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Jarrolds' Jackdaw Library
Publisher: Jarrolds (Publishers) London Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom. Date: c. 1933 - c. 1942.

Tiger's Cub - Goodchild (Jarrolds' Jackdaw Library/Jarrolds) (image)

Tiger's Cub
by George Goodchild
London, Jarrolds (Publishers) London Ltd., no date (but ca. mid-1930s)
(Jarrolds' 'Jackdaw' Library No 4).
Paperback with plain white covers with pictorial green wrapper. 256 pages.

Tiger's Cub - Goodchild (Jarrolds' Jackdaw Library/Jarrolds) (image)

Inside front flap of wrapper of Tiger's Cub by George Goodchild (same Jarraolds' Jackdaw Library edition as that in top image).

Series Note: This series was published by Jarrolds (Publishers) London Ltd., Paternoster House, Paternoster Row, London E.C.4.

Article on this series at Paperback Revolution website:
Jarrold and the Jackdaws

Serial Number / Title / Author / Year of Publication

1. Look To The Lady - Margery Allingham. 1931.
2. Grey Granite - Lewis Grassic Gibbon. 1934.
3. Madame Holle - Margery Lawrence. 1934; c. 1936.
4. Tiger's Club - George Goodchild. 1934.
5. Linda Shawn - Ethel Mannin.
6. Men Are Unwise - Ethel Mannin.
7. Private Life - Paul Selver.
8. Fidelity - Susan Glaspell.
9. Crime At Black Dudley - Margery Allingham. 1937.
10. Armoured Doves: A Peace Book - Bernard Newman. 1937.
11. Spartacus - James Leslie Mitchell. 1933; 1937. James Leslie Mitchell also wrote under pseudonym of Lewis Grassic Gibbon.
12. Release The Lions - Rupert Croft-Cooke. 1937.
13. Sounding Brass - Ethel Mannin. 1937.
14. Glory Of The Conquered - Susan Glaspell.
15. Pilgrims - Ethel Mannin. 1937.
16. Sunset Song: A Novel - Lewis Grassic Gibbon.
17. Night Out - Rupert Croft-Cooke. 1937.
18. Crescendo: Being the Dark Odyssey of Gilbert Stroud - Ethel Mannin. 1928; 1948.
19. Cloud Howe - James Leslie Mitchell.
20. Return To Eden - George Goodchild.
21. White Cottage Mystery - Margery Allingham.
22. The Baddington Horror - Walter S. Masterman.

Serial Numbers still be identified:
- Spying Blind - M. McKenna (= Martha Cnockaert) (later known as: Marthe McKenna) 1939.
- Women Also Dream - Ethel Mannin. c. 1940.
- Once Off Guard - J. H. Wallace [Wallis ??]. c. 1940.

Services Editions:
Tail Gunner
Rivaz R.C. F/Lt. D.F.C
No date but c. 1942.
"Scarce Services edition,' not to be resold', paperback, 128pp, 18x11... war time release for the "fighting forces of the allied nations. The story of one man's involvement in RAF Bomber Command's fledgling offensive between August 1940 and December 1941. Dick Rivaz was tail gunner to Leonard Cheshire and here describes his experiences on night bombing attacks against heavily defended enemy targets like Duisberg and Dusseldorf."
Source: Page After Page (bookseller), Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.

The Reluctant Erk
John Macadam
Services Edition. 1942.

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