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King Penguins
Publisher: Penguin Books. Country: U.K. Date: 1939-59.

Spiders (King Penguins series) (image)

A Book of Spiders (KP35)

Series Note:

Serial No./Title/First Edition Date

KP1. British Birds on Lake, River & Stream (1939)
KP2. A Book of Roses (1939)
KP3. A Book of Ships (1941)
KP4. Portraits of Christ (1940)
KP5. Caricature (1940)
KP6. British Shells (1943)
KP7. Fashions and Fashion Plates 1800-1900 (1943)
KP8. Elizabethan Miniatures (1943)
KP9. The Microcosm of London... (1943)
KP10. The Bayeux Tapestry (1943)

KP11. Fishes of Britain's Rivers and Lakes (1943)
KP12. The Poet's Corner (1943)
KP13. Edible Fungi (1943)
KP14. A Book of Lilies (1943)
KP15. Seashore Life and Pattern (1944)
KP16. Children as Artists (1944)
KP17. The Leaves of Southwell (1945)
KP18. Some British Moths (1944)
KP19. Garden Birds (1945)
KP20. English Ballet (1944)

KP21. Popular Art in Britain (1945)
KP22. Heraldry in England (1946)
KP23. Poisonous Fungi (1945)
KP24. Birds of the Sea (1945)
KP25. Ur : The First Phases (1946)
KP26. A Book of Toys (1946)
KP27. Flowers of Marsh and Stream (1946)
KP28. A History of English Clocks (1947)
KP29. Flowers of the Woods (1946)
KP30. A Selection of Engravings on Wood by Thomas Bewick... (1947)

KP31. English Book Illustration 1800-1900 (1947)
KP32. A Christmas Carol in Prose: Being a Ghost story of Christmas (1946)
KP33. Russian Icons (1947)
KP34. The English Tradition in Design (1947)
KP35. A Book of Spiders (1947)
KP36. Ballooning (1948)
KP37. Wild Flowers of the Chalk (1947)
KP38. Compliments of the Season (1947)
KP39. Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer (1948)
KP40. Edward Gordon Craig Designs for the Theatre (1948)

KP41. British Butterflies (1951)
KP42. British Military Uniforms (1948)
KPKP43. A Prospect of Wales (1948)
KP44. Tulipomania (1950)
KP45. Unknown Westminster Abbey (1948)
KP46. Highland Dress (1948)
KP47. British Reptiles and Amphibia (1949)
KP48. A Book of Scripts (1949)
KP49. Some British Beetles (1948)
KP50. Popular Art in the United States (1948)

KP51. Life in an English Village (1949)
KP52. The Isle of Wight (1950)
KP53. Flowers of the Meadow (1950)
KP54. Greek Terracottas (1950)
KP55. Romney Marsh (1950)
KP56. Early British Railways (1950)
KP57. A Book of Mosses (1950)
KP58. A Book of Ducks (1951)
KP59. Ackermann's Cambridge (1951)
KP60. The Crown Jewels (1951)

KP61. An Atlas of Tudor England and Wales (1951)
KP62. Medieval Carvings in Exeter Cathedral (1953)
KP63. A Book of Greek Coins (1952)
KP64. Magic Books from Mexico (1953)
KP65. Semi-Precious Stones (1952)
KP66. Birds of La Plata (1954)
KP67. Mountain Birds (1952)
KP68. Animals in Staffordshire Pottery (1953)
KP69. Ackermann's Oxford (1954)
KP70. The Diverting History of John Gilpin (1953)

KP71. Egyptian Paintings (1954)
KP72. Misericords Medieval Life in English Woodcarving (1954)
KP73. The Picture of Cricket (1955)
KP74. Woodland Birds (1955)
KP75. Monumental Brasses (1957)
KP76. The Sculpture of the Parthenon (1959)

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