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Keynotes series
Publisher: Elkin Mathews and John Lane (London) and Roberts Brothers (Boston);
then: John Lane (The Bodley Head)
Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1893-97.

Poor Folk - F. Dostoyevsky (Keynotes series/Elkin Matthews and John Lane (image)

Poor Folk
by Fedor [=Fyodor] Dostoyevsky.
Translated from the Russian of F. Dostoievsky by Lena Milman with a critical Introduction by George Moore.
London, Elkin Mathews and John Lane, 1894 (Keynotes series, 2).

Hardback in yellow cloth. Front panel with black titles and illustration by Aubrey Beardsley. No dust wrapper as issued. Additional black titles and key device on spine and rear panel. Pages: xx + 191 + [1] pp. + [16] pp. publisher's catalogue. The title page is printed in red and black and again features a design by Beardsley. The key device and a colophone appear in the final pages. The yellow cloth of this volume recalls The Yellow Book of Aubrey Beardsley.

Series Note: This series of volumes of fiction included many notable and some controversial novels and short story collections, including The Woman Who Did and a book written in reply The Woman Who Didn't.

John Lane (1854-1925) was an avant-garde publisher in the 1890s and the series logo (a key), the covers and the title pages of many of the volumes in this series were designed by the English illustrator and author Aubrey Beardsley (1872-98) who was a major figure in the Aesthetic Movement (which included Oscar Wilde and Whistler) and contributed to the Art Nouveau and poster styles.

Further reading
- "John Lane's Keynotes Series and the Fiction of the 1890's" by Wendell V. Harris
PMLA, Vol. 83, No. 5 (Oct., 1968), pp. 1407-1413.
- Keynotes and discords : John Lane's "Keynotes series", 1893-1897 by Mark Dexter Noe
Dissertation: Ph. D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1992

Serial Number / Author / Title

I. George Egerton [Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright]. Keynotes.
II. Florence Farr. The Dancing Faun.
III. Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Poor Folk.
IV. Francis William Lauderdale Adams. A Child of the Age.
V. Arthur Machen. The Great God Pan, and The Inmost Light.
VI. George Egerton. Discords. 1 vol.
VII. M. P. Shiel. Prince Zaleski. 1 vol.
VIII. Grant Allen. The Woman Who Did.
IX. Henry Dawson Lowry. Women's Tragedies.
X. Henry Harland. Grey Roses. 1 vol.

XI. Henry Brereton Marriott Watson. At the First Corner and Other Stories.
XII. Ella D'Arcy. Monochromes. 1 vol.
XIII. Evelyn Sharp. At the Relton Arms.
XIV. Gertrude Dix. The Girl from the Farm.
XV. Stanley Victor Makower. The Mirror of Music.
XVI. William Carleton Dawe. Yellow and White.
XVII. Fiona Macleod [William Sharp]. The Mountain Lovers.
XVIII. Victoria Cross [Annie Sophie Cory]. The Woman Who Didn't.
XIX. Arthur Machen. The Three Imposters: or, The Transmutations.
XX. Grant Allen. The British Barbarians: A Hill-top Novel.

XXI. Netta Syrett. Nobody's Fault.
XXII. Edith Nesbit. In Homespun.
XXIII. Horace Gordon Hutchinson. Platonic Affections.
XXIV. Una Ashworth Taylor. Nets for the Wind.
XXV. Henry Caldwell Lipsett. Where the Atlantic Meets the Land.
XXVI. Florence Henniker. In Scarlet and Grey: Stories of Soldiers and Others.
XXVII. Marie Clothilde Balfour. Maria Stella.
XXVIII. Mabel E. Wotton. Day-Books.
XXIX. M. P. Shiel. Shapes in the Fire: Being a Midwinter-night's Entertainment in Two Part and an Interlude.
XXX. Claud Nicholson. Ugly Idol: A Development.

XXXI. William Carleton Dawe. Kakemonos: Tales of the Far East.
--. Joseph Smith Fletcher. God's Failures.
--. Alec John Dawson. Mere Sentiment.

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