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Publisher: André Deutsch. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1963-77.

Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica (Andre Deutsch) (image)

Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica
Morris Cargill, ed.
London, André Deutsch, 1965 (Introduces series)
Hardback bound in orange cloth and gilt-lettered on spine. Dust jacket (jacket design by David Battle). Endpaper maps. Golden yellow upper edge. Headband. Colour frontispiece and plates. Title page printed in black and tan lettering. Bibliography. Size: Octavo.

From the dust wrapper:
"Ian Fleming spent part of every year at Goldeneye, his Jamaican house in which he wrote all the James Bond books. He loved Jamaica and used to regret there was no book on it which he considered worthy. His friend Morris Cargill, the distinguished Jamaican journalist and broadcaster, urged his to write one himself. Ian Fleming had no time but he offered to plan one with Morris Cargill, and to contribute to it: a book after his own heart, saying all he wished to say about this lovely place in which he was so happy.

After many conversations at Goldeneye a 'team' was collected: Ian Fleming to open the book, of course, with an account of his own relationship with Jamaica and a general picture of the pleasures of living there; Morris Cargill and the novelist John Hearne to fill in the background, historical and human; and ten other writers, either Jamaican or long-term residents in the island, chosen because of the their special knowledge of and enthusiasm for various aspects of it.

The team has produced a book which covers many things: the island's history, its people, its politics, its religions and dialects, its natural history, its birds, its painters and writers, its archives, its stamps, and the delights of skin diving in its waters and eating its food. (...)"

• Introduction by Ian Fleming
• A Preliminary Canter by Morris Cargill
• Landscape with Faces by John Herne
• Political Development by Frank Hill
• Dialect Magic and Religion by H. P. Jacobs
• The Archives by Clinton V. Black
• The Great Houses of Jamaica by T. A. L. Concannon
• Natural History by Bernard Lewis
• Birds by Phoebe Hart
• Jamaican Literature by C. G. O. King
• Contemporary Jamaican Art by Norman Rae
• Jamaica as Your Home by Cynthia Wilmot
• Skin Diving by Dolores Keator
• The Cooking in Paradise by Poppy Cannon
• Some Stories About Stamps by Everard Aguilar
• [Appendix] The Organisation and Conduct of Business Entities by Jack D. Ashenheim.

Series Note: A series of books of stylish and learned essays on countries of the world. Each volume is "introduced" by a well-known writer or public figure (e.g. Ian Fleming; David Frost; John Kenneth Galbraith) who contributes the lead essay in the book. The remainder of each book is comprised of a series of essays on aspects of the country by relevant subject experts.

Each volume is illustrated by colour photo plates.

According to the dust wrapper of the volume Conor Cruise O'Brien Introduces Ireland, the aim of that volume was to give "a self-portrait of the country ... warts and all". Alistair MacLean Introduces Scotland was billed as "aimed at the more intelligent tourist".
Hammond Innes introduces Australia contained 18 articles by "by "a team of writers who are all leading experts on different aspects of the country, and they provide an unbeatable and honest introduction to Australia and its people".

Format: Hardback with dust wrapper.

On the dust wrapper of the volume Conor Cruise O'Brien Introduces Ireland, volumes on Israel and Japan were announced as "in preparation" but they apparently did not appear.

Arranged alphabetically by title

Alistair MacLean Introduces Scotland

Conor Cruise O'Brien Introduces Ireland

David Frost Introduces Trinidad and Tobago

George Mikes Introduces Switzerland

Hammond Innes introduces Australia

Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica

John Kenneth Galbraith Introduces India

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