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Fontana History of Europe
Publisher: Collins; then Fontana Press/Fontana Paperbacks. Country: U.K. Date: ___

Europe Between Revolutions, 1815-1848 (Fontana History of Europe) (image)

Europe Between Revolutions 1815-1848 by Jacques Droz

Fontana Paperbacks, 1985. (Fontana History of Europe series.)

Series Note:

Titles available in early 1970s

Hierarchy and Revolt 1320-1450
Holmes George (Fontana Press, 1987)

Renaissance Europe, 1480-1520
Hale, J.R. (Fontana Press, 1985)

Reformation Europe 1517-1559
Elton, G.R. (Fontana Press, 1963)

Europe Divided 1559-1598
Elliott, J. H. (Fontana, 1972)

Europe in Crisis 1589-1648
Parker, Geoffrey (Fontana Press, 1987)

Europe Unfolding 1648-1688
Stoye, John (Fontana Press, 1987)

Europe: Privilege and Protest, 1730-1789
Hufton, Owen. (1985)

Revolutionary Europe, 1783-1815
Rude, George (Fontana Press, 1985)

Europe Between Revolutions 1815-1848
Jacques Droz (Fontana Paperbacks, 1985)

Europe Reshaped, 1848-78 (Fontana history of Europe)
Grenville, J.A.S. (Fontana, 1976)

Europe Transformed, 1878-1919
Stone, Norman (Fontana Press, 1985)

Europe of the Dictators,1919-1945
Wiskemann, Elizabeth (Collins, 1966)

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