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The Legacies Series
Publisher: Oxford at the Clarendon Press / Oxford University Press.
Country: U.K. Date: 1921- .

The Legacy of Israel (OUP, 1944) (image)

The Legacy of Israel.
Planned by the late I. Abrahams. Edited by Edwyn R. Bevan & Charles Singer.
Introduction by the Master of Balliol.
Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1927 (1944 reprint)
Hardback with dustwrapper. Pages: xxxiii prelims; 551.

Series note: "The Legacy series of essay collections was produced by Oxford University Press, from the early 1920s. It was aimed at Workers' Educational Association and university extension courses, and was an initiative of John Johnson.

The more recent Appraisal volumes [published in the early 1980s] move away from general surveys, to include articles with a focus on the history of relevant literary topics." -- Wikipedia

Each of the early Legacy volumes was a hardback bound in navy [dark blue] cloth with gilt text on the spine and dustwrapper (dark blue text on cream or white wrapper).

(A) The 'Legacy' Volumes

Title / Year / Editor / Comment

The Legacy of Greece (1921)
Edited by Richard Winn Livingstone [R. W. Livingstone; Sir Richard Livingstone]

Reprinted 1942. 424 p : illus., plates ; 19 cm.
Contents (of 1942 volume):
-- The value of Greece to the future of the world, by Gilbert Murray.
-- Religion, by W.R. Inge.
-- Philosophy, by J. Burnet.
-- Mathematics and astronomy, by Sir T.L. Heath.
-- Natural science, by D.W. Thompson.
-- Biology, by Charles Singer.
-- Medicine, by Charles Singer.
-- Literature, by R.W. Livingstone.
-- History, by Arnold Toynbee.
-- Political thought, by A.E. Zimmern.
-- The lamps of Greek art, by Percy Gardner.
-- Architecture, by Sir Reginald Blomfield.

Subjects: Greece - Civilization.

The Pageant of Greece (1923)
Edited by Richard Winn Livingstone

The Mission of Greece: Some Greek Views of Life in the Roman World (1928)
Edited by Richard Winn Livingstone.

The Legacy of Rome (1923)
Edited by Cyril Bailey. 512 pages.
-- The Transmission of Legacy, by Cesare Foligno
-- The Conception of Empire, by Ernest Barker
-- Administration, by H. Stuart Jones
-- Communications and Commerce, by G. H. Stevenson
-- The Science of Law, by F. de Zulueta
-- Family and Social Life, by Hugh Last
-- Religion and Philosophy, by Cyril Bailey
-- Science, by Charles Singer
-- Literature, by J. W. Mackail
-- Language, by Henry Bradley
-- Architecture and Art, by G. McN. Rushforth
-- Building and Engineering, by Gustavo Giovannoni
-- Agriculture, by W. E. Heitland.

The Mind of Rome (19____)
Edited by Cyril Bailey.

The Legacy of the Middle Ages (1926)
Edited by Charles George Crump and Ernest Fraser Jacob
Cloth, xii+548pp, b/w frontis, 41pp b/w plates, index.
A series of essays, grouped under the chapters - The Christian Life - Art - Literature - Philosophy - Education - Law - Position of Women - Economic Activity of Towns - Royal Power & Administration - Political Thought.

The Legacy of Israel (1927)
Planned by the late I. Abrahams. Edited by Edwyn Bevan and Charles Joseph Singer.
Hardback with dustwrapper. xxxix, 551 p.; 83 plates & text-figures; 19.5 cm.
List of illustrations
-- Prologue, by A. D. Lindsay
-- The Hebrew genius as exhibited in the Old Testament, by George Adam Smith
-- Hellenistic Judaism, by Edwyn R. Bevan
-- The debt of Christianity to Judaism, by F. C. Burkitt
-- The influence of Judaism upon Jews in the period from Hillel to Mendelssohn, by R. Travers Herford
-- The influence of Judaism on Islam, by Alfred Guillaume
-- The Jewish factor in medieval thought, by Charles Singer
-- Hebrew scholarship in the middle ages among Latin Christians, by Charles Singer
-- Hebrew studies in the reformation period and after: their place and influence, by G. H. Box
-- The influence of Judaism on Western law, by N. Isaacs
-- The influence of the Old Testament on puritanism, by W. B. Selbie
-- Jewish thought in the modern world, by Leon Roth
-- Influence of the Hebrew Bible on European languages, by A. Meillet
-- The legacy in modern literature, by Laurie Magnus
-- Epilogue, by C. G. Montefiore
-- Glossary
-- Index.

The Legacy of Islam (1931)
Edited by Thomas Walker Arnold and Alfred Guillaume
2nd edition: 1974, edited by Joseph Schacht and Clifford Edmund Bosworth

The Legacy of India (1942)
Edited by Geoffrey Theodore Garratt
Authors: Hugh George Rawlinson and Frederick William Thomas

The Legacy of Egypt (1942)
Edited by Stephen Ranulph Kingdon Glanville
2nd edition: 1972, edited by J. R. Harris

The Legacy of Persia (1953)
Edited by Arthur John Arberry

The Legacy of China (1964)
Raymond Dawson

The Legacy of Mesopotamia (1998)
Edited by Stephanie Dalley

(B) The 'New Appraisal' Volumes

Title / Year / Editor / Comment

The Legacy of Greece: A New Appraisal (1981)
Edited by Moses Finley

The Legacy of Rome: A New Appraisal (1983)
Edited by Richard Jenkyns

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