin, and other Tales. By J. H. SHORTHOUS
70. Chris. By W. E. NORRIS.
71. Joyce. By Mrs. OLIPHANT.
72. The Argonauts of North Liberty. By BRET HARTE..
74, Wessex Tales. By THOMAS HARDY.
76. With the Immortals. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
79. Cressy. By BRET HARTE.
80. The Mediation of Ralph Hardelot. By WM. MINTO.
82. The Countess Eve. By J. H. SHORTHOUSE.
83. Beechcroft at Rockstone. By CHARLOTTE M. YONGE.
84. Miss Bretherton. By Mrs. HUMPHRY WARD.
85. Kophetua the Thirteenth. By JULIAN CORBETT
89. Greifenstein. By F. MARION CRAWFORDRBETT. „
90. Neighbours on the Green. By Mrs. OLIPHANT.
92. French and English : A Comparison. By P. G. HAMERTON.
93. An Author's Love.
94. Robbery under Arms. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
95. The Gospel of the Resurrection. By Bishop WESTCOTT.
96. The Intellectual Life. By PHILIP GILBERT HAMERTON.
97. A Reputed Changeling. By CHARLOTTE M. YONGE.
98. Marooned. By W. CLARK RUSSELL,
99. Sant'Ilario. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
101. English Traits. By RALPH WALDO EMERSON.
105. A Lover of the Beautiful. By the Marchioness of CARMARTHE
106 The Heriots. By Sir HENRY CUNNINGHAM.
107. The Miner's Right. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
108. The Ring of Amasis. By Lord LYTTON.
109. The Tragic Muse. By HENRY JAMES.
111. A Cigarette-Maker's Romance. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
112. Wheat and Tares. By Sir HENRY CUNNINGHAM.
129. The Witch of Prague. By F. MARION CRAWFORD. Illustrat
131. Cecilia de Noel. By LANOE FALCONER.
132. Blanche, Lady Falaise. By J. H. SHORTHOUSE.
133. The Railway Man and his Children. By Mrs. OLIPHANT.
134. Mariam, or Twenty-one Days. By H. VICTOR.
135. The History of David Grieve. By Mrs. HUMPHRY WARD.
136. A First Family of Tasajara. By BRET HARTE.
137. A Strange Elopement. By W. CLARK RUSSELL.
138. The Marriage of Elinor. By Mrs. OLIPHANT.
139. The Three Fates. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
140. The Story of Dick. By Major GAMBIER PARRY.
141. Helen Treveryan. By Sir M. DURAND, K.C.I.E.
142. Imperial Defence. By Sir CHAS. DILKE and S. WILKINSON.
143. Imperial Federation. By G. R. PARKIN.
144. The Children of the King. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
145. Under Pressure. By the MARCHES A THEODOLI.
146. The Heir Presumptive and the Heir Apparent. By Mr OLIPHANT.
147. Don Orsino. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
148. The Lesson of the Master, etc. By HENRY JAMES.
149. The Real Thing, etc. By HENRY JAMES.
150. A Born Player. By MARY WEST.
151. A Mere Cypher. By MARY ANGELA DICKENS.
152. John Trevennick. By W. C. RHOADES.
153. The Marplot. By S. R. LYSAGHT.
154. Records of Tennyson, Ruskin, and Browning. By Mrs. RITCHI
155. Grisly Grisell. By C. M. YONGE.
156. Strolling Players. By C. M. YONGE and C. R. COLERIDGE.
157. The Last Touches. By Mrs. CLIFFORD.
158. Pietro Ghisleri By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
161. Marion Darche. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
162. Lady William. By Mrs. OLIPHANT.
163. Richard Escott. By E. H. COOPER.
164. Adventures in Mashonaland. By BLENNERHASSETT at SLEEMAN.
165. Westward Ho! By CHARLES KINGSLEY. With a Portrait.
166. Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet. By CHARLES KINGSLEY.
167. Hypatia. By CHARLES KINGSLEY.
168. Hereward the Wake. By CHARLES KINGSLEY.
169. Two Years Ago. By CHARLES KINGSLEY.
170. Yeast: A Problem. By CHARLES KINGSLEY.
171. Leaves of a Life. By MONTAGU WILLIAMS, Q.C. With a Portra
172. Later Leaves. By MONTAGU WILLIAMS, Q.C.
173. Round London. By MONTAGU WILLIAMS, Q.C.
174. Marcella. By Mrs. HUMPHRY WARD.
175. A Modern Buccaneer. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
177. A Valiant Ignorance. By MARY ANGELA DICKENS.
178. Elements of Metaphysics. By Dr. PAUL DEUSSEN.
179. Cawnpore. By Rt. Hon. Sir G. O. TREVELYAN, Bart.
180. The Raiders. By S. R. .CROCKETT.
181. Katharine Lauderdale. By t. MARION CRAWFORD.
183. The Story of Dan. By M. E. FRANCIS.
184. The Prisoner of Zenda. By ANTHONY HOPE.
185. Tess of the D'Urbervilles. By THOMAS HARDY.
186. Desperate Remedies. By THOMAS HARDY.
187. A Pair of Blue Eyes. By THOMAS HARDY.
188. Far from the Madding Crowd. By THOMAS HARDY.
189. The Return of the Native. By THOMAS HARDY.
190. The Trumpet Major. By THOMAS HARDY.
191. A Group of Noble Dames. By THOMAS HARDY.
192. Life's Little Ironies. By THOMAS HARDY.
193. The Hand of Ethelberta. By THOMAS HARDY.
194. A Laodicean. By THOMAS HARDY.
196. Two on a Tower. By THOMAS HARDY.
197. Sibylla. By Sir HENRY CUNNINGHAM, K.CI.E.
198. Peter Ibbetson. By GEORGE DU MAURIER.
199. The Vagabonds. By MARGARET L. WOODS.
200. Chapters from some Memoirs. By Mrs. RITCHIE.
201. In the Lion's Mouth. By ELEANOR C. PRICE.
202. Seething Days. By CAROLINE C HOLROYD.
203. The Ralstons. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
204. A Long Vacation. By C M. YONGE.
205. The Great Dominion. By G. R. PARKIN.
206. Two in the Bush, etc. By FRANKFORT MOORE.
207. Peter Steele, the Cricketer. By II. G. HUTCHINSON.
208. The Burden of a Woman. By RICHARD PRYCE.
209. Thirteen Doctors. By Mrs. J. K. SPENDER.
210. Alice Lauder. By Mrs. J. GLENNY WILSON.
211. Under God's Sky. By DEAS CROMARTY.
212. The Martyred Fool. By D. CHRISTIE MURRAV.
213. Neighbours of Ours. By H. W. NEVINSON.
214. By Order of the Brotherhood. By LE VOLEUR.
215. Prisoners of Silence. By MARY A. DICKENS.
216. The Renegade. By JAMES CHALMERS.
217. Mistress Dorothy Marvin. By J. C. SNAITH.
218. The Lovely Malincourt. By HELEN MATHERS.
219. Winifred Mount. By RICHARD PRYCE.
220. A Son of the Plains. By ARTHUR PATERSON.
222. Adam Johnstone's Son. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
223. The Herons. By HELEN SHIPTON.
224. The Crooked Stick. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
225. The Wild Rose. By FRANCIS FRANCIS.
226. Comrades in Arms. By ARTHUR AMYAND.
227. The Horseman's Word. By NEIL ROY.
228. The Salt of the Earth. By P. LAFARGUE.
229. Casa Braccio. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
230. The Shoulder of Shasta. By BRAM STOKER.
231. My Honey. By the Author of " Tipcat."
232. Minor Dialogues. By W. PETT RIDGE.
233. A Set of Rogues. By FRANK BARRETT.
240. A Youth of Parnassus. By
241. The Wonderful Visit By H. G. WELLS.
242. The Story of a Marriage. By Mrs. A. BALDWIN.
243. The Wild Ass's Skin. By H. DE BALZAC
244. At the sign of the Cat and Racket. By H. DE BALZAC.
245. Eugenie Grandet. By H. DE BALZAC.
246. The Chouans. By H. DE BALZAC.
247. The Country Doctor. By H. DE BALZAC.
248. Plain Tales from the Hills. By RUDYARD KIPLING.
249. The Light that Failed. By RUDYARD KIPLING.
250. Life's Handicap, etc. By RUDYARD KIPLING.
251. Many Inventions, etc. By RUDYARD KIPLING.
252. Soldiers Three, etc. By RUDYARD KIPLING.
253. Wee Willie Winkie, etc. By RUDYARD KIPLING.
254. The Quest of the Absolute. By H. DE BALZAC.
255. Ursule Mirouet. By H. DE BALZAC.
256. Lindsay's Girl. By Mrs. HERBERT MARTIN.
257. The Old Pastures. By Mrs. LEITH-ADAMS.
258. Tryphena in Love. By W. RAYMOND.
260. Maureen's Fairing. By JANE BARLOW.
261. A Modern Man. By ELLA MACMAHON.
262. A Ringby Lass. By MARY BEAUMONT.
263. Where Highways Cross. By J. S. FLETCHER.
264. The Courtship of Morrice Buckler. By A. E. W. MASON.
266. Old Goriot. By H. DE BALZAC.
267. The Atheist's Mass, etc. By H. DE BALZAC.
268. The Release. By CHARLOTTE M. YONGE.
269. The Judge of the Four Corners. By G. B. BURG IN.
270. Cleg Kelly. By S. R. CROCKETT.
271. The Sowers. By H. S. MERRIMAN.
272. Disturbing Elements. By M. C. BIRCHENOUGH.
273. Tartarin of Tarascon. By A. DAUDET.
274. Tartarin of the Alps. By A. DAUDET.
275. Kings in Exile. By A. DAUDET.
276. Recollections of a Literary Man. By A. DAUDET.
279. Robert Helmont. By A. DAUDET.
280. The Grand Bretache. By H. DE BALZAC.
281. The Unknown Masterpiece. By H. DE BALZAC.
282. His Honour and a Lady. By S. J. DUNCAN.
283. A Bachelor's Establishment. By H. DE BALZAC
284. Pierette. By H. DE BALZAC.
285. Caesar Eirotteau. By H. DE BALZAC.
286. Denis. By Mrs. E. M. FIELD.
287. Old Melbourne Memories. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
288. The Inn by the Shore. By FLORENCE WARDEN.
289. Tom Grogan. By F. HOPKINSON . SMITH.
290. Mrs. Martin's Company. By JANE BARLOW.
293. Beatrix. By H. DE BALZAC.
294. Jude the Obscure. By THOMAS HARDY.
295. Master Beggars. By L. COPE CORNFORD.
296. Sir George Tressady. By Mrs. HUMPHRY WARD.
316. The Pilgrimage of the Ben Beriah. By C. M. YONGE.
317, 318. Farthest North. By F. NANSEN. 2 vols.
319. Queen of the Moor. By F. ADYE.
320. The Philanderers. By A. E. W. MASON.
325. My Run Home. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
326. The Secret of Saint Florel. By JOHN BERWICK,
327. The Fall of a Star. By Sir W. MAGNAY.
331. Sport and Travel in India and Central America. By A.BAGOT.
332. A Rose of Yesterday. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
334. Lawrence Clavering. By A. E. W. MASON.
336. The Well Beloved. By THOMAS HARDY.
337. Unkist Unkind. By VIOLET HUNT.
339. Corleone. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
340. For Prince and People. By E. K. SANDERS.
341. A Chapter of Accidents. By Mrs. HUGH FRASER.
342. The Choir Invisible. By J. LANE ALLEN.
344. Rupert of Hentzau. By ANTHONY HOPE.
345. Plain Living. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
348. The Philosopher's Romance. By JOHN BERWICK.
349. The Concert-Director. By Miss NELLIE K. BLISSETT.
350. The Forest Lovers. By MAURICE HEWLETT.
352. Helbeck of Barm is dale. By Mrs. HUMPHRY WARD.
354. The Day's Work. By RUDYARD KIPLING.
355. Roden's Corner. By H. SETON MERRIMAN.
356. The Castle Inn. By STANLEY J. WEYMAN.
357. The Red Axe. By S. R. CROCKETT.
359. That Little Cutty. By Mrs. OLIPHANT.
360. Her Memory. By MAARTEN MAARTENS.
362. A Treasury Officer's Wooing. By C. Lowis.
363. Bismillah. By A. J. DAWSON.
364. The Gospel Writ in Steel. By ARTHUR PATERSON.
365. For the Term of his Natural Life. By MARCUS CLARKE.
366. The Adventures of Francois. By S. WEIR MITCHELL,
367. Selah Harrison. By S. MACNAUGHTAN.
368. One of the Grenvilles. By S. R. LYSAGHT.
369. The Game and the Candle. By RHODA BROUGHTON,
370. The Pride of Jennico. By EGERTON CASTLE.
371. Young April. By EGERTON CASTLE.
372. Off the High Road. By ELEANOR C. PRICE.
373. The Pride of Life. By Sir W. MAGNAY, Bart.
374. On many Seas. By H. E. HAMBLEN.
375. Cruise of the "Cachalot." By F. T. BULLEN.
376. A Modern Mercenary. By K. and H. PRICHARD.
377. The Etchingham Letters. By Mrs. FULLER MAITLAND and F. POLLOCK, Bart.
378. Black Douglas. By S. R. CROCKETT.
379. Rupert, by the Grace of God— By DORA MCCHESNEY.
380. A Drama in Sunshine. By H. A. VACHELL.
381. The Cardinal's Page. By JAMES BAKER.
382. The Enchanter. By Miss U. L. SILBERRAD.
383. The Log of a Sea-Waif. By F. T. BULLEN.
384. War to the Knife. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
385. Miranda of the Balcony. By A. E. W. MASON.
386. Stalky and Co. By RUDYARD KIPLING.
387. Little Novels of Italy. By M. HEWLETT.
388. Richard Carvel. By WINSTON CHURCHILL.
389. She Walks in Beauty. By Mrs. HINKSON (Katharine Tyna
390. A Bitter Vintage. By K. D. KING.
391. Via Crucis. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
392. The Mettle of the Pasture. By J. LANE ALLEN.
393. Breaking the Shackles. By FRANK BARRETT.
394. Valda Hanem. By Miss D. H. PRYCE.
395- 396. From Sea to Sea. By RUDYARD KIPLING. 2 vols.
397. Donna Teresa. By F. M. PEARD.
398. Little Anna Mark. By S. R. CROCKETT.
399. The Cambric Mask. By W. R. CHAMBERS.
400. Babes in the Bush. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
401. An Isle of Unrest By H. S. MERRIMAN.
402. The Bath Comedy. By A. and E. CASTLE.
403. The Increasing Purpose. By JAMES LANE ALLEN.
404. Modern Broods. By CHARLOTTE M. YONGE.
405. Rue with a Difference. By ROSA N. CAREY.
406. Richard Yea and Nay. By MAURICE HEWLETT.
407. In the Palace of the King. By F. M. CRAWFORD.
408. Foes in Law. By RHODA BROUGHTON.
410. The Secret Orchard. By EGERTON CASTLE.
411. The Crisis. By WINSTON CHURCHILL.
412. Four Months Besieged (Ladysmith). By H. H. S. PEARSE.
413. Marshfield the Observer, etc. By EGERTON CASTLE.
415. Eleanor. By Mrs. HUMPHRY WARD.
416. Men of the Merchant Service. By F. T. BULLEN.
418. Old New Zealand. Preface by the EARL OF PEMBROKE.
419. Number One and Number Two. By F. M. PEARD.
420. In the Ranks of the C.I.V. By E. CHILDERS.
421. The Silver Skull. By S. R. CROCKETT.
422. Cinderella. By S. R. CROCKETT.
423. In Bad Company. By ROLF BOLDREWOOD.
424. The Helmet of Navarre. By BERTHA RUNKLE.
425. The Firebrand. By S. R, CROCKETT.
426. Count Hannibal. By STANLEY J. WEYMAN.
427. The Dolly Dialogues. By ANTHONY HOPE.
428. The Benefactress. By the Author of " Elizabeth and Her Ger Garden."
429. A Maid of Venice. By F. MARION CRAWFORD.
430. Herb of Grace. By ROSA N. CAREY.
431. Princess Puck. By UNA L. SILBERRAD.
443. Gentleman Garnet. By H. B. VOGEL.
444. The Conqueror. By GERTRUDE ATHERTON.
445. Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall. By CHARLES MAJOR.
446. Cecilia: A Story of Modern Rome. By F. MARION CRAWFORD
447. The Virginian By OWEN WISTER.
448. Lavinia. By RHODA BROUGHTON.
449. The Highway of Fate. By ROSA N. CAREY.
450. By Dulvercombe Water. By HAROLD VALLINGS.
451. Jan Van Eselo. By Gilbert and Marion Coleridge.
452. The Vultures. By H. Seton Merriman.
453. The Ghost Camp; or, The Avengers. By Rolf Boldrewood.
454. The Flower o' the Corn. By S. R. Crockett.
455. Lady Rose's Daughter. By Mrs. Humphrey Ward.
457. A Passage Perilous. By Rosa Nouchette Carey.
458. The Children who Ran Away. By Evelyn Sharp.
459. John Maxwell's Marriage. By Stephen Gwynn.
460. Helianthus. By Ouida.
461. The "Paradise" Coal-Boat. By Cutcliffe Hyne.
462. McTodd. By H. Cutcliffe Hyne.
463. Barlasch of the Guard. By H. Seton Merriman.
464. The Heart of Rome. By F. Marion Crawford.
465. The Crossing. By Winston Churchill.
466. Round Anvil Rock. By Nancy H. Banks.
467. Twelve Stories and a Dream. By H. G. Wells.
468. Two Sides of the Face. By A. T. Quiller-Couch.
469. An Unshared Secret, and other Stories. By Frank T. Bullen.
470. Sea-Wrack. By Frank T. Bullen.
471. A Forest Hearth. By Charles Major.
474. The Loves of Miss Anne. By S. R. Crockett.
475. Tomaso's Fortune, and other Stories. By H. Seton Merriman.
476. Flotsam. By H. Seton Merriman.
477. Rulers of Kings. By Gertrude Atherton.
478. The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen. By the author of "Elizabeth and her German Garden".
479. The Queen's Quair, or the Six Year's Tragedy. By Maurice Hewlett.
480. Joshua Newings, or the Love Bacillus. By F. Bradby.
481. The Descent of Man, and other Stories. By Edith Wharton.
482. At the Moorings. By Rosa Nouchette Carey.
483. The Last Hope. By H. Seton Merriman.
484. The Last Chance. A Tale of the Golden West. By Rolf Boldrewood.
485. The Food of the Gods, and how it came to earth. By H. G. Wells.
486. Whoever Shall Offend... By F. Marion Crawford.
487. Rose of the World. By Agnes and Edgerton Castle.
488. The Bell in the Fog, and other Stories. By Gertrude Atherton.
489. Traffics and Discoveries. By Rudyard Kipling.
490. Atoms of Empire. By Cutcliffe Hyne.
491. The Red Cravat. By A. T. Shepherd.
492. The Prisoner of Carisbrooke. By Sidney Herbert Burcheli.
493. The Marriage of William Ashe. By Mrs. Humphrey Ward.
494. A Waif's Progress. By Rhoda Broughton.
495. Pond Adventures: The Tale of the Youth of the World. By Maurice Hewlett.
496. Soprano: A Portrait. By F. Marion Crawford.
497. Kipps. By H. G. Wells.
498. The Household of Peter. By Rosa Nouchette Carey.
499. Lone Marie. By W. E. Norris.
500. The Toll of the Bush. By William Satchell.
501. French Nan. By Agnes and Edgerton Castle.
502. Back to Sunny Seas. By Frank T. Bullen.
505. A Pillar of Dust. By Mrs. Frances Campbell.
506-507. The Voyage of the "Discovery". By Captain Robert R. Scott, R.N.
508. The House of Mirth. By Edith Wharton.
509. The King's Revoke. By Mrs. Margaret L. Woods.
510. Yolanda: Maid of Burgundy. By Charles Major.
511. Sophie of Kravonia. By Anthony Hope.
512. Lord Curzon in India. With an Introduction by Sir Thomas Raleigh, K.C.S.I. 2 vols.
513. If Youth But Knew. By Agnes and Edgerton Castle.
515. Salted Almonds. By F. Anstey.
516. Kid McGhie: A Nugget of Dim Gold. By S. R. Crockett.
517. The Wrong Envelope, and other Stories. By Mrs. Moleswort.
518. Fenwick’s Career. By Mrs. Humphrey Ward.
519. The Invasion of 1910. By William Le Queux.

Salted Almonds by F. Anstey. London, Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1906 (Macmillan's Colonial Library, 515).

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