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Light on China
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press. Country: China. Date: 2003-04.

Battle Hymn of China - Smedley (Light on China/Foreign Languages Press) (images)

Battle Hymn of China
Agnes Smedley
Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 2003 (LIght on China series).

Series Note:
"The China Society for People's Friendship Studies (PFS) in cooperation with the Foreign Languages Press (FLP) in Beijing has arranged for re-publication, in the series entitled Light on China, of some fifty books written in English between the 1860s and the founding years of the People's Republic, by journalistic and other sympathetic eyewitnesses of the revolutionary events described. Most of these books have long been out of print, but are now being brought back to life for the benefit of readers in China and abroad."

Source: Back cover of Women in Modern China by
Helen Foster Snow. Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 2004.

Further reading:
Light on China: Published in English

Title / Author / Year of Publication

A China Childhood - Ida Pruitt. 2003.
A Daughter of Han: The Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman - Ida Pruitt, from the story told her by Ning Lao T_ai-t_ai - Ida Pruitt. 2004.
A Memoir of China in Revolution: From the Boxer Rebellion to the People's Republic - Chester Ronning. 2004.
Aid China: 1937-1949 - Arthur Clegg. 2004.
Assignment China - Julian Schuman. 2004.
Battle Hymn of China - Agnes Smedley. 2003.
Call of Yanan: Story of the Indian Medical Mission to China 1938-43 - Dr. B. K. Basu. 2003.
China Builds for Democracy: A Story of Cooperative Industry - Nym Wales. 2003; 2004.
China Fights Back: An American Woman with the Eighth Route Army - Agnes Smedley. 2003.
China Shakes the World - Jack Belden. 2003.

China's Millions: Revolution in Central China, 1927 - Anna Louise Strong. 2003.
Chinese Destinies - Agnes Smedley. 2003.
Chinese Government - Fengchun Yang. 2004.
Dr. Bethune's Angel: The Life of Kathleen Hall - Tom Newnham. 2004.
Evans F. Carlson on China at War, 1937-1941 - Hugh Deane, ed. 2003; 2004.
First Act in China: The Story of the Sian Mutiny - James M. Bertram. 2003.
From Opium War to Liberation - Israel Epstein. 2004.
From Vagabond to Journalist: Edgar Snow in Asia, 1928-1941 - Robert M. Farnsworth. 2004.
Good Deeds and Gunboats: Two Centuries of American-Chines Encounters - Hugh Deane. 2004.
I See a New China - George Hogg. 2004. [I See a New China - J. Colling [John Colling]. 2004.}

I Visit Yenan: Eye Witness Account of Communist-Led Liberated Areas in North-West China - Israel Epstein. 2004.
Inside China Today: A Western View - E. Grey Dimon. 2003.
Inside Red China - Nym Wales (Helen Foster Snow). 2004.
James G. Endicott: Rebel out of China - Stephen Endicott. 2004.
Lost Chance in China: The World War II Despatches of John S. Service [John Stewart Service: Lost Chance in China] - Joseph W. Esherick, ed. 2004.
Ma Haide: The Saga of American Doctor George Hatem in China - Sidney Shapiro. 2004.
My China : The Metamorphosis of a Country and a Man - Sidney Shapiro. 2005.
My China Years - Helen Foster Snow.
My Fist Sixty Years in China - Sam Ginsbourg. 2003.
New China: Friend of Foe - Alun Falconer.

North China Front - James Bertram. 2004.
On Her Own: Journalistic Adventures from San Francisco to the Chinese Revolution, 1917-1927 - Milly Bennett. 2004.
Portraits of Chinese Women in Revolution - Agnes Smedley. 2004.
Remembering Koji Ariyoshi: An American GI in Yanan [Yenan] - Hugh Deane, ed. 2004.
Return to China - James Bertram. 2004.
Return to China: Thirty Years After - Helen Foster Snow.
Rewi Alley: An Autobiography - Rewi Alley. 2003.
Ten Mile Inn: Mass Movement in a Chinese Village - Isabel Joy Crook and David Crook. 2003.
The Chinese Conquer China - Anna Louise Strong. 2003.
The Great Road: The Life and Times of Chu Teh - Agnes Smedley. 2003.

The People's Doctor: George Hatem and China's Revolution - Edgar. A. Porter. 2003.
The People's War - Israel Epstein. 2003.
The Scalpel, the Sword: The Story of Dr. Norman Bethune - Ted Allen and Sidney Gordon. 2004.
The Spirit of Yenan: A Wartime Chapter of Sino-American Friendship - John Colling. 2004.
The Stilwell Papers - Joseph W. Stilwell. 2003.
The Unfinished Revolution in China - Israel Epstein. 2003.
The Unknown War: North China 1937-1945 - Michael Lindsay. 2003.
Tibet Transformed - Israel Epstein. 2004.
Ti-Ping Tien-Kwoh: The History of the Ti-Ping Revolution - A. F. Lindley [Augustus Frederick Lindley]. 2 (?) vols. 2003.
Twin Stars of China: A Behind-the-Scenes Story of China's Valiant Struggle for Existence by a U. S. Marine who Lived and Moved with the People: Illustrated from Photographs taken by the Author - Evans F. Carlson [Evans Fordyce Carlson]. 2004.

Two Kinds of Times [Two Kinds of Time] - Graham Peck. 2004.
When Serfs Stood Up in Tibet: A Report - Anna Louise Strong. 2003.
Woman in World History: Life and Times of Soong Ching Ling (Mme. Sun Yat-sen) - Israel Epstein.
Women in Modern China - Helen Foster Snow. 2004.
Women in World History: Life and Times of Soong Ching Ling (Mme. Sun Yatsen) - Israel Epstein. 2004.
Yo Ban Fa: We Have a Way! - Rewi Alley. 2004.

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