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Green Label Novels
Publisher: Herbert Jenkins. Country: United Kingdom. Date: 1921-27.

Green Labels list (Herbert Jenkins) (image)

List of the first nine titles in the Green Label Novels series.

Publisher's advertisement in final pages of A Dominie's Log by A. S. Neill. London, Herbert Jenkins Limited, no date. (source)

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Serial Number / Title / Author

1. The Adventures of Sally - P. G. Wodehouse.
2. Rachel Bland's Inheritance - W. Riley.
3. An Ordinary Couple - J. E. Buckrose.
4. The Return of Clubfoot - Valentine Williams.
5. The Return of Blue Pete - Luke Allan.
6. The Mysterious Mr. Garland - Wyndham Martyn.
7. The Smuggled Masterpiece - Edgar Jepson.
8. The Mazaroff Murder - J. S. Fletcher.
9. The House of Marney - John Goodwin.

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