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Four Square Classics
Publisher: The New English Library Limited.
Country: United Kingdom. Date: c. 1962- .

Earth - Emile Zola (Four Square Classics/NEL) (image)

Earth - Emile Zola.
Newly translated by Margaret Crossland.

London: New English Library, 1962.
(Four Square Classics, No. 1012.)

Series Note: The Four Square Classics series of paperbacks was published in the early 1960s by The New English Library Limited, Barnard's Inn, Holburn, London, E.C.1, England. Some of the books in the series were printed by Richard Clay and Company Ltd., Bungay, Suffolk, England.

The General Editor of the series was Ilsa Barea.

"New English Library (NEL) was created in 1961 by the Times Mirror Company of Los Angeles, with the takeover of two small British paperback companies, Ace Books Ltd and Four Square Books Ltd, as a complement to its 1960 acquisition of New American Library in the United States." (Source: Wikipedia)

(A) List of Four Square Classics, including Serial Numbers

Four Square Classics Serial No. / Title / Author / Translator(s) or Editor / Year of Publication.

1001. The Little Demon - Fedor Sologub. Newly translated by Ronald Wilke. 1962.

1003. The Adventures of a Simpleton (Simplicius Simplicissimus) - Hans Jacob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen. Newly translated by Walter Wallich. 1962.

1004. The Anatomy of Love - Robert Burton. Extracted from The Anatomy of Melancholy, and edited by Daniel George. 1962.

1005. Cavalleria Rusticana - Giovanni Verga. Translated and with introduction by D. H. Lawrence. 1962.

1006. Dangerous Acquaintances (Les Les Liaisons Dangereuses) - Choderlos de Laclos. Translated by Richard Aldington. 1962.

1007. Four Tales - E. T. A. Hoffmann. A new selection and translation by Michael Bullock. 1962.

1009. The Aeneid - Virgil. Translated by C. Day Lewis. 1962.

1011. The Courtship of Phelim O'Toole: Selected from "Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry" - William Carleton. Edited and introduced by Anthony Cronin. 1962.

1012. Earth - Emile Zola. Newly translated by Margaret Crossland. 1962.

1013. Royal Highness - Thomas Mann. Translated by A. Cecil Curtis. Fully revised by Constance McNab. 1962.

1014. Blind Man's Boy - Miguel de Cervantes and Two Cautionary Tales - Lazarillo de Tormes. Newly translated by J. M. Cohen.1962.

1017. The War Against Jugurtha and The Conspiracy Of Catiline - Sallust. Newly translated from the Latin by Ian Scott-Kilvert. 1962.

1018. Chin P'ing Mei: The Adventurous History of the Mandarin and his Six Wives. Translated by Bernard Miall. Introduction by Arthur Waley. 1962. .

1020. The Princess of Cleves - Madame de La Fayette. Translated by William Anderson. 1962.

1021. The White Horseman and Beneath The Flood - Theodor Storm. Newly translated [from Der Schimmelreiter and Aquis Submersus... by Geoffrey Skelton. 1962.

1022. A Hero of Our Time - Mikhail Lermontov. Newly translated by Philip Longworth. 1962.

1023. The Spendthrifts - Benito Perez Galdos. Translated from the Spanish by Gamel Woolsey. 1962.

1024. Pierre and Jean - Guy de Maupassant. Newly translated by Martin Turnell. 1962.\

1026. The Complete Fables - Jean de la Fontaine. Retold in English verse within the original rhyme scheme by Reginald Jarman. 1962.

1029. Effi Briest - Theodor Fontane. Translated by Walter Wallich. 1962.

1032. Sinners and Saints: Three Stories - Nikolai Semenovich Leskov. Translated with an introduction by David Magarschack. [Alternative title: The Amazon and other stories.]

1033. The Anger of Achilles: Homer's Iliad - Homer. Translated by Robert Graves. With a map. 1962.

1034. Ko Lien Hua Ying. Flower Shadows behind the Curtain. A sequel to Chin Ping Mei. [By Ting Yao-k'ang?]. (Abridged translation by Vladimir Kean, from the German version by Franz Kuhn.)

1039. The Cossacks - Leo Tolstoy. Translated by Vera Traill. 1962.

(B) Further Four Square Classics for which Serial Number has not yet been located

Title / Author / Translator(s) or Editor / Year of Publication.

The Brigadier and Other Stories - Ivan Turgenev. Newly translated by Moura Budberg. 1962.

The Captain's Daughter and Other Stories - A. S. Pushkin. Translated by Gillon R. Aitken.

Dominique - Eugene Fromentin. Translated by _____. 1962.

Five Women Who Loved Love - Ihara Saikaku. Translated by William Theodore De Bary. 1962.

A House Divided. Newly translated ... by Guido Waldman. (Slightly abridged.) - Antonio Fogazzaro. Translated from the Italian by Guido Waldman. 1963.

Pelle the Conqueror's Boyhood - Martin Andersen Nexø. Translation ... by Jessie Muir fully revised by Patricia Crampton. (Abridged.). 1963.

Tales from the Decameron - Giovanni Boccaccio. Translated by ____. 1962.

Salammbo - Gustave Flaubert. Newly translated by Robert Goodyear and P. J. R. Wright. 1962.

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