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Little Grey Rabbit
(Publisher: William Heinemann. Country: UK. Date: 1929-71.)

The Squirrel, the Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit (by Alison Uttley) (Heinemann, 1929) (image)

The Squirrel The Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit
by Alison Uttley. With delightful illustrations by Margaret Tempest.
London: William Heinemann, 1929. First edition. 111 pages. Size: 7" x 5.5".
This is the first book in the Little Grey Rabbit series.

Series Note:
This classic series of children's books was written by Alison Uttley and published by:
(a) William Heinemann - 6 titles (published 1929-71)
(b) Collins - 31 titles (published 1934-75) (click here for list)

The books were all illustrated by Margaret Tempest (1892-1982) -- except for the last five books (those published in the 1970s) which were illustrated by Katherine Wigglesworth.

List of the books in this series which were published by William Heinemann

The Squirrel, The Hare and the Little Grey Rabbit. 1929

How Little Grey Rabbit Got Back Her Tail. 1930

The Great Adventure of Hare. 1931

The Story of Fuzzypeg the Hedgehog. 1932

Three Little Grey Rabbit Plays. 1961

Fuzzypeg's Brother. 1971

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