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Library of the Early Civilizations
Publisher: Thames & Hudson. Country: U.K. Date: c. 1965.

Egypt to the End of the Old Kingdom (Cyril Aldred) (library of the Early Civilizations) (Thames & Hudson) image)

Egypt to the End of the Old Kingdom by Cyril Aldred

London, Thames & Hudson Ltd., 1965 (Library of the Early Civilizations)
Illustrated. 143 pages.

Series Note:
"A series of authoritative introductions to the history, culture and art of the ancient civilizations." -- Publisher blurb

"Designed equally for the specialist and the widening circle of general readers interested in the human achievement through the ages." -- Sir Mortimer Wheeler

"These books will be an essential for the library of any serious reader of the ancient past of man." -- Dr. Glyn Daniel

"Authoritative, up-to-the-year, well-documented, beautifully and usefully illustrated in colour, and invaluable at their modest price." -- The Spectator

The general editor of this series was Professor Stuart Piggott.

Arranged alphabetically by title

Ancient Greek Literature in its Living Context - H. C. Baldry

Civilizations of the Indus Valley and Beyond - Sir Mortimer Wheeler

Earliest Civilizations of the Near East - James Mellaart

Early Civilization in China - William Watson

Early Highland Peoples of Anatolia - Sefton Lloyd

Early Mesopotamia and Iran - M. E. W. Mallowan

Egypt to the End of the Old Kingdom - Cyril Aldred

The First Americans - G. H. S. Bushnell

The First Merchant Venturers: The Ancient Levant in History and Commerce - William Cullican

The Home of the Heroes: The Aegean before the Greeks - Sinclair Hood

The Royal Hordes: Nomad Peoples of the Steppes - E. D. Phillips

The Stone Age Hunters - Graham Clark

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