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Introductory Guides
Publisher: British Museum Publications. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1985-89.

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Arranged alphabetically by title

Ancient Cyprus - Veronica Tatton-Brown.
Ancient Persia - John Curtis.
Assyrian Sculpture - Julian Reade.
Byzantium - Rowena Loverance.
Celtic Art - I. M. Stead.
Clocks and Watches - Hugh Tait.
Cycladic Art - J. Lesley Fitton.
Egyptian Life - Miriam Stead.
Egyptian Mummies - Carol Andrewes.
Egyptian Painting - T. G. H. James.
Egyptian Sculpture - T. G. H. James and W. V. Davies.
The Elgin Marbles - B. F. Cook.
English Medieval Tales - Elizabeth Eames.
Ethnic Sculpture - Malcolm McLeod and John Mack.
The Etruscans - Ellen Macnamara.
Greek and Roman Life - Ian Jenkins.
Greek Vases - Dyfri Williams.
Prehistoric Britain - I. H. Longworth.
Roman Britain - T. W. Potter.

Source of above list:
Celtic Art - I. M. Stead. London, British Museum Publications, 1985, reprinted 1989 (Introductory Guides).

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