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Ladybird Books
Publisher: Wills & Hepworth; then Ladybird Books; then Penguin Books.
Country: U.K. Date: 1867- .

King Alfred the Great (An Adventure in History) (Ladybird Books) (image)

King Alfred the Great (An Adventure from History) (Ladybird series 561)

Series Note:

Arranged by Series and

*** 400 SERIES ***

Ladybird series 401 – Animal Rhymes

Bunnikin\'s Picnic Party
The First Day of the Holidays
Ginger's Adventures
Smoke and Fluff
Jeremy's Day in the Country
Bob Bushtail's Adventure
Downy Duckling
Piggly Plays Truant
Lost at the Fair
The Runaway
Mr Badger to the Rescue
Bunny's first birthday
The Bunney-Fluff's Moving Day
The Green Umbrella
Pippety's Unlucky Day
Jonathan's Shopping Day
Five Little Kittens
High Tide
Mervyn Mouse
Dennis the Dragon

Ladybird series 413 – Fairy Tales and Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes
Bedtime Rhymes
The House That Jack Built
Sleeping Beauty
Dick Whittington and his Cat
Baby's First Book
Jack and the Beanstalk
Tootles the Taxi
The Circus Comes to Town
Red Riding Hood also Goldilocks and the Three Bears
A First Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes
A Second Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes
A Third Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes

Ladybird series 417 – Adventures of Wonk

Going to Sea – The Adventures of Wonk
Strawberries and Cream
The Secret
The Circus
The Snowman

Ladybird series 455 – Uncle Mac

In Green Pastures with Uncle Mac
In The Wilderness with Uncle Mac
Uncle Mac's Ladybird ABC Book
Beside The Sea with Uncle Mac
In The Country with Uncle Mac
In The Train with Uncle Mac

Ladybird series 455 – The Tasseltip Tales

A Little Silk Apron - A Tasseltip Tale
Mr Mole's House Warming -A Tasseltip Tale
The Flickerdick - A Tasseltip Tale
Clatter! Clatter!! Bang!!! - A Tasseltip Tale
The First Day of Spring - A Tasseltip Tale
The Flower Show - A Tasseltip Tale

Ladybird series 497 – Animal Stories

The Inquisitive Harvest Mouse
Tiptoes The Mischievous Kitten
The Wise Robin
The Discontented Pony
The Conceited Lamb
Beaky The Greedy Duck
Ned The Lonely Donkey
Mick The Disobedient Puppy
Cocky The Lazy Rooster
The Sleepy Water Vole
Tasseltip and the Boozle
Tasseltip Buys a Present
Tasseltip Has a Lucky Day
Tasseltip Plays Truant
Tasseltip Saves the Day
Tasseltip Takes a Ride
Hannibal Runs Away
Hannibal on Holiday
Hannibal on the Farm
Hannibal and the Pet Show
Hannibal goes to School
Hannibal on the Nature Trail
Toontjies die Ondeunde katjie

Ladybird series 498 – The Tinker's Wig

The Tinker's Wig

*** 500 SERIES ***

Ladybird series 522 – Religious Stories

The Child of the Temple
The Shepherd Boy of Bethlehem
The Little Lord Jesus
The Story of Joseph
Moses Prince and Shepherd
Two Stories Jesus Told
The Story of Daniel
Jesus by the Sea of Galilee
Jesus Calls his Disciples
Naaman and the Little Maid
The Story of Saint Paul
The Story of Peter the Fisherman

Ladybird series 536 - Nature

British Birds and their Nests
A Second Book of British Birds and their Nests
A Third Book of British Birds and their Nests
British Wild Flowers
The Ladybird Book of Pets
British Wild Animals
What to Look For in Winter
Garden Flowers
What to Look for in Summer
What to Look for in Autumn
What to Look for in Spring
The Seashore and Seashore Life
The Night Sky
Butterflies, Moths and other insects
The Story of our Rocks and Minerals
Pond Life
Your Body
Garden Birds
Sea and Estuary Birds
Heath and Woodland Birds
Pond and River Birds
Birds of Prey
Birds of Northern Britain and Northern Europe

Ladybird series 538 – Impatient Horse

The Impatient Horse

Ladybird series 549 – Robin Hood

The Silver Arrow
The Ambush

Ladybird series 561 – Adventures from History

King Alfred the Great
William the Conqueror
Sir Walter Raleigh
The Story of Nelson
The First Queen Elizabeth
The Story of Captain Cook
Florence Nightingale
Julius Caesar and Roman Britain
The Story of Charles II
David Livingstone
Stone Age Man in Britain
Christopher Columbus
Marco Polo
The Story of Henry V
Oliver Cromwell
Captain Scott
Alexander the Great
Robert the Bruce
Richard the Lion Heart
Charles Dickens
Warwick the Kingmaker
Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt
James I and the Gunpowder Plot
Kings and Queens (Book 1)
Kings and Queens (Book 2)
King John and Magna Carta
Joan of Arc
The Pilgrim Fathers
Elizabeth Fry
Great Civilisations
Henry VIII
Henry II and Thomas Becket
Great Civilisations - Greece
Great Civilisations - Rome
Samuel Pepys
Robert Louis Stevenson
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Great Civilisations - Crete
Great Civilisations - The Vikings
Queen Victoria
Sir Francis Drake
John Wesley
Elizabeth Gaskell
Great Civilisations - The Mycenaeans
Great Civilisations - Incas
Great Civilisations
Great Civilisations - China

Ladybird series 563 – Learning to Read

Puppies and Kittens
The Farm
Shopping With Mother
Going to School
The Party
The Zoo
Helping at Home
Telling the Time

Ladybird series 584 - Recognition

The Ladybird Book of British Railway Locomotives
The Ladybird Book of Motor Cars
The Ladybird Book of Aircraft
The Ladybird Book of Commercial Vehicles
A Ladybird Book of Flags
Merchant Ships

Ladybird series 587 - Travel
Flight One - Australia
Flight Two - Canada
Flight Three - U.S.A.
Flight Four - India
Flight Five - Africa
Flight Six - The Holy Land

*** 600 SERIES ***

Ladybird series 601 - Achievements

The Story of Flight
Great Inventions
The Story of Railways
The Story of Ships
The Story of the Motor Car
The Story of Houses and Homes
The Story of Clothes and Costume
The Story of our Churches and Cathedrals
Exploring Space
Underwater Exploration
The Story of Oil
The Story of Lighthouses Lightships and Lifeboats
The Story of Radio
The Story of Newspapers
The Story of Printing
The Story of Furniture
The Story of Arms and Armour
The Story of Metals
The Story of Plastics
The Story of Nuclear Power
The Story of Medicine
Time, Calendars and Clocks
The Story of Science (Book 1)
The Story of Science (Book 2)
The Story of our Canals
The Story of the Bicycle
Steam Locomotives of the World

Ladybird series 606a - Religious

Jesus the Helper
Jesus the Friend
Baby Jesus
Children of the Bible
A First Book of Saints
The Parable of the Sower
The parable of the Two New Houses
The Parable of the Good Samaritan
The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Ladybird series 606b – People at Work

The Fireman
The Policeman
The Nurse
The Fisherman
The Farmer
The Builder
The Postman
The Miner
The Soldier
The Sailor
The Airman in the Royal Air Force
The Road Makers
The Car Makers
The Pottery Makers
The Shipbuilders
The Customs Officer
The Life-boat Men
On the Railways
In a Hotel
In a Big Store

Ladybird series 606c - Sport

The Story of Cricket
The Story of Football

Ladybird series 606d – Well Loved Tales

The Elves and the Shoemaker
Sleeping Beauty
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Three Little Pigs
Dick Whittington and his Cat
The Gingerbread Boy
The Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat
The Princess and the Pea
Puss in Boots
Beauty and the Beast
The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen
The Three Billy-goats Gruff
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
Snow-White and Rose-Red
Chicken Licken
Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Enormous Turnip
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Magic Porridge Pot
The Big Pancake
Little Red Riding Hood
The Princess and the Frog
The Old Woman and her Pig
The Musicians of Bremen
Tom Thumb
The Ugly Duckling
The Emperor\'s New Clothes
The Little Mermaid

Ladybird series 606e – Public Services

Water Supply

Ladybird series 606f – Through the Ages


Ladybird series 606g – Travel

Come to France
Come to Denmark
Come to Holland

Ladybird series 612 – Prayers and Hymns

The Lord's Prayer
Book of Prayers through the Year
A Ladybird First Book of Hymns and Songs
A Ladybird First Book of Hymns and Songs (revised)

Ladybird series 618 – Capital Cities of the World

The Ladybird Book of London
Jen Londono

Ladybird series 621 – Junior Science

Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries
Light Mirrors and Lenses
Air, Wind and Flight
Levers, Pulleys and Engines

Ladybird series 622 – Early Learning (Books for Toddlers)

The Ladybird ABC - G W Robinson - 1962
Sounds and Pictures - book 1
Sounds and Pictures - book 2
Sounds and Pictures - book 3
Sounds and Pictures - book 4
Sounds and Pictures - book 5
Sounds and Pictures - book 6

Ladybird series 633 – Early Learning (Hobbies and Interests)

Things to Make
Toys and Games to Make
Indoor Gardening
Stamp Collecting
Coarse Fishing
Tricks and Magic
How to Swim and Dive
Sailing and Boating
Learning to Sew
More Things to Make
Easy-to-make Puppets
Learning to Ride
Learning about Heraldry
Learning to Crochet
Coin Collecting
How to Make Things for Fun
How to Make Toys and Games
How to Make Presents
How to Make Puppets
How to Make Dolls
Car Games
How to Make Wooden Toys
How to Make Flying Models

Ladybird series 634 - Learnabout

Learnabout Maps
Learnabout Handwriting
Learnabout Stamp Collecting
Learnabout Tricks and Magic
Coarse Fishing
Swimming and Diving
Sailing and Boating
Making a Transistor Radio
Learnabout Sewing
Learnabout Knitting
Learnabout Woodwork
Learnabout Riding
Learnabout Metalwork
Learnabout Heraldry
Learnabout Crochet
Learnabout Coin Collecting
Learnabout Camping
Learnabout Cooking
Learnabout Indoor Gardening
Learnabout Knots
Learnabout Pets
Learnabout Easy Meals
Learnabout Making and Decorating Cakes
Learnabout Simple Electronics
Learnabout Chess
Learnabout Drawing
Learnabout Painting
Learnabout Taking Photographs
Learnabout Training your Dog
Learnabout London

Ladybird series 641 - The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme
(commonly known as the Peter and Jane Books)

1a - Play with us
2a - We have fun
3a - Things we like
4a - Things we do
5a - Where we go
6a - Our Friends
7a - Happy Holiday
8a - Sunny Days
9a - Games we like

1b - Look at this
2b - Have a go
3b - Boys and Girls

1c - Read and write
2c - I like to write
3c - Let me write
4c - Say the Sound
5c - More Sounds to say
6c - Reading with sounds

4b - Fun at the Farm
5b - Out in the Sun
6b - We like to help
7b - Fun and games
8b - The big house

7c - Easy to sound
8c - Fun with sounds
9c - Enjoying Reading

10a - Adventure on the island
11a - Mystery on the island
12a - Mountain Adventure

9b - Jump from the sky
10b - Adventure at the castle
11b - The carnival
12b - The holiday camp mystery
10c - Learning is fun
11c - Books are exciting
12c - The open door to reading

Teaching Reading

Book 1 - The Record Breakers
Book 2 - Danger Men
Book 3 - A First 'Do You Know' Book
Book 4 - A Second 'Do You Know' Book
Book 5 - A Third 'Do You Know' Book
Book 6 - Some Great Men and Women

Ladybird series 642 – Key Words Picture Dictionaries

A First Ladybird Key Words Picture Dictionary
A Second Ladybird Key words Picture Dictionary

Ladybird series 644 - Customs

The Stories of our Christmas Customs
Stories of Special Days and Customs

Ladybird series 649 – Facts about the Bible

Animals Birds and Plants of the Bible
Life in New Testament Times
The History of our Bible
What to look for inside a Church
What to look for outside a Church

Ladybird series 651 – Natural History

Plants and how they grow
Animals and how they live
Birds and how they live
Life of the Honey-bee
Learning about Insects and Small Animals
Prehistoric Animals and Fossils
Nature takes shape
The Story of the Ant
The Story of the Spider

Ladybird series 654 – 'How It Works'

How it works - The Motor Car
The Rocket
The Aeroplane
The Locomotive
The Motor Cycle
The Hovercraft
The Camera
Farm Machinery
The Ocean Liner
The Computer
The Telescope and Microscope
Printing Processes
The Telephone

Ladybird series 661 – Words for Numbers

Understanding numbers
Words we need for numbers
More words for numbers
Everyday words for numbers

Ladybird series 662 – History of the Arts

Musical Instruments
The Story of Music
Lives of Great Composers (Book 1)
Lives of Great Composers (Book 2)
The Story of the Theatre
The Story of Clowns

Ladybird series 663 – Historical Developments

Our Land in the Making (Book 1)
Our Land in the Making (Book 2)

Ladybird series 671 - Maps

Understanding Maps

Ladybird series 678 – Basic Arithmetic

Addition Made Easy
Subtraction Made Easy
Multiplication Made Easy
Division Made Easy

Ladybird series 682 – Dogs and Horses

A Ladybird Book About Dogs
A Ladybird book about Horses

Ladybird series 684 - Handwriting

The Ladybird book of Handwriting

Ladybird series 691 – Mammals of the World

African Mammals
North American Mammals
Australian Mammals
Asian Mammals
European Mammals
Sea and Air Mammals
South American Mammals

*** 700 SERIES ***

Ladybird series 701 – History of the Arts

Great Artists (Book 1)
Great Artists (Book 2)
Great Artists (Book 3)

Ladybird series 702 – Learning with Mother

Learning with Mother (Book 1)
Learning with Mother (Book 2)
Learning with Mother (Book 3)
Learning with Mother (Book 4)
Learning with Mother (Book 5)
Memory Rhymes
Action Rhymes
Finger Rhymes
Number Rhymes
Talking Rhymes
Dancing Rhymes
Cooking with Mother
Road Sense
Singing Rhymes
Skipping Rhymes

Ladybird series 704 – Picture Reading

Fourth Picture Book
Fifth Picture Book
Second Picture Book
Third Picture Book
A Ladybird First Picture Book

Ladybird series 706 – Scouts and Guides

Girl Guide
Cub Scouts
Brownie Guides

Ladybird series 707 – General Interest (Cowboys and Indians; Pirates)

The Story of the Indians of the Western Plains
A Ladybird Book about Pirates
The Story of the Cowboy
Battle of the Little Big Horn - Custer's Last Stand

Ladybird series 708 – Great Scientists

Madame Curie
Michael Faraday
Charles Darwin

Ladybird series 721 – Picture Reading

Picture reading

Ladybird series 724 – How to Make It

Making a Transistor Radio

Ladybird series 727 - Conservation

Nature in the Town
Understanding the Sea
British Wild Flowers
Disappearing Mammals
What on Earth are We Doing
Butterflies and Moths
Wild Life in Britain
Nature's Roundabout - An Introduction to Ecology

Ladybird series 731 – How to Do It


Ladybird series 733 – Stars (Legends)

The Stars and their Legends

Ladybird series 735 - Talkabout

The Beach
The Park
Starting School
My First Big Talkabout Book

Ladybird series 737 – ____

Seals and whales
The Stream
Chocolate and Cocoa
Polar Regions
Bears and Pandas
Under the Ground
Apes and Monkeys
Living Things
The Tree and its World
Big Animals
Lions and Tigers
Man on the Sea
Baby Animals
Song Birds
Man and his Car
Ducks and Swans
Man in the Air

Ladybird series 740 - Classics

Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow
Robin Hood Outlawed
Robin Hood to the Rescue
Swiss Family Robinson
Treasure Island
The Secret Garden
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Famous Legends (Book 1)
Famous Legends (Book 2
King Arthur : The Deeds of the Nameless Knight
King Arthur : The Knight of the Golden Falcon
King Arthur : Sir Lancelot of the Lake
Tales of King Arthur : Mysteries of Merlin
Robin Hood and the King's Ransom
Gulliver's Travels
A Second Book of Aesop's Fables
A First Book of Aesop's Fables

Ladybird series 747 – Sunstart Reading Scheme

On the Beach
The Kite
Animals Birds and Fish
I Wish
Guess What?
Lucky Dip

Ladybird series 760 – Large Story Books

Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp
The Ladybird Book of Rhymes
Gullivers Travels
Aesop's Fables

Ladybird series 777 – Read It Yourself

The Magic Paintbrush
The Magic Stone
The Enormous Turnip
Ananse and the Sky God
Wizard of Oz
Puss in Boots
Dick Whittington
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Robinson Crusoe
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Peter and the Wolf
Hansel and Gretel
William Tell
Billy Goats Gruff
Three Little Pigs
Red Riding Hood
Gingerbread Man
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Sly Fox and Red Hen
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Emperor's New Clothes

Ladybird series 781 – Scripture Union

Jesus the Leader
Jesus the Friend
Jesus in Danger
Paul the Prisoner
The Life of Jesus
In the Beginning
Jesus the Child
Paul the Prisoner
Jesus the Storyteller
Paul Meets Jesus
Paul the Traveller
Jesus the Child
Abraham's Family

Ladybird series 792 – Sunbird Reading Scheme

The Alphabet Book
Out of Town
In the Home

Ladybird series 793 – The Garden Gang

The Garden Gang - Sheila Shallot and Benny Broadbean
The Garden Gang - Grace Grape and Robert Raspberry
The Garden Gang - Avril Apricot and Simon Swede
The Garden Gang - Oliver Onion and Tim Tomato
The Garden Gang - Wee Wille Water Melon and Betty Beetroot
The Garden Gang - Lucy Leek and Bertie Brussels Sprout
The Garden Gang - Gertrude Gooseberry and Belinda Blackcurrant
The Garden Gang - Colin Cucumber and Patrick Pear
The Garden Gang - Peter Potato and Alice Apple
The Garden Gang - Pam Parsnip and Lawrence Lemon
The Garden Gang - Penelope Strawberry and Roger Radish
The Garden Gang - Percival Pea and Polly Pomegranate


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