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Great Centuries of Painting
Publisher: Skira. Country: Switzerland. Date: 1951-58.

Series Note:
"Comparative History of Painting

A systematic, comparative study of the works of the great painters locating the artist among his contemporaries, his forerunners and his immediate successors and bring out the importance of his contribution to the History of Art. (...)

The Colours of the Centuries

A century is like a painter: it has a personality of its own and its own colour. To grasp these we need to have a comparative view of the elements composing it: works of art often widely scattered and difficult to bring together. Thus we have sought out and assembled in these volumes significant examples -- pictures, frescos, miniatures, etc. -- which, viewed as a coherent whole, bring out the 'colour' of each century."

Source of the above quote:
Back panel of dust wrapper of Etruscan Painting (Geneva, Editions Albert Skira, 1952).

* * *

The Swiss publisher, Albert Skira, was world renowned for the quality and design of his art books and fine art reprints. In the early 1950s he conceived of and produced "The Great Centuries of Painting" series with each volume dedicated to a specific century or era of western art. He assembled the leading art historians in each field to write the text and select the works to be displayed. All reproductions are in full color and printed on tipped-in plates. These nine volumes from the series contain a total of 892 full color reproductions and would make a stellar addition to your fine art library. All are first editions and are collectible.

Source of above quote: (auction site) description of nine of the Great Centuries of Painting volumes.

* * *

Format: Hardbacks with dust wrappers. Size of each volume: W: 9.25cm; H: 11.25cm; D: 13.5cm.

Titles arranged by era

From the 6th to the 1st Century B.C.
Etruscan Painting

From the 1st Century B.C. to the 2nd Century A.D.
Roman Painting

From the 4th to the 12th Century
Byzantine Painting

11th - 12th - 13th Centuries
The High Middle Ages
Italy - Northern Europe - Eastern Europe - Spain

14th Century
From Giotto to the Avignon School
Italy - France - Germany - Spain

15th Century
From Van Eyck to Botticelli
The Low Countries - Italy - France - Germany - Austria - Bohemia - Poland - Spain - Portugal

16th Century
From Leonardo to El Greco
Italy - Germany - The Low Countries - France - Spain

17th Century
From Caravaggio to Vermeer
Italy - France - Flanders - Holland - Spain

18th Century
From Watteau to Tiepolo
France - Italy - England

19th Century
From Goya to Gauguin
France - Spain - England - United States - Germany - England

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