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The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge
Publisher: William & Norgate; Henry Holt; Butterworth; O.U.P.
Countries: U.K./U.S.A. Date: 1911- .

Political Thought in England from Bacon to Halifax (by G. P. Gooch) (Home University Library of Modern Knowlege) (image)

Political Thought in England from Bacon to Halifax by G. P. Gooch

Oxford University Press, London, New York, Toronto, 1946
(The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)


Series Note:
"Every volume of the Library is specifically written for it by a recognised authority of high standing. Each volume is complete and independent; but the series has been planned to form a comprehensive whole. The Library is edited by Prof. Gilbert Murray, of Oxford, the Rt. Hon. H. A. L. Fisher, M.P., Prof. J. Arthur Thomson, of Aberdeen, and Prof. W. T. Brewster, of New York."
(Source: Egypt by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge. London, William & Norgate, 1925.)

"The Home University Library was founded in 1911 to place at the disposal of students, wherever they might might be, the fruits of sound learning in all the important branches of present-day knowledge. That aim has been preserved throughout the series of more than 200 titles, and since the Oxford imprint first appeared on the volumes in 1941 fuller resources of scholarship have become open to the Editors, who are now able to seek suitable writers on both sides of the Atlantic. Though all H.U.L. authors are experts in their subjects, they are not selected for their academic distinction alone; they are also skilled in the art of presenting their material and able to unite learning with lucidity. While each book is complete and independent in itself, the series is carefully planned as a whole to cover a wide range under seven main headings: Art; Economics & Business; History & Geography; Literature; Politics & Sociology; Religion & Philosophy; and Science. New volumes are added at frequent intervals and books already in the series undergo careful revision as need and opportunity arise."
(Source: The Poet Chaucer by Nevill Coghill. O.U.P., 1949.)

Serial No./Title/Author/Publisher/Year

1. Parliament: its history, constitution and practice
by Courtenay Ilbert.
New York : H. Holt ; London : Williams and Norgate, 1911.

2. William Shakespeare
by John Masefield
Henry Holt, 1911

3. The French Revolution
by Hilaire Belloc
New York : Henry Holt and Co. ; London : Williams and Norgate, 1911

7. Modern geography
by Marion I Newbigin
Henry Holt, 1911

10. The socialist movement
by James Ramsay MacDonald
Henry Holt, 1911

11. The science of wealth
by J A Hobson
Henry Holt, 1911

11. [sic] Conservatism
by Hugh Cecil
London, Williams and Norgate [1912]

13. Medieval Europe
by H W Carless Davis
Henry Holt, 1911

14. Evolution
by Patrick Geddes, Sir; J Arthur Thomson;
New York : Henry Holt and Company ; London : Williams and Norgate, [1911]

16. Liberalism
by L T Hobhouse
Henry Holt, 1911

18. An introduction to mathematics
by Alfred North Whitehead
OUP, 1948

19. [sic] The opening up of Africa
by Harry Johnston
Henry Holt, 1911

19. The civilization of China
by Herbert Allen Giles
Henry Holt, 1911

21. Introduction to science
by J Arthur Thomson
New York, H. Holt and Company; [etc.], [1911]

22. The Papacy and modern times: a political sketch, 1303-1870
by William Francis Barry
New York, H. Holt & Co. [1911

24. Psychical research by Sir William Fletcher Barrett

26. The dawn of history
by Sir John Linton Myres
New York, H. Holt and Co.; [etc.], [1911]

27. Modern English literature, 1450-1959
by George Herbert Mair; Alfred Charles Ward
OUP, 1960. 3rd ed.
Modern English literature, 1450-1939
by George Herbert Mair; Alfred Charles Ward
OUP, 1944. 2nd ed.
Modern English literature from Chaucer to the present day
by G H Mair
N., Henry Holt, 1914. 1st ed.

28. The evolution of industry
by D H MacGregor
Henry Holt, 1912

30. Rome
by W Warde Fowler
Henry Holt, 1912

31. Landmarks in French literature
by Lytton Strachey
New York : Henry Holt ; London : Williams and Norgate, 1912

33. The history of England: a study of political evolution
by A F Pollard
New York : H. Holt, [1912]

35. The problems of philosophy
by Bertrand Russell
Henry Holt, 1912

36. Peoples and problems of India
by Sir by T W Holderness
New York, H. Holt and company; [etc.], [1912]

37. Anthropology
by R. R. Marett
New York, H. Holt and Co. ; London : Wiliams and Norgate, [1912?]

40. The English Language
by Logan Pearsall Smith
New York : Henry Holt and Co. ; London : Williams and Norgate, 1912

41. Anthropology by R. R. Marett

41 [sic]. Psychology, the study of behaviour
by William McDougall
Henry Holt, 1912

44. Buddhism, a study of the Buddhist norm
by Caroline A F Rhys Davids
New York, H. Holt and company; [etc.], [1912]

45. English Literature: Medieval
by W P Ker
Henry Holt, 1912

50. The making of the New Testament
by Benjamin Wisner Bacon
New York, H. Holt and Company; [etc.], [1912]

52. Ethics
by G E Moore
Henry Holt & Co., 1912

57. Napoleon
by H A L Fisher
Henry Holt, 1913

59. Dr. Johnson and his circle
by John Cann Bailey
Henry Holt, 1913

60. Comparative Religion by J. Estlin Carpenter

61. The Victorian Age in literature
by G K Chesterton and Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Henry Holt/Williams & Norgate, 1913

64. Dr. Johnson and His Circle by John Bailey

65. The literature of the Old Testament
by George Foot Moore
New York : H. Holt and Co. ; London : Williams and Norgate, 1913

69. A history of freedom of thought
by J B Bury
Henry Holt, 1913

70. Ancient Art and Ritual
by Jane Ellen Harrison
Henry Holt/ Williams and Norgate, 1913

73. Euripides and his age
by Gilbert Murray
Henry Holt, 1913

74. A History of Freedom of Thought
by J. B. Bury

75. Shelley, Godwin, and their circle
by Henry Noel Brailsford
Henry Holt, 1913

82. The Wars Between England and America by T. C. Smith

97. The renaissance
by Edith Helen Sichel
New York, H. Holt and Co.; [etc.], [1914?]

88. Religious development between the Old and New Testaments
by R H Charles
Henry Holt, 1914

90. The Church of England
by Edward William Watson; Alwyn Terrell Petre Williams, Bp. of Durham 1888-
OUP, 1991. 3rd ed.

92. The ancient East
by D G Hogarth
New York, H. Holt [1915]

93. An outline of Russian literature
by Maurice Baring
New York, H. Holt and Company [1915]

96. A history of philosophy
by Clement Charles Julian Webb
Henry Holt, 1915

99. An Outline of Russian Literature by Maurice Baring

99 [sic]. Political thought in England from Bentham to J. S. Mill
by William L. Davidson.
Henry Holt, 1916

103. Political thought in England from Locke to Bentham
by Harold Joseph Laski
New York : Holt ; London : Williams and Norgate, 1920

104. Political Thought in England, 1848-1914
by Sir Ernest Barker
OUP, 1950. 2nd ed.

112. Music
by W H Hadow
OUP, 1949. 3rd ed.

114. The Byzantine Empire by Norman H. Baynes

118. The Byzantine Empire
by Norman Hepburn Baynes
OUP, 1925

118. [sic] Banking
by Walter Leaf
New York, H. Holt and company; London Williams and Norgate [1927]

121. Political thought in England from Locke to Bentham
by Harold Joseph Laski
New York : Holt ; London : Williams and Norgate, 1961

123. Communism
by Harold Joseph Laski
New York, H. Holt and Co.; London, Williams and Norgate [1927]

125. England under the Tudors and Stuarts, 1485-1688
by Keith Feiling

132. The Evolution of a Garden by Euan Methven Cox (PU: Williams & Norgate)

135. An anthology of English poetry: Dryden to Blake
by Kathleen Winifred Campbell
New York, H. Holt and Company; London, T. Butterworth, Ltd., 1930

144. Races of Africa
by C G Seligman
OUP, 1957. 3rd ed.

145. The atom
by G P Thomson
OUP, 1962

159. Local government in England and Wales
by Sir John Primatt Redcliffe Maud and S E Finer
OUP, 1953

163. Town and Country Planning
by Patrick Abercrombie
OUP, 1959. 3rd ed.

169. Medieval England, 1066-1485
by F M Powicke
OUP, 1969.

174. Sociology
by Morris Ginsberg
London, T. Butterworth Ltd. [1934]

179. Science in antiquity
by Benjamin Farrington
London, T. Butterworth [1936]

185. The poet Chaucer
by Nevill Coghill
OUP, 1949

186. St. Paul by Arthur Darby Nock

188. The English Revolution, 1688-1689
by George Macaulay Trevelyan
London ; New York : G. Cumberlege, Oxford University Press, 1938

189. Karl Marx: His Life and Environment
by Isaiah Berlin
OUP, 1963

192. Diplomacy
by Harold Nicolson
OUP, 1963

194. English courts of law
by Harold Greville Hanbury
OUP, 1960. 3rd ed.

196. The wealth of England from 1496 to 1760
by Sir G N Clark
OUP, 1946

197. Mohammedanism: a historical survey
by H A R Gibb
OUP, 1953. 2nd ed.

199. English constitutional history
by S B Chrimes
OUP, 1953. 2nd ed.

202. The industrial revolution: 1760-1830
by T S Ashton. OUP, 1948

203. The ocean
by F D Ommanney
OUP, 1961

205. British prehistory
by Stuart Piggott
OUP, 1949

207. The philosophy of Plato
by G C Field
OUP, 1949

210. Education in Great Britain
by W O Lester Smith
OUP, 1964

211. India, Pakistan and the West
by Thomas George Percival Spear
OUP, 1958

212. Eighteenth century English literature
by Roger Philip McCutcheon
OUP, 1949

213. Modern constitutions
by K C Wheare
OUP, 1951

217. The English Reformation to 1558
by Thomas M Parker
OUP, 1950

218. Seventeenth-century English literature
by C V Wedgwood
OUP, 1950

219. The Roman Empire
by M P Charlesworth
OUP, 1951

220. The English Free Churches
by Horton Davies
OUP, 1963. 2nd ed.

222. The Philosophy of Aristotle
by Donald James Allan
OUP, 1952

225. Political Thought in England: Tyndale to Hooker
by Christopher Morris
OUP, 1953

227. British public finances, their structure and development, 1880-1952
by Ursula Kathleen Webb Hicks
OUP, 1954

229. Trade unions
by Eric L Wigham
OUP, 1956

230. Propaganda
by L M Fraser
OUP, 1957

231. Roman Catholicism in England, from the Reformation to 1950
by E I Watkin
OUP, 1957

232. Early modern Europe from about 1450 to about 1720
by Sir G N Clark
OUP, 1957, 1960

233. Elizabethan literature
by Helen Soutar Morris
OUP, 1958

234. English philosophy since 1900
by G J Warnock
OUP, 1958

246. The workshop of the world: British economic history from 1820 to 1880
by Jonathan David Chambers
OUP, 1961

247. Hinduism
by R C Zaehner
OUP, 1962

250. The development of English local government, 1689-1835
by Sidney Webb; Beatrice Webb
OUP, 1963

252. Shakespeare
by Peter Alexander
OUP, 1964

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