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Japanese Fairy Tales
Publisher: Kobunsha; then T. Hasegawa. Country: Japan. Date: 1885-1960s.

The Hare of Inaba (Japanese Fairy Tales, No. 11) (image)

Detail from coloured illustration in
The Hare of Inaba. Retold by Mrs. T.H. James.
London & Sydney: Griffith, Farran & Co., 1896 (Japanese Fairy Tales, No 11).

Reprinted by T. Hasegawa for the original edition:
The Hare of Inaba. Retold by Mrs. T.H. James.
Tokyo: T. Hasegawa, 1896
(Japanese Fairy Tales, No 11)

Series Note:

1. Little Peachling

2. Tongue-Cut Sparrow

3. Battle of the Monkey and the Crab

4.The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom

5. Katchi-Kachi Mountain

6.Nedzumi no Yome-Iri;

7. The Old Man and the Devils

8.Urashima, The Fisher-Boy

9. The Serpent With Eight Heads

10. The Matsuyama Mirror

11. The Hare of Inaba

12.The Cub's Triumph

13. The Silly Jelly-Fish

14. The Princes Fire-Flash and Fire-Fade

15. My Lord Bag-O'Rice

16. The Wooden Bowl

17. Schippeitaro

18. The Ogre's Arm

19. The Ogres of Oyeyama

20. The Enchanted Waterfall.

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