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Humanistic Authors
Publisher: Aldine Press. Country: Italy. Date: 1493-1514.

Erasmus, Adages (Aldine Press, 1508) (image)

Erasmi Roterodami Adagiorum chiliades...
{Erasmus of Rotterdam, Adages]
Venice: Aldine Press, 1508

Series Note:

Arranged in chronological order

1. Aldus Manutius, Instructional Principles of Latin Grammar (1493)
2. Lorenzo Maioli, Gleanings in Dialectics (1497)
3. Angelo Poliziano, Complete Works (1498)
4. Niccolò Perotti, Cornucopiae (1499)
5. Aldus Manutius, Rudiments of Latin Grammar (1501)
6. Gianfrancesco Pico, On Imagination (1501)
7. Giorgio Interiano, The Land and Customs of the Zygians called Circassians (1502)
8. Giovanni Pontano, Urania, Meteora, The Gardens of the Hesperides, etc. (1505)
9. Adriano Castellesi, On Hunting (1505)
10. Erasmus of Rotterdam, Adages (1508)
11. Tito and Ercole Strozzi, Poems (1513)
12. Jacopo Sannazaro, Arcadia (1514)

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