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Human Horizons Series
Publisher: Souvenir Press. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1971- .

Uniquely Human - Prizant (Human Horizons/Souvenir Press) (image)

Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism
by Dr Barry M. Prizant with Tom Fields-Meyer.
London, Souvenir Press, 2016 (Human Horizons Series).

Series Note: The Souvenir Press published "over 60 titles in the pioneering Human Horizons series, which provided accessible help for the disabled and did much to improve services in hospitals and the community". (source)


A Sensory Curriculum for Very Special People
Flo Longhorn

Am I Allowed to Cry?
Maureen Oswin

Autism with Severe Learning Difficulties
Rita Jordan

Beyond Grief
Carol Staudacher

Easy To Make Aids for Elderly People
Don Caston

Children in Need of Special Care
Dr Thomas J. Weihs, revised by A.M. Hailey, M.J. Hailey and N.M. Blitz

Down Syndrome
Cliff Cunningham

Children Behaving Badly
Alan Train

Everyone Belongs
Kenn Jupp

How to Succeed in Employment with Specific Learning Difficulties: A Guide for Employees and Employers
Amanda Kirby

Helping the Aggressive Child
Alan Train

Easy to Make Toys for Your Handicapped Child
Don Caston

I am the Story
Caroline Astell-Burt

Let’s Make Toys
Roy McConkey and Dorothy M. Jeffree

Let’s Make Friends
Jodie Walsh

How to Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties at College and University
Amanda Kirby

Let’s Talk: Learning Language in Everyday Settings
Roy McConkey and Penny Price

Living a Full Life
Kenn Jupp

Monica Macnamara

Listening Helpfully
Jeanne Ellin

Living with Mental Illness
Elizabeth Kuipers and Paul Bebbington

Multiple Sclerosis: A Personal Exploration
Alexander Burnfield

Living With Death and Dying
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Making Sense Together
Rosalind Wyman

Peer Mediation
Jerry Tyrrell

No Handicap to Dance
Gina Levete

Parenting a Child with Special Needs
Ed. Bernadette Thomas, Cindy Dowling and Neil Nicoll

Music for People with Learning Disabilities
Miriam Wood

Signs Make Sense
Cath Smith

Sign Language Companion
Cath Smith

The Art of Counselling
Rollo May

Sign in Sight
Cath Smith

The Bullying Problem
Alan Train

The Counsellor’s Guide to Parks Inner Child Therapy
Penny Parks

The Quality of Life
Lesley Fallowfield

The Bereaved Parent
Harriet Sarnoff Schiff

We Can Speak For Ourselves
Paul Williams and Bonnie Shoultz

Widow’s Journey: A Return to Living
Xenia Rose

Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism
Dr Barry M. Prizant with Tom Fields-Meyer

Things for Children to Make and Do
Alan V. Jones

Amanda Kirby

Rescuing the Inner Child
Penny Parks

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