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Hutchinson Science Library
Publisher: Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd.
Country: United Kingdom. Date: c. 1961-63.

Challenge of the Atmosphere (Hutchinson Science Library) (image)

The Challene of the Atmosphere: The Science of Meteorology
by O. G. Sutton.
London, Hutchinson, 1962 (Hutchinson Science Library)
Hardback with dust wrapper.

Series Note: Each volume in this series was published as a hardback with a dust wrapper. Certain volumes were republished in the United States Harper & Row's "Science Today" series.

Arranged alphabetically by title

Aerodynamics: A Space-Age Survey - John E. Allen

Animal Populations - T. O. Browning.

Biography of Physics - George Gamow.

The Challenge of the Atmosphere: The Science of Meteorology - O. G. Sutton.

Cybernetics - Gordon Pask. With a preface by Warren S. McCulloch.

Elements of Mathematical Astronomy - Martin Davidson. 2nd ed. revised by Cameron Dinwoodie.

Fuel: The Conquest of Man's Environment - E. C. Robertson and R. Herbert.

Galactic Nebulae and Interstellar Matter - Jean Dufay.

Magnetism: From Lodestone to Polar Wandering - D. S. Parasnis.

Manned Satellites: Their Achievements and Potentialities - W. F. Hilton

Psychology: The Science of Mental Life - George A. Miller.

Radio Astronomy - J. H. Piddington.

The Science of Genetics - Charlotte Auerbach. Drawings by G. Auerbach Linker.

Symbols, Signals and Noise: The Nature and Process of Communication - John Robinson Pierce.

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