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The Lonsdale Library
(full name: The Lonsdale Library of Sports, Games and Pastimes)
Publisher: Seeley, Service & Co. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1929- .

The History of Cricket (Eric Parker) (Lonsdale Library/Seeley, Service) (image)

The History of Cricket
by Eric Parker.

London (196 Shaftesbury Avenue), Seeley Service & Co. Limited, 1950 (The Lonsdale Library of Sports, Games and Pastimes Volume XXX).

Hardback bound in ivory cloth with small gilt "Lonsdale" series logo on the front cover and gilt lettering on spine. Issued with dust wrapper (see above) with red lettering and decorations and two colour images (on front cover and on spine). Pages: [vi] 672. Size: Octavo (9'' x 6''). Colour frontispiece and 72 black and white illustrations throughout.

Series Note: Series Editors: The Earl of Lonsdale, K.G., G.C.V.O., D.L., and Mr. Eric Parker.

Arranged by volume number

Volume I.
Horsemanship: The Way of a Man with a Horse. A Practical Book on Horsemanship.
By Brigadier Geoffrey Brooke, D.S.O., M.C., author of 'Horse Sense and Horsemanship of To-day;' Veterinary Notes by Col. Todd, D.S.O., R.A.V.C., and a chapter on Pig-Sticking by Lieut.-Col. Arthur Brooke, D.S.O., M.C.
"With over ninety Illustrations."
Ed. de Luxe, 360 signed copies. Leather, £5 5s. Qr. Leather, 31s. 6d. Buckram, 21s.
"The whole volume teems with sound and practical advice on every branch of horsemanship."
-- The Field.

Volume II.
Trout Fishing from All Angles: A Complete Guide to Modern Methods.
By Eric Taverner, author of 'Divers Ways to Tackle Trout'; a chapter on Trout Scales by G. Herbert Nall, M.A., F.R.M.S., and The Legal Aspect of Fishing by Alban Bacon, Barrister-at-Law.
"With two hundred and fifty Illustrations."
Ed. de Luxe, 360 signed copies, with collection of exquisitely tied flies. Leather, £5 5s. Qr. Leather, 31s. 6d. Buckram, 21s.
"The best all-round look on brown trout fishing that has appeared in this generation."
-- Times Literary Supplement.

Volume III.
Shooting by Moor, Field and Shore. A Practical Guide to Modern Methods.
By Eric Parker, Leslie Sprake, Major Portal, Major Pollard, J. C. M. Nichols, Richard Clapham, Lt.-Col. Badcock, Dugald Macintyre, Francis Cautley, Iain Ramsay, P. D. Williams, A. Hipgrave, Alban F. L. Bacon, Barrister-at-Law, and James Andrews, M.B.
"With one hundred and fifty Illustrations."
Ed. de Luxe, 360 signed copies. Leather, £5 5s. Qr. Leather, 31s. 6d. Buckram, 21s.
"Within its covers is the wisdom of the shooting world of to-day."
-- Shooting Times.

Volume IV.
Fine Angling for Coarse Fish.
By Eric Parker, J. H. R. Bazley, Antony Bridges, Edward Ensom ("Faddist"), F. H. Heald, Stephen Hill, A. E. Hobbs, J. A. Milne, J. C. Moore, A.J. Rudd, Eric Taverner, Dr W. J. Turrell, F. W. K. Wallis and Alban Bacon, Barrister-at-Law.
"With one hundred and forty-eight illustrations."
148 Ills. Qr. Leather, 25s. Buckram, 12s. 6d.
[No £5 5s. Edition. Edition bound in same style as De Luxe. Price, £2 12s. 6d.]
"The most complete manual on the art of coarse fishing that has ever been issued."
-- Doncaster Chronicle.

Volume V.
Lawn Tennis: Its Principles & Practice.
By A. Wallis Myers, founder of the International Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain.
"With over seventy illustrations."
65 Ills. Qr. Leather, 25s. Buckram, 12s. 6d.
[No £5 5s. Edition. Edition bound in same style as De Luxe. Price, £2 12s. 6d.]
"Excellent." -- Rene Lacoste.

Volume VI.
The Game of Cricket.
By D. R. Jardine, P. G. H. Fender, A. P. F. Chapman, W. B. Franklin, D. J. Knight, H. D. G. Leveson-Gower, E. G. Martin, R. C. Robertson-Glasgow, E. A. C. Thomson, H. Strudwick and H. E. White. With contributions on bowling by: B. J. T. Bosanquet, Walter Brearley, George Hirst, Wilfred Rhodes, Maurice Tate and C. M. Wells.
"With over fifty illustrations."
55 Ills. Qr. Leather, 25s. Buckram, 15s.
[No £5 5s. Edition. Edition bound in same style as De Luxe. Price, £2 12s. 6d.]
"Must remain the standard work on cricket for some years to come."
-- The Field.

Volume VII.
By Sir Charles Frederick, BT., M.F.H, Cecil Aldin, M.F.H., James Andrews, M.C., M.B, Isaac Bell, M.F.H., Major M. E. Barclay, M.F.H., Earl Bathurst, M.F.H., Col. M.F.H. Borwick, M.F.H., Lt.-Col. Geoffrey Brooke, Major Burnaby, M.F.H., Capt. L. C. R. Cameron, Richard Clapham, Capt. J. D. D. Evans, M.F.H., Charles McNeill, M F.H., Major G. R. Mott, Major Guy Paget, Otho Paget, Eric Parker, A. P. Pollok, M.F.H., Lord George Scott, Col. A. G. Todd, C.B.E., D.S.O., Capt. E. Venn, Major V. D. S. Williams, M.F.H.
With Four Colour Plates Eighteen Reproductions of Hunting Pictures. Forty-five Illustrations.
67 Ills. Ed. de Luxe. Leather, £5 5s. Qr. Leather, 36s. Buckram, 25s.
"A superb volume: the modern classic of Foxhunting."
-- Spectator.

Volume VIII.
Winter Sports.
By The Hon. Neville Lytton. Contributions by Captain Duff-Taylor (Skating), Lord Knebworth (Ski-ing), Alexander Lorimer (Curling), Miss Madden (Winter Sports for Women), Hubert Martineau (Bob-sleighing), and Colonel Moore-Brabazos (Toboganning).
"With one hunder and forty eight illustrations."
148 Ills. Leather, 25s. Full Buckram, 15s.
[No £5 5s. Edition. Edition bound in same style as De Luxe. Price, £2 12s. 6d.]
"As admirable as it is simple."
-- Daily Telegraph.

Volume IX.
The Game of Golf. Stroke Play.
By Joyce and Roger Wethered; Match and Medal Play, Practice, Middle-Aged Golf, Watching for Profit & Famous Courses, by Bernard Darwin; History & Literature, by Horace Hutchinson; Golf Architecture & Green-keeping, by T.C.Simpson.
"With one hundred illustrations."
100 Ills. Qr. Lthr, 25s. Buckr., 15s.
[No £5 5s. Edition. Edition bound in same style as De Luxe. Price, £2 12s. 6d.]
"The best volume so far published on Golf."
-- The Field.

Volume X.
Salmon Fishing.
By Eric Taverner, with contributions by Wyndham Forbes, C. G. Heywood, J. W. Hills, G.M.L. La Branche, W.J.M. Menzies, Eric Parker, J.A. Rennie, Thomas Rook, A.H.E. Wood, & Alban Bacon, Barrister-at-Law.
"With over three hundred illustrations."
307 Ills. Leather, £5 5s. Qr. Leather, 36s. Buckram, 15s.
"The most thorough and up-to-date book on Salmon Fishing that has appeared in this century."
-- Scotsman.

Volume XI.
Boxing : A Guide To Modern Methods.
By Viscount Knedworth. With a contribution by W. Childs, Coach to the Cambridge University Boxing Club.
"With over fifty illustrations."
Qr. Leather, 25s. Full Buckram, 12s. 6d.
"Should be the Bible of every amateur boxer & professional pugilist."
-- Ronald Campbell in The Field.

Volume XII.
The Lonsdale Anthology of Sporting Prose & Verse.
Edited with an introduction by Eric Parker, editor of "An Angler's Garland", "Between the Wickets", "Game Pie".
"With many illustrations."
Ordinary Edition, illustrated with contemporary pictures, Qr. Leather 21s.; Buckram, 10s. 6d. Also Thin Paper Pocket Edition, Measuring 6 7/8 & $ 3/4 & 5/8 of an inch thick, with special 4-colour Frontispiece, Full Leather, 10s. 6d. Cloth, 7s. 6d. Also a special Edition of the Pocket Volume limited to 100 numbered copies, each signed by Mr. Eric Parter & bound in full Persian Calf, 15s.

Volume XIII.
Hounds & Dogs Their Care, Training & Working For Hunting, Shooting, Coursing, Hawking, Police Purposes, etc, etc.
Edited by A. Croxton-Smith. With contributions by Major M. Barclay, Capt. G. Blaine, The Baroness Burton, Maj. Heseltine, Lorna Countess Howe, W. McCandlish, The Duke of Montrose, The Duchess of Newcastle, Maj. G. B. Ollivant, J. Otho Paget, C. A. Phillips, Col. H. M. Wilson, and Sir James Wilson, and many other eminent authorities.
"With over one hundred illustrations."
Many illustrations, Demy 8vo., Qr. Leather, 25s., full Buckram, 15s.
[No £5 5s. Edition. Edition bound in same style as De Luxe. Price, £2 12s. 6d.]

Volume XIV.
Big Game Shooting in Africa.
Editor: Major H. C. Maydon, late 12th Lancers. Contributions by the H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester, R. Akroyd, Captain G. Blaine, Lt.-Col. R.E. Drake-Brockman, Major F.D. Browne, Major G. Burrard, A.L. Butler, Major A.L. Cooper, Major P.H.G. Powell-Cotton, Sir A.P. Gordon-Cumming, Bt., Dr. H.L. Duke, Colonel Stevenson Hamilton, A.C. Knollys, Denis Lyell, Captain A.T.A. Ritchie, Captain M.W. Hilton Simpson, N.B. Smith, Colonel H.G.C. Swayne, Colonel J.L.F. Tweedie, H.F. Varian, and R.C. Wood.
"With one hundred and forty illustrations."
Ills. Qr. Leather, 36s., Buckram, 25s.
[No £5 5s. Edition. Edition bound in same style as De Luxe. Price, £2 12s. 6d.

Volume XV.
Cruising and Ocean Racing.
By E. G. Martin and John Irving, as well as by J. R. Barnett, George Corderoy, W. Lyall, J. B. Kirkpatrick, J. Maclean-Buckley, W. McC. Meek, L. Richardson, R. Somerset, Sir Arthur Underhill, and Brian Waite.
"With over five hundred illustrations."

Volume XVI.
Rackets, Squash-Rackets, Tennis, Fives & Badminton.
By E. M. Baerlein, Captain J. Tomkinson, E. Snell, Major T. Moss, David Egerton, John Armitage, Sir George A. Thomas, Bart. Edited by Lord Aberdare.
"With over one hundred illustrations."

Volume XVII.
Sea Fishing.
By A. E. Cooper (Editor), the Marquess of Sligo, Eric Parker, Louis Babcock, P. N. R. Bartlett, A. F. Bell, C. Leo Biden, G. Bonnaire de Maupas, Van Campen Heilner, T. E. Donne, O. W. Fenney, A. Fraser-Brunner, 'Seangler,' F. B. Hannam, J. R. Harris, C. S. Patterson, 'Pelican,' J. A. Sturch, W. K. Summers, and Fred Taylor
"With one hundred and twenty illustrations."

Volume XVIII.
By Sydney Spencer (Editor), E. R. Blanchet, Olaf Bloch, Dr. P. Borchers, T. Graham Brown, E. J. Garwood,
F. Wyn Harris, W. P. Haskett-Smith, Dr. Henry Hoek, G. N. Humphreys, Dr. T. G. Longstaff, C. F. Meade, H. E. L. Porter, Dr. W. Rickmer Rickmers, Hugh Roger-Smith, M.D., G. R. Speaker, Dr. J. Monroe Thorington, A. M. Wakefield, M.D., William West, The Rev. Walter Weston, Dr. Claude Wilson, J. M. Wordie, G. Winthrop Young.
"With one hundred and thirty illustrations."

Volume XIX.
Motor Cruising.
By K. M. Miller (of "The Yachting World") and John Irving (of "The Field"). With contributions by H. P. Allen, Sir Charles Allom, George Corderoy, Arthur F. Evans, S. M. Fowler, G. Rockingham Gill, Norman Hart, W. O. Horsnaill, J. B. Kirkpatrick, T. C. Letcher, William McC. Meek, G. T. Morris, G. H. Wainman, and O. M. Watts.
"Over five hundred illustrations."

Volume XX.
Game Birds, Beasts and Fishes: Natural History for Sportsmen.
By Eric Parker.
"With a large number of nature photographs."

Volume XXI.
By the Earl of Kimberley (Editor), Brig.-Gen. G. Beresford, Maj.-Gen. Geoffrey Brooke, Lt.-Col. J. R. C. Cannon, "Marco", Brig.-Gen. R. L. Ricketts, and P. Vischer.
"With one hundred & ten illustrations."

Volume XXII.
Deer, Hare & Otter Hunting.
By Ena Adams, Maj.-Gen. Geoffrey Brooke, Capt. L. C. R. Cameron, The Earl of Coventry, Maj. E. W. Shackle, C. B. Shepherd, The Earl of Stradbroke, Sir George Thursby, Bart., and Lt.-Col. W. W. Wiggin.
"With forty-five illustrations."

Volume XXIII.
The History of Hunting.
By Patrick Chalmers.
"With forty illustrations."

Volume XXIV.
River Management: The Making, Care and Development of Salmon and Trout Rivers.
By H. E. Towner Coston, F. T. K. Pentelow, M.A. (Cantab.), F.Z.S., and R. W. Butcher, Ph.D (London), F.L.S.
"With Ninety Illustrations."

Volume XXV.
The Lonsdale Book of Sporting Records.
Contributors to 1937 edition: Lord Aberdare (Rackets and Tennis), Harold Abrahams (Athletics), H. W. Austin (Lawn Tennis), S. C. H. Davies (of "The Autocar")(Motor Racing), Lieut.-Com., John Irving, R.N. (Yachting), D. R. Jardine (Cricket), The Earl of Kimberley (Polo), Howard Marshall (Rugby Football), J. S. F. Morrison (Golf), Eric Parker (Field Trials), A. Croxton Smith (Dog Shows), Edward Snell (Squash Rackets), Sydney Spencer (Mountaineering), R. S. Summerhays (Horse Shows), Eric Taverner (Game Fishing), Sir George Thomas, Bt. (Badminton), Frank Wallace (Stalking), and many other authorities.
"With Past Records and Results and Many Illustrations."

Volume XXVI.
The Lonsdale Keeper's Book.
Edited by Eric Parker and written by well-known Keepers, Game Farmers and with contributions by Frank Wallace and Eric Taverner.
"With sixty Illustrations."

Volume XXVII.
Motor Racing.
By the Right Hon. the Earl Howe, P.C. (Editor), Peter Berthon, L. G. Callingham, A.M.I.A.E., F.I.M.T., H. N. Charles, B.Sc., Eng. A.M.I.A.E., M.S.A.E., J. R. Cobb, S. G. H. Davis ("Casque" of "The Autocar"), Capt. G. E. T. Eveton, M.G., N. W. H. Freeman, A.I.A.E., W. Hassah, A.M.I.A.E., Earl Howe, Capt. J. B. Irving, M.I.A.E., M.I.Mech.E., A.F.R.Ae.S., Cecil Kimber, M.I.A.E., I. Mantell, M.I.A.E., Raymond Mays, Rex G. Mundy, Reid A. Railton, B.Sc., Georges Roesch, M.I.A.E., Richard Seaman, and H. E. Symons.
"With over one hundred & thirty illustrations."

Volume XVIII.
Flat Racing.
Editors: The Earl of Harewood, K.G. and Lt.-Col. P. E. Ricketts, D.S.O. and M.V.O.
By A. W. Coaten, C. C. Edmunds, F. Fox, The Rt. Hon. The Lord Hamilton of Dalzell, Kt., John Hervey, H. S. Persse, Lt.-Col. P. E. Ricketts, D.S.O., M.V.O., Prof. J. B. Robertson, M.R.C.V.S. (Mankato), Col. C. E. Wilkinson, C.B.E., D.S.O.
"With colour plate and forty-eight illustrations."

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