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Series of the Month - Earlier (6)
Bibliothèque de Carabas (David Nutt)

Bibliothèque miniature (Payot)

Famous Childhoods (Max Parrish)

Grandes Aventuras (Oveja Negra)

Humorbooks (Ure Smith)

Leaders of Philosophy (Ernest Benn)

Let's Find Out (Evans Brothers)

Ny Norsk Krim (Bladkompaniet)

Prismaböcker (Bokförlaget Prisma)

Psychanalytike Seria (Ikaros)

Rigby Instant Books (Rigby Limited)

Sammlung Luchterhand (Luchterhand Verlag)

A Select Collection of Old Plays (Robert Dodsley)

This Is Ireland (Arthur Barker)

Weale's Scientific & Technical Series (Crosby, Lockwood and Son)

What They Really Said (Macdonald & Co.; Schocken Books)

Writers of the Day (Nisbet & Co. Ltd.; Henry Holt and Company)

Series of the Month - Earlier (5)

Calderbooks (John Calder; Calder & Boyars; Calderbooks)
Illustrated Calderbooks (John Calder)
Jewish Publication Society Series (Meridian Books and Jewish Publication Society of America)
Les Langues du Monde (I. A. C.)
The Little Guides (Methuen)
The Story of the Nations (T. Fisher Unwin)
Les Upanishad (Adrien-Maisonneuve; etc.)

Series of the Month - Earlier (4)
AASA Southeast Asia Publications Series (NUS Press)
Aldusserien (Aldus/Albert Bonniers Förlag)
Ancient Cities and Temples (Elek Books)
Arkon Paperbacks (Angus & Robertson)
Australia Past and Present (Wentworth Press)
The Australian Guerilla Series (Angus & Robertson)
Barnens Böcker (Natur och Kultur)
Beacon Books (Odhams Press)
Bibliographica Historica Australiae (Mulini Press)
Bibliotheca Arnamagnaeana (Ejnar Munksgaard)
Bibliothek der Entdeckungen (Mitteldeutscher Verlag)
Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature (Chinese University Press)
Billabong Books (Ward, Lock)
Bonniers Barnbibliotek (Albert Bonnier)
Boy's Pocket Library (Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, London)
Camino Abierto (Quimantú)
Ce que je crois (Grasset)
Chapman and Hall's Monthly Series (Chapman and Hall)
Communication for Development and Social Change (Southbound)
Currency Playtexts Series 1 (Currency Press)
Delfinserien (Aldus / Albert Bonniers Förlag)
Etudes et Commentaires (Kilncksieck)
Fontana African Fiction (Fontana Books)
Fontana Books (Collins)
The Foreign Library (Chapman and Hall)
Forumbiblioteket (Forum)
Foyles Handbooks (W. & G. Foyle)
Frequently Asked Questions About Vietnamese Culture (The Gioi Publishers)
Grafton Basic Texts (André Deutsch)
Great Illustrated Classics (Dodd, Mead)
Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger (Gyldendal)
Heinemann Frontline (Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria) Ltd.)
Hibiscus Series (Foreign Languages Publishing House, Hanoi)
Jewish Publication Series (Meridian Books and Jewish Publication Society of America)
Kodansha Globe (Kodansha International)
Koza Nihon Eiga (Iwanami Shoten)
K-Reihe (Mitteldeutscher Verlag)
The Library of Useful Stories (George Newnes; D. Appleton & Co.)
Listen and Learn (Dover Publications)
Longman Hibiscus Series (Longman Malaysia)
M=SF (Meulenhoff)
Millennium (Norstedts; then: Quercus)
Minilibros (Quimantú)
New Century Classics (Appleton-Century-Crofts)
Norsk Folkeminnelags Skrifter (Norsk Folkeminnelag)
Oxford in Asia Historical Reprints from Pakistan (O.U.P., Karachi)
Oxford Pakistan Paperbacks (O.U.P., Pakistan)
Pakistan Writers Series (O.U.P., Pakistan)
PAN/Norstedts (Norstedts)
Quimantú Para Todos (Quimantú)
The Penny Library of Famous Books (George Newnes Limited)
Pensamiento Contemporáneo (Editora Nacional Gabriel Mistral)
Pictura (Het Spectrum)
Poetry from Pakistan (OUP, Pakistan)
Portrait Books (Robert Hale)
Scribner Illustrated Classics for Younger Readers (Charles Scribner's Sons)
Seri Pustaka Anak (Pustaka Jaya)
Southeast Asian Classic Reprints (NUS Press)
The Spirit of Korean Cultural Roots (Ewha Womans University Press)
Svenska turistföreningens Vagvisare (Wahlström & Widstrand)
Terre Humaine (Plon)
The Wonder Books (Ward, Lock & Co.)

Vista Travel (Studio Vista/The Viking Press)
White Circle Crime Club (Collins)
World Literature (Minumsa)

Updated pages
Asian and Pacific Writing (University of Queensland Press)
Barnens Böcker (Natur och Kultur)
Novelistas de Nuestra Época (Losada)
The Right Book Club (Right Book Club)
Whitcombe's Story Books (Whitcombe & Tombs)

Series of the Month - Earlier (3)
366 Gems Series (Jaico)
366 Readings Series (Jaico)
Amar Chitra Katha (India Book House)
Any Time Temptations (Popular Prakashan)
Archives (Julliard)
Art and Society (Lund Humphries for Welsh Arts Council)
Austral (Planeta)
Bantu Series Monograph Series (Witwatersrand University Press)
The Bantu Treasury (Witwatersrand University Press)
The Beauty of Africa Series (Howard Timmins)
Bhavan's Book University (Bhatatiya Vidya Bhavan)

Biblioteca para el Hombre Actual (Guadarrama)
Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli (BUR) (Rizzoli)
Books for the Bairns ("Review of Reviews" Office)
The Bookstall Series (N.S.W. Bookstall)
The Bushcraft Handbooks (Dymock's Book Arcade)
The Carisbrooke Library (George Routledge & Sons)
C.H.Beck Wissen (C.H.Beck)
Chestnut Library (Hutchinson's Books for Young People/Hutchinson)
Collection Stendhalienne (Droz)
Collection U (Armand Colin)
Columbus Filmmakers (Columbus Books)
Commando Books (Thacker & Co.)
Contemporary Indian Artists Series (Mapin Publishing)
Delfini Cultura (Bompiani)
I Delfini d'acciaio (Bompiani)
Early Travellers in East Africa (East African Literature Bureau; Kenya Literature Bureau)
English Worthies (Longmans, Green/D. Appleton)
Evans Africa Plays (Evans Publishers Nigeria Ltd.)
Everest Series (Pilgrims Publishing)
Famous Scots (Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier)
Folk Tales of India (Sterling Publishers)
The Great Mughals (Vikas)
Hereditas (Corvina Press)
Hidden Histories Series (Unisa Press)
Hungarian Folk Art (Corvina Press)
Hungarian Library (Corvina Press)
The Humanist Library (Henry Regnery)
Indian Ocean Series (Unisa Press)
Irish Theatre Series (The Dolmen Press)
Jacaranda Pocket Guides (Jacaranda Press)
Jarrolds Jackdaw Library (Jarrolds)
K 350 (Feltrinelli)
Kindlers Universitäts Bibliothek (Kindler Verlag)
Lakeside Classics (Lakeside Press)
Letras Hispánicas (Cátedra)
Libertés (Jean-Jacques Pauvert)
Libertés (Robert Laffont)
Libertés 2000 (Robert Laffont)
Libertés Nouvelles (Jean-Jacques Pauvert)
Little Books, Big Themes (Melbourne University Press)
El Libro de Bolsillo (Alianza Editorial)
Methuen's Outlines (Methuen)
Modern African Library (East African Publishing House)
Monumental Legacy Series (O.U.P. India)
Murray's Reading for the Rail (John Murray)
National Biography Series (National Book Trust)
Novelistas de Nuestra Época (Losada)
Painting, Colour, History (Skira)
Panjab Heritage Series (UBSPD)
Paperback Poets (University of Queensland Press)
The Penny Poets / The Masterpiece Library ("Review of Reviews" Office / Stead's Publishing House)
Penny Popular Novels/The Masterpiece Library ("Review of Reviews" Office)
Petite collection Maspero (Editions Maspero)
Propyläen Kunstgeschichte (Propyläen)
Rabindra Rachnavali Series (Rupa & Co.)
Radiant Health Series (Hind Pocket Books)
Romance of Empire (T. C. & E. C. Jack)
Rupa Charitavali Series (Rupa & Co.)
SAVUSA Series (Unisa Press)
Silver Fern (A. H. & A. W. Reed)
South African Yesterdays (David Phillip)
Staffrider Series (Ravan Press)
The Story (The Marg Foundation)
Studies in Architecture (A. Zwemmer)
Studies in Australian and Pacific History (Stone Copying Co.; then: Wentworth Press)
Studies in Australian Bibliography (Walter W. Stone; Wentworth Press; BCSA)
Sydney Studies in Politics (F. W. Cheshire; University of Sydney Press; etc.)
Sun Academy Series (Sun Books)
Tierra Firme (Fondo de Cultura Económica)

Tintin (Ananda Publishers)
Toronto Medieval Bibliographies (University of Toronto Press)
The Tower Series of Anglo-Irish Studies (The Dolmen Press)
Tracts for the Times (Orient Longman)
L'universo del conoscere (Il Saggiatore di Arnoldo Mondadori Editore)
Walkabout Pocketbooks (Ure Smith)
Wereldakademie (De Haan and Meulenhoff)
Women Writers Series (Ad. Donker)
Yoga of Wisdom (Taraporevala)

Series of the Month - Earlier (2)
ABC Political Science series (Novosti Press Agency Publishing House)
Adventure & Fantasy (Raduga)
American Science Series (Henry Holt & Co.)
Arena Books (Arrow Books; then Arena Arrow)
Brief Lives (Hesperus Press)
Builders of Greater Britain (T. Fisher Unwin)
Canongate Myth Series (Canongate Books)
Colburn's Modern Standard Novelists (Henry Colburn)
Contemporary Philippine Poetry Series (Anvil Publishing)
The Contemporary Science Series (Walter Scott Publishing)
Crown Theological Library (Williams & Norgate; G. P. Putnam's Sons)
Decades of the 20th Century / Dekaden des 20. Jahrhunderts / Décennies du XXe siècle (Könemann)
Day to Day Pamphlets (Hogarth Press)
I Delfini: I Più Famosi Libri Moderni (Bompiani)
Dramabooks (Hill & Wang, Inc.)
Dublin University Press Series (Hodges, Figgis & Co.)
The Dumpy Books for Children (Grant Richards; then Chatto & Windus)
Famous Regiments (Hamish Hamilton; Leo Cooper; Frederick Warne)
Globo de Bolso (Editora Globo)
Goldmanns Zukunftsromane (Wilhelm Goldmann)
Grant Allen's Historical Guides (Grant Richards)
Green Label Novels (Herbert Jenkins)
Grey Arrow Books (Arrow Books)
Heyne Western (Heyne)
Heyne Western Classics (Heyne)
International Scientific Series (Henry S. King; D. Appleton; C. Kegan Paul; etc.)
Introductory Guides (British Museum Publications)
Keynotes (John Lane/The Bodley Head; then: Elkin Matthews and John Lane and Roberts Brothers
Klassiker der Kunst in Gesamtausgaben (Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt)
Knaur Taschenbücher (Droemer Knaur)
Könemann Classics (Könemann)
Kröners Taschenausgabe (Alfred Kröner Verlag)
Languages of Asia and Africa (Nauka)
The Leisure Hour Series (Henry Holt & Co.)
Leisure Moments Series (Henry Holt & Co.)
Library of the Written Word (Brill)
Light on China (Foreign Languages Press)
The Lonsdale Library of Sports, Games and Pastimes (Seeley, Service & Co.)
Märchen der Welt (Artia)
Masters of World Painting (Aurora Art Publishers)
Mermaid Dramabooks (Hill & Wang, Inc.)
Methuen's Classical Texts (Methuen & Co.)
Modern African Writers (Evans Brothers)
Mona Lisa (Eksmo)
Muirhead Library of Philosophy (George Allen & Unwin; Humanities Press; Macmillan)
Naguib Mahfouz Centennial Library (American University in Cairo Press)
Nelson's Library (Thomas Nelson & Sons)
New People's Library (Victor Gollancz)
On Series (Hesperus Press)
Papua Pocket Poets (Papua Pocket Poets; then: University of Papua New Guinea Press)
Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series (Anvil Publishing)
Primers for the Age of Plenty (George Allen & Unwin)
Progressive Science Series (John Murray)
The Right Book Club (Right Book Club)
Routledge's Cheap Series (George Routledge & Co.)
Science for Everyone (Mir Publishers)
Skira Mini Art Books (Skira Editore)
Social Science Series (Swan Sonnenschein & Co.)
Sonnenschein's Reference Series (Swan Sonnenschein; then: George Allen & Unwin)
St. Martin's Library (Macmillan & Co.)
Thinker's Forum (Watts & Co.)
Unwin's Colonial Library (T. Fisher Unwin)
Unwin Critical Library (George Allen & Unwin; then: Unwin Hyman; HarperCollins; Routledge)
L'Univers des Connaissances (Hachette)
World University Library (Weidenfeld and Nicolson)

Series of the Month - Earlier (1)
Ballet Pocket Series (Newman Wolsey; then: A. & C. Black)
Beautiful England; also: Beautiful Scotland/Ireland/Switzerland (Blackie and Son)
Les Beaux Pays (Nicholas Kaye)
Blandford Colour Series (Blandford Press)
The Bodley Head Series (The Bodley Head)
Do-It-Yourself Series (W. Foulsham)
Bibliothèque de Synthèse Historique: L'Evolution de l'Humanite (La Renaissance du Livre)
Flash Books (WPT)
Foulsham's Pocket Library (W. Foulsham)
Foulsham's Practical Manuals (W. Foulsham)
Great Centuries of Painting (Skira)
The Great Draughtsmen (Pall Mall Press)
Hippo Books (Odhams Books; then Hamlyn Publishing Group)
How To Draw (Walter T. Foster)
The Hundred Years Series (Gerald Duckworth)
The International Film Guide (A. Zwemmer/A. S. Barnes & Co.)
International Library of Psychology, Philosophy and Scientfic Method (Kegan Paul)
Introduces (André Deutsch)
I-SPY (Daily Mail; News Chronicle; Michelin; etc.)
I SPY (Popular Books)
NYRB Classics (New York Review Books)
Penguin African Library (Penguin Books)
Pitman Art Series (Pitman Publishing Corporation)
Redback (Black, Inc.)
"Reason Why" Series (Herbert Jenkins)
Mills & Boon's Shilling Cloth Library (Mills & Boon)
Student Drama Series (Blackie & Son Ltd.)
A Taste of... (J. M. Dent)

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