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Illustrated Calder Books
Publisher: John Calder (Publishers) Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom. Date: c. 1962.

Series Note: "A unique series of paperback biographies of composers (and later writers, scientists and artists) as well as more general subject profiles on opera, film, theatre and history - all superbly illustrated."[1]

Serial Number / Author / Title / Price

CB57. Audrey Williamson. Wagner Opera. 11s.6d.

CB58. Pierre Petit. Verdi. 11s.6d.

CB59. Michel Hoffman. Tchaikiovsky. 11s.6d.

CB60. Stanley Sadie. Handel. 11s.6d.

CB71. Stanley Sadie. Mozart. 11s.6d.

CB72. Robert Senator. Beethoven. 11s.6d.

CB73. Ericu Walter White. Stravinsky. 11s.6d.

CB74. Claude Samuel. Prokovief. 11s.6d.

CB75. Luc-André Marcel. Bach. 11s.6d.

CB76. Norman Demuth. Berlioz. 11s.6d.

CB77. F. R. Bastide. Brahms. 11s.6d.

CB78. Claude Rostand. Liszt. 11s.6d.

CB79. Reginald Woollard. Donizetti. 11s.6d.

CB80. A. G. Ross. Richard Strauss. 11s.6d.

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