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Jacaranda Pocket Guides
Publisher: Jacaranda Press. Country: Australia. Date: 1959-81.

Australian Butterflies (Jacaranda Pocket Guides/Jacaranda Press) (image)

Australian Butterflies
by I. F. B. Common.
Brisbane, The Jacaranda Press, 1964 (Jacaranda Pocket Guides).

Series Note:
Launched in 1959, this series of guidebooks to Australian flora, fauna, and other aspects of the natural world in Australia was published by Jacaranda Press Pty. Ltd,, of Milton (Brisbane), Queensland.

The books were almost square in shape (100 x 130 mm) and came with card covers and black and white plates. The handy pocket format no doubt was meant to make the books something to be slipped into the pocket and consulted while out walking, bushwalking or hiking.

The series was taken over by Ure Smith in the 1970s and extra titles were added. Axiom Books later republished some titles.

Arranged alphabetically by title

Australian Butterflies by I.F.B. Common ; photographs by Ederic Slater.

Australian Moths by I.F.B. Common. Photographs by Ederic Slater.
1963; revised ed.: 1966.

Australian Native Gardens and Birds by Barbara Salter.

The Australian Sky by William John Newell.
1965; 1967.

Australian Weather by A. J. Shields
1965; reprint: 1967.

Corals of the Great Barrier Reef by Steven Bruce Domm.

Freshwater Fishes of Australia by Gilbert P. Whitley.

Insects of Australia: An Introduction to the Life and Form of these Small Winged Animals by Edgar Riek. Illustrated by Ninon Geier.
1st ed.: 1963; 2nd ed.: 1972; new ed.: 1975.

Marine Fishes of Australia by Gilbert P. Whitley.
1962; new revised [i.e. 2nd] ed.: 1966.

Marsupials of Australia by Basil J. Marlow. Illustrated by Brian P. Bertram.
1962; revised ed.: 1965; amended ed.: 1981.

Native Freshwater Fishes of Australia by Gilbert P. Whitley.
1960; revised ed.: 1964.

Sharks and Other Predatory Fish of Australia by Peter Goadby.
1959; 2nd ed. (revised and reset): 1963; 1968.

Some Bush Birds of Australia by Allen Keast.

Some Common Shells of the Australian Sea-shore by D. F. McMichael [Donald F. McMichael].
1960; revised ed.: 1962; 1965.

Some Common Snakes and Lizards of Australia by David R. McPhee.
1959; 2nd ed.: 1963; 1969.

Some Trees of Australia by H. Oakman.
1962; revised ed.: 1965.

Spiders of Australia: A Guide to Their Identification with Brief Notes on the Natural History of Common Forms by Barbara York Main.
Illustrated by the author.

Tasmanian Birds by Tasmanian Field Naturalists' Club.
1974; facsimile reprint ed.: 1978.

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