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Japan in Your Pocket
Publisher: Japan Travel Bureau/JTB. Country: Japan. Date: 1985-2000.

Who's Who in Japan (JTB) (image)

Who's Who of Japan
Tokyo: Japan Travel Bureau, 1990 (Japan in Your Pocket, 9)
Paperback with folding flaps. 16mo. 191 pages. Illustrated with numerous black and red drawings.

Japan in Your Pocket (Japan Travel Bureau/JTB) - Checklist
Series Note:
On the back cover of Japan in Your Pocket's volume No. 9 is a publisher blurb which describes this series as "best-selling", "highly popular" and "enhanced by enjoyable illustrations." All volumes are in the English language, except Nos. 11 and 12 which are in French. A number of headings are also written in Japanese characters and other Japanese words, where used, have been romanized in accordance with the revised Hepburn system. No authors are identified.

Serial Number/Title/Description

1. A Look into Japan
An encyclopedia of Japanese customs and traditions covering 100 categories in an easy to follow format.

2. Living Japanese Style
A look at the basic customs that are essential for life in modern Japan.

3. Eating in Japan.
A mouthwatering introduction to Japanese cuisine, restaurants and table etiquette.

4. Festivals of Japan
Highlights from some 271 annual festivals reflecting numerous traditions and beliefs.

5. Must-See in Kyoto
An introduction to the history and beauty of Japan's ancient capital.

6. Must-See in Nikko
A guide to the natural and cultural treasures of this popular tourist area.

7. A Look into Tokyo
An illustrated journey through the culture and lifestyle of Japan's bustling capital. A comprehensive tour time of the major places of interest in Tokyo demonstrating the uniqueness of this city of great cultural contrasts.

8. "Salaryman" in Japan
An insightful and thorough analysis of the lifestyle and psyche of the salaryman.

9. Who's Who of Japan
Biographic sketches of 100 historical personages of Japan, with a number of interesting anecdotes.

10. Today's Japan
Concise explanations of Japanese geography, lifestyle, transportation, communications, politics and economy.

11. Regard sur le Japon
Une introduction de la culture japonaise. [French text.]

12. Vie au Japon
Petit guide de la vie quotidienne au Japon. [French text.]

13. Japanese Characters
This book is a fun and easy way to learn about the complex characters used to write the Japanese language and related cultural phenomena.

14. Japanese Inn and Travel
A traveler's guide to Japanese hospitality as experienced through regional cuisine and the traditional Japanese ryokan.

15. Say It in Japanese

Author: David Paul Wagner

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